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Former Senator Boxer Argues that Only Democrats Deserve Justice in Stolen Elections

5 Deadly Sins of the Contemporary Church (Insufficient Faith)

TGC's 'Best Movies of 2020' List is Filled With Sexual Scenes, Genitals, and Foul Language

"The Real Scandal of Jesus Lies in the Cracked Nipples of a 14yo," Son of Former SBC Prez Posts

BREAKING: Ukraine Confirms Joe Biden Corruption With Bank Records, Witnesses, Says They Want Money Back

Ravi Zacharias Ministries Confirms Allegations of Sexual Misconduct are True Citing Ongoing Investigation

Mecklenburg County Manager Says She's Traveling for Christmas as She Warns Others Not to

Ex-Wife of Pro-Sodomy Pro-Abortion "Pastor" U.S. Senate Candidate Details Physical Abuse

Did Jesus Sow Discord?

NC Congressman-Elect, Madison Cawthorn, Vows to Contest Election, Fight for Trump

Donald Trump Preaches Biblically Sound Christmas Message

Criticism of Frank Turek and Tricia Scribner's "Strongest Argument for The Existence of God"

Bethel Church "Pastor" Says Angels Sit Around the Throne of God Having "Farting Contests"

"Right to Offend" Upheld in Landmark Ruling for Free Speech in UK Court of Appeals

The Weaker Brother Principle: A Critical Appraisal Applying the Alcohol-Prohibition Archetype

Chief Justice John Roberts Accused of Strong-arming Other Justices Not to Hear Texas Election Case

Michael Horton Quotes Beth Moore and Cultist, Rod Dreher, to Prove "Trump Cult" is Un-Christian

JD Greear to Turn March for Life into March for Social Justice, Reparations, and Open Borders

Church Displays a "Black Lives Matter" Nativity Scene

Museum of the Bible Promotes Pro-Abortion, Pro-Sodomy Pop Star, Taylor Swift

SBTS Dean of Theology Compares Taking COVID Vaccine to Salvation of Christ

Jory Micah Says You Can't Love Gays Unless You Let Them Die in Their Sins and Go to Hell

Prisoners and Homeless People to Get COVID Vaccine Before the Elderly in North Carolina

Six Ways to Write a Good Essay on Political Science

Netflix "Comedian" Michelle Wolf Puts On Another Demonic Abortion Celebration "Comedy"

Giuliani Says He Could Bring Indictment Against Biden in Front of Grand Jury Before Inauguration

VA Gov. Tells Christians to Stay Home, "You Don't Need to Sit in the Pews for God to Hear Your Prayers"

Jackie and Preston Hill Perry Says Black on Black Killing is Because White People are Racist

Wannabe Senator, Raphael Warnock Twists the Bible to Justify His Radical Positions!

TX Democrat Introduces Bill Requiring Homeowners to Attempt to Flee Before Defending Themselves

Ligon Duncan Says His White Skin is a "Good Reason" For Black Friends to Mistrust Him

New Confederacy Forming, Join Texas Lawsuit to Fight Election Fraud in Four States

Biden’s Election is as Putrid, Shady, and Spurious as Persia’s Darius the Great!

Chicago Teachers Union Says the Push to Reopen Schools Rooted in Sexism, Racism, and Misogyny

GA Governor Brian Kemp Takes Down His Email Amid Calls to Audit Election Ballot Signatures

Opinion: Why I Feel Bad for Disgraced Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz

After Spending 2019 Bashing Scripture, Lauren Daigle Performs Star Role in Mormon Christmas Special

Exclusive Video: GA Poll Worker Runs the Same Stack of Ballots Three Times in Scanner?

Suspicious Hand-off of USB Drive Caught on Camera During GA Ballot Counting

Team JD Greear Turns Jerusalem Conference into Seeker-Woke-Driven Gospel

Watch: Smoking Gun? Video of Thousands of Ballots Hidden Under Table in GA, Counted After Hours

Crisis in the Church: Inaccurate Diagnosis

Hundreds Gather to Support Bar Owner Who Was Arrested For Opening Under NY Governor's Shutdown Orders

Woman Pastor Invites People to Bring Dead Animals to Online Service for "Blessing"

BREAKING: Investigation Reveals Chinese Govt-Tied Bank Has Majority Stake in Dominion Voting Systems

Parents Lose Custody of Teen Daughter After Refusing to Commit to Sex Change

California Pastor Turns Church Into "Strip Club" to Skirt Governor's Shutdown Orders

Southern Baptist Pastor Believes There Were Female Apostles in the Bible

Is COVID-19 Vaccine Safe and Effective, and Should You Get It?

Police Investigate "Hate Crime" After "Transgender" "Minister" Complains of "Misgendering"

Teenager Choked and Suffocated Unconscious by Security for not Wearing a Mask?

Ukranian Prosecutor Biden Had Fired Believes Biden Tried to Poison Him, Concerned About "Revenge"

Disgraced Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz, Plans to Fix Marriage by Avoiding Church

Orlando Holocaust Museum Mocks Actual Holocaust With George Floyd Exhibit

Hallmark's New "Gay Christmas" Movie Features Homosexuals Trying to Adopt Children

"Gay Conservatives" Need to Stop Calling Themselves "Conservatives"

NYC is Real Life "Lord of the Flies" Movie as Naked People Run Around Smashing Police Windows

Southern Baptist Pastor Says Voting for Pro-Abortion Candidate No Different Than Voting to Put Kids in Cages

Man Dressed as a Woman Tricks Women into Voting Him as President of Republican Women's Group

Pope Francis Plans to Take Us All Back to Rome in a World Church, But I’m Not Going

Catholic Nun Says it's Racist to Put Man to Death Who Raped and Buried Teen Girl Alive

Michigan Legislators Bring Articles of Impeachment Against Gretchen Whitmer

Democrat Operatives Suggest Gulag Camps to "De-Program" Conservatives and Put Them in Prison

How Post-Graduate Education Affects Your Future Career

Pennsylvania Now Requires Masks Inside Your Own Home

MI Canvasser Has Children Doxed, Threatened, For Refusing to Certify Election Results

Gavin Newsom Lied in Apology, Said Party Was Outdoors, Photos Show Indoor Party

Joe Biden Wanted in Ukraine on Class A Felony Bribery Charges

CA Governor Apologizes After Breaking His Own Lockdown Order Attending Large Birthday Party

California Judge Rules Strip Clubs Can Open, Churches Must Remain Closed

Leftists Enraged Because Christian Congressman Dared to Practice His Religion

Baby Girl Rescued After Being Buried Alive in Field in India

Veggie Tales Panel Wonders if Latinos are White Because They Vote Republican

Washington Schools Removes Asian Students From "Person of Color" Category

Southern Baptist Leaders Praying That Donald Trump Doesn't Win Election

Computer Scientists Show How Easy it is to Hack Voting Machines

Cracker Barrel Caves to Woke Crowd, Apologizes for "Noose" Hanging From Ceiling

Jerry Falwell Drags Liberty University into Court!

Trump Attorney Says Dominion Worker Claims 100 Thousand Biden Ballots Brought in Back Door

Purging The Church of Woke Theology: The Way Forward

JD Greear Says Hating Abortion More than Loving Social Justice Doesn't Come From the Bible, But FOX News

Joel Osteen's Former Associate Allegedly Caught Cheating on Wife Again For Grilled Meat

Carl Lentz' Five-Month Sexual Affair With Muslim Woman Began at His Anniversary

“Kill Christ And Burn His House Down,” Ubisoft Says

Record Number of Sodomites Ran in 2020 U.S. Elections, Pastors Cheer

David French Joins Southern Baptist Leaders in Praising Joe Biden for "Character"

Korean Government Announces Intention to Allow Abortions Up To 24 Weeks

Hillsong NYC Pastor Admits to Cheating on His Wife as He Is Fired From Pastorate

Hillsong Pastor, Carl "I May Be Open to Affirming Gays" Lentz, Fired for "Moral Failures"

Election Day Changes Everything For America—Change, Conflict, Chaos!

LA Passes Amendment #1, Adding New Abortion Language to State Constitution

Mike Huckabee Threatens to Rebuke John Piper for "Impaired Thought" on Anti-Trump Piece

9Marks Leader, Mark Dever, is a Registered Democrat?

Open-Air Preacher Rebukes Black Lives Matter Group, Exposes Their Hypocrisy

SBC Seminary Professor Says He Had to Embrace Another Gospel to "Keep His Faith"

David Platt Says You Should Leave His Church if You Oppose People Supporting Pro-Abortion Candidates

Donald Trump's Lawyer Rebukes Southeastern Seminary Professor For Being a Liberal

Lecrae Holds Babies Hostage for Ransom Money from White People

The Gospel Coalition Accuses John MacArthur of Idol Worship for Supporting Trump

New Zealand to Introduce Extreme Assisted Suicide Law

Joe Biden Gets Owned at His Own Rally, Called Out for Lying by Attender

How to see Who’s Online on Instagram

Roy Cooper Teamed Up With Chinese Communist to Extract Blood from RNC Attendees

JD Greear Says Christians are Cursed Since They Don't Fight for "Gender Justice"

Judgment is Here: Seventy Percent of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage

Vietnamese Southern Baptist Church Burned Down in Philly as SBC Leaders Sympathize With Rioters

Project Veritas Exposes Massive Voter Fraud, Promises to Swing Entire States and Elections

Nimrod’s Land of Shinar

Voting and the Christian Ethic

In Animal-Like Fashion, Looters Destroy Business to Protest Shooting of Man Who Tried to Stab Officers in Philly

Compromised Evangelicals Misuse, Misinterpret, and Mangle Bible to Defend Open Borders!

NC Pastor Who Urinated on Passenger Identified as Daniel Chalmers of Catch The Fire Church in Raleigh

Al Mohler, Asleep at the Wheel, Finally Explains Why Christians Must Support Trump

56 Percent of Catholics and 43 Percent of Protestants are Pro-Abortion

Kanye West Affirms Expository Preaching While Andy Stanley Trashes it, Calls it "Cheating"

Podcast: On John Piper's Tacit Promotion of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party

Joe Biden Confuses Trump with Bush, "Four More Years of George...Uh...George..."

Instead of Preaching Christ, Steven Furtick Holds "Walk on Water in Style" Contest

The Prophets of Baal: TGC’s Q-Anon & Platt & Piper’s Bizarre Voting Philosophies

John Piper Says Trump's Personal Immorality More Deadly Than Planned Parenthood

Decolonization & NPR: An Attempt to Dismiss Orthodoxy

Pope Endorses Same-Sex Unions in New Documentary Film

Veggie Tales Creator Tries and Fails to Make the Case for Voting for Pro-Abortion Democrats

Who Needs Scripture When You Have Joel Osteen's "Inspiration Cube"? ... Not Satire!

Surprise, Surprise, Accreditation Isn’t the Test of Academic Quality After All

The Moment a Christian Obsesses With Race, the Instant the Gospel Gets Censored

Finger Lickin’ Left Leaning Chik-Fil-A

How Do Medical Billing Solutions Offer More Benefit To Your Practice?

What’s the Point to Abortion Opposition If Finicking Over Leadership Matters More?

Wikipedia Bans Christians From Contributing to the Website

Most Southern Baptists Believe Neo-Confederates Bigger Threat Than Critical Race Theory

Challenges and Solutions When using Technology in Writing Articles

Almost Half of Protestant Pastors Do Not Support the Conservative Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump Pushes Back on NBC Host's Loaded Questions on QAnon

Joe Biden Says 8-Year-Old Children Should Be Able to Decide Their Gender, Face "Zero Discrimination"

Government Has No Authority to Control a Church

JD Hall to Teach ‘Wrecking Ball Course’ to Train Army of Conservative Christian Bloggers

After Spending a Year Trashing President, Russell Moore Says Insecure People Engage in Twitter Disputes

Jemar Tisby Says Black Christians are "Trotted Out" by White People to Parrot Their Talking Points

JD Greear Says Followers of Jesus Will Consider the Rights of Immigrants at the Ballot Box

Dutch Government to Allow Abortion of Children Under 12-Years-OId

Hillsong Music is a Gateway Drug to Apostasy, Your Church is Dealing it to You

Southern Baptist President and Word of Faith Heretic, Christine Caine, Mutually Promote Each Other

ERLC Speaker Explains How She Considered an Abortion and is No Longer Pro-Life

Left-wing "Evangelicals for Biden" Have Lost Their Moral Compass!

UK’s Largest Abortion Provider Boasts Same-Day Abortions But Denies Pregnant Woman Counseling

Southern Baptist Seminary Implements Program to Pay Reparations to Black Students

Southern Baptist Leaders Sign Statement Declaring Baby-Killers "Followers of Jesus"

A Response to the Woke Leadership of the PCA Who Canonized George Floyd and Ahmaud Arberry as Martyrs to White Supremacy

Cartoon Network Targets Children With Pro-Homosexual "Coming Out" Ad

Saturday Night Live Host Upset that Donald Trump Survived the Coronavirus

Christian Teacher Sacked Over Making Biblical Statements About Marriage Loses Court Case

Black Pastors Pray and Defend President Trump, "Not a Racist"

As Mark Dever Defends Democrats, Trump Appointee Defends Mark Dever's Church's Right to Worship

Not a Single Person Shows Up for Biden/Harris Rally in Arizona, Local Media Stunned

The Gospel Coalition Says We Can Find "Kingdom Values" in Both Political Parties

Kat Kerr Says 1000s of Angels Wearing Red White and Blue Robes Told Her Trump is Going to Win the Election

Beth Moore Denies Original Sin, Says We are Born Seeking Things of God

Abortions in France Hit Record High

Hundreds of Black Campus Crusade Staff Members Angry that New Leaders are White Men

Billy Graham's Granddaughter Among Signers of "Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden" Statement

Biden Says He Could Stay Home During Pandemic Because Black Women Kept the Grocery Shelves Stocked

CompTIA 220-1001 Exam and A+ Certification Overview: What Do They Mean to Your IT Career?

Dr. Tony Evans: Bad Theology is Bad Economics

Rich, White Christian Singer, TobyMac, Puts Out Album Apologizing for Being Rich, Not Woke Enough

Amnesty International Calls for Universal Right to Abortion on Demand Up to Birth

Co-Pastor at SBC President's Church Praises LGBTQ Community for Leading "Civil Rights Movement"

Why We Need at Least 1000 Street Preachers in the U.S.

Racist Pastor Mocks President Trump, First Lady, as They Test Positive for COVID-19

So Much for Protestant Christianity, Trump Says "Anti-Catholic Bigotry" Has No Place in the USA

Kyle Rittenhouse to Sue Joe Biden, Attorney Says He'll "Teach Biden a Lesson He'll Never Forget"

Media Ignores Mass Shooting Killing 4-YO White Boy by Black Man as Country Faces Racial Division

Pastor Says White People Haven't Stewarded Their White Privilege Enough Like Nehemiah Did

Proud Boys Leader Denounces White Supremacy, Puts Rumors to Rest

JD Greear Denounces Southern Baptists as Racists, White Supremacists

Leftist Media Slams Trump for Making Fun of Prosperity Gospel Frauds, Mormonism

Down’s Syndrome Abortions Likely to Increase After Scottish Govt Announce Roll-Out of New Scheme

Tony Evans Implies We Must Embrace Socialism to Have Biblical View on the Role of Government

God Does Not Need Christians to Partner With Atheists to Fight Against Secular Marxism

Baptist Church Affirms Sponsor of SBC 2019 Pro-Marxism "Resolution 9" as Lead Pastor

Voddie Baucham Handles Romans 13: Pastors Must Preach Politics From the Pulpit

Billboards in Canada Encouraging Families to Stop Having Children

Friday Woke Preacher Clips Round-Up

Video: Cops Arrest Driver After He Was Chased Down and Beaten By BLM Militants

Max Lucado Says God is Using Pandemic to Expose Racism, "Most Ancient Sin of Humanity"

Another MacArthur Victory – California Court Says Church and Pastor Entitled to Trial

Beth Moore Says Voting Republican Causes You to Choose the Born Over the Unborn

BLM Activists Plan to "Resurrect" Dead Ancestors' Spirits to Work Through Them

Russell Moore Praises Woke SBC Church While Still Ignoring John MacArthur's Fight Against Tyranny

As BLM Murders Cops in Streets During Violent Gatherings, Christians Arrested for Singing Hymns

ERLC Director: "I'm not sure how Breonna Taylor's murder could be justified in any way."

Oklahoma Town Mandates Facemasks in Private Homes

Father of Five Girls Cuts Wife's Stomach Resulting in Stillbirth of Baby Because He Wanted a Boy

Veggie Tales Creator Suggests People Who Want Their Kids to Go to Good Schools are Wicked

Joe Biden Boo'ed, Admits He Probably Doesn't Have a Chance

How to Track an iPhone Without the Person Knowing

Pope Says God Loves Gay Children "As They Are," Says They Are "Children of God"

Pro-Abortion Female Bible Teacher at JD Greear's Church Praises Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Tim Keller Says the Bible Says if You Have White Skin, You're Involved in Injustice

Southern Baptist Pastor Who Endorsed Joe Biden Has Ministry License Revoked

Church of Iceland Advertisement Features Bearded Jesus With Women's Breasts

John MacArthur Says if He Goes to Jail, He's Open for a "Jail Ministry" Gives Laura Ingraham the Gospel

Tim Keller Says Christians Have Freedom to Vote For Pro-Abortion, Pro-Sodomy Democrats

TGC Denounces Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Ben Shapiro as "Far Right" "Conspiracy-Spreading"

If You Have Trouble Figuring Out if You're For Biden or Trump, You Ain't Saved

Infidel Star Praises John MacArthur for Taking Stand Against Tyranny, "They're Not Going to Cancel Christianity"

JD Greear Wants to Rename Southern Baptist Convention to Appease Leftists Over Racism

BREAKING: Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Governor's Shutdown Orders Unconstitutional

Petition Seeks Investigation of Joe Biden Covering Up Lynchings of Five Black People in Delaware

ERLC Defends Mosque Building, Ignores Government Attack on John MacArthur's Church

BLM Rioter Hit in the Groin By Rubber Bullet, Falls Down Screaming

Psychiatry Now Confirms that "Gender Reassignment" Surgery Has No Mental Health Benefits

Black Lives Matter "Demands an Apology" From Pat Robertson and the "Christian Right"

Total Depravity: Charlotte Rioters March Down Street Chanting "F*** Your Jesus"

Racism, Rebellion, and Revolution Promoted by Prissy Prostitutes of the Press

John MacArthur Addresses Netflix Sexualization of Children, Pins it on the LGBTQ Revolution

Facebook Allows Man Who Posted Video of Him Raping a Baby Keep Account, but Bans Kyle Rittenhouse

Actually, Pete Evangelicals Do Get Progressive Christianity (Part IV & Final)

John MacArthur Vows to Continue Church Service Despite New Injunction by Superior Court

Former Christianity Today Editor Renounces Faith, Becomes Roman Catholic

Jen Hatmaker Says the Church Isn't Black, Gay, and Transgender Enough.

Seattle Church Being Forced by State to Cover Elective Abortions in Health Plan, Files Suit

SBC Pastors to Release Joint Statement Endorsing Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT, "True Christian" Joe Biden

Abortion Numbers Highest Ever, Following Introduction of ‘DIY’ Abortion Scheme

World Health Organization Pushes Abortions as COVID-19 Response Plan in Ecuador

Black Man Puts Knee on Black Man's Neck to Help Officer Subdue Him for Resisting Arrest

Police Tell Pastor He Could Be Breaking the Law by Offending LGBTQ Community Online, Gays Threaten to Burn Church Down

SBTS Professor Says It's "Unloving" to Correct False Beliefs When Black People are Hurting

As NC Governor Shutdown Gyms, NC Unemployment Office Says Gym Owner Not Eligible for Benefits

BLM Protesters Rampage a McDonald's, Verbally and Physically Assault Black Owner

Survey Finds Abortion Opposition Increasing Significantly Around the World

Actually Pete, Evangelicals Do Get Progressive Christianity (Part Three)

Escape Chinese Doctor Reveals Full-term Abortions, Infanticide "Common Practice" in China

Gay-Affirming "Christian" Podcaster, Jen Hatmaker, Files for Divorce

Bikers vs. Snowflakes: Bikers Clear Roadblock by BLM Goons in Only a Few Seconds

Farewell, Liberty University. After Falwell Resigns, Liberty University Goes Woke.

Actually Pete, Evangelicals Do Get Progressive Christianity (Part Two)

Trans Pastors, Feminists, and Religious Leftists Line Up to Endorse Old, Straight, White Male for President

The Evangelical #metoo Movement Doesn't Care that Joe Biden Cupped Woman's Breast During Photo Op

Southern Baptist Pastor Encourages Christians Not to Vote for Trump, Enabling the Abortion and LGBTQ Lobby

Female Athletes are Having Abortions for Their Sporting Careers, Survey Shows

Body Cam Video Shows Latest Officer Shooting Was Completely Justified, BLM Lied Again

Northern Ireland’s Children’s Commissioner Calls for Abortion to Be Compulsory School Curriculum

Prominent Southern Baptist Leader and Pastor Supports Defunding the Police

Union County, NC High School Vandalized With Black Lives Matter Graffiti

Todd White Says God is in Bed With You Watching Pornography, Wants to be Your "Climax"

The French Revolution, Like the BLM Revolution, Was as Accidental as the Rose Bowl Parade

NYC Catholic Church Replaces Jesus at the Altar With George Floyd

Actually Pete, Evangelicals Do Get Progressive Christianity (Part One)

Los Angeles Retaliates Against John MacArthur By Canceling Lease for Parking Space

The "Systemic Racism" Emperor Has no Clothes

Man Executed in Portland for Being a Trump Supporter

Jerry Falwell’s Retirement Package Causing Outrage at Liberty University

The Eternal Reality of Hell Contra Annihilationism

Scotland Abortion Numbers Second Highest Ever On Record

BLM Activist Tosses Large Metal Object at Police Officer's Head Nearly Knocking Him Unconscious

Dallas High School Teacher Pretends to Shoot President on Screen in Front of Students, Yells "Die!"

Ceramic Artist Creates Abortion Art Ceramic Food Displays, Disgusting and Horrific

Andy Stanley Mocks John MacArthur, Says Jesus Never Commanded Us to Meet

Steven Furtick Says it's Impossible to Believe Jesus is Lord Without a Doubt, Tells Staff Never to Say it

Liberty University Invites False Teacher, Andy Stanley, to Preach Convocation

Kamala Harris Says "Everyone Beware," these Riots "are Not Going to Let Up, and They Should Not"

Latin America Asked for Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the UN Gave Them Abortion

Graphic: Evidence is Mounting that Kenosha Kid Involved in Shooting is Innocent

"Baby Lives Matter" Mural Being Treated as "Vandalism" While Black Lives Matter Graffiti is Fine

Virginia Senate Passes Bill Removing Mandatory Jail Sentence for Assault on Police Officer

When They're Done Burning Down Businesses, They're Coming for Your Church Building

Seattle-Based Riot Organization Busted in Kenosha, Wisconsin by Federal Law Enforcement

Podcast: American Christianity in Disarray – My People Perish for Lack of Leadership

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes. Rioter Gets Arm Blown Off After Chasing Down Armed Man

Florida Sheriff Warns Protesters to Stay Out of Suburbs, Encourages Residents to Shoot

The Gospel Coalition is Calling on Pastors to Discipline Members Who Read Too Much Online

MacArthur Prevails - Judge Denies LA County’s Fourth Attempt to Shut Down Grace Community Church

Lecrae Affirms Homosexuality, Compares it to a Preference Between Sports

NC Governor Appointee Incites Riots, Group Threatens to Kill Charlotte Police Amid Republican Convention

With All the Love I Can Rally: An Open Letter to The Faceless Pastor

Serial Fraudster and Televangelist, Jim Bakker, Under Scrutiny After Receiving PPP Loans During Coronavirus

University of Houston Police Tell Preacher Campus is No Longer Public Because "Pandemic"

John MacArthur Files Declaration Against LA County for Depriving Christians of "Spiritual Refuge"

Black Lives Matter Church Burned Down by Black Lives Matter Rioters and Protesters

Christian University Asks Students NOT to Attend In-Person Church Services

Can Your Hymn Do That? Three Things Psalters Can Do, But Hymnals Can’t

Jerry Falwell Jr. Blames His Erratic Behavior on Wife's "Inappropriate Relationship" With Young Man

John MacArthur Explains Why Christians Can't Vote Democrat, Trump Calls to Thank Him for Taking a Stand for Religious Freedom

User Asks Netflix if They Support Pedophilia, Netflix Says They Respect "All Religions"

Does Francis Chan Plan to Join Hank Hanegraaff in Apostasy to Eastern Orthodoxy?

Los Angeles Public Schools Already Teaching #BlackLivesMatter Curriculum in Online Schools

SBC's Lifeway Selling "Gen Z Translation" of Bible That Makes a Mockery of God's Word

VICTORY! Pastor John MacArthur’s Religious Freedom Upheld in Los Angeles County Superior Court

9Marks Leaders Says Pro-Nazi Candidates Off Limits But Pro-Abortion Candidates are Fine

Los Angeles Files Contempt of Court Charges Against John MacArthur and Entire Congregation

Baby Born at 22 Weeks Defies the Odds to Survive

Kenneth Copeland to be Booted From TBN

Mail-in Voting is an Engraved Invitation for Corruption and Democrats Will Vote From the Grave!

Three Cheers For Crummy Evangelicalism

Nebraska Bans "Dismemberment Abortion," Allows Killing of "Unborn Children" via "Suction"

John MacArthur Defeats California Governor in Court, Church Can Meet, Sing, and Worship Freely

Democrats Will Control Congress Forever if Vote-by-Mail is Rammed Through!

France Legislature Overwhelmingly Approves Abortion Up Until Birth

John MacArthur and Grace Community Church Sues Governor Gavin Newsom in Superior Court

Dear Trump Haters: Anyone Can See Past the Self-Righteous Thunder

North Carolina High School Sports Slated to Start Practice November 4, Day After Election

Southern Baptist Leader Likes Post Endorsing Pro-Abortion, Pro-Transgender Biden/Harris Ticket

Lecrae Likes Tweet That Says Jesus Doesn't Want People to Risk Their Lives for Worship

Francis Chan Says That Being Indwelt by the Holy Spirit Makes Us 'God and Man all at Once' Like Jesus

Would Massive Benefits to Mankind Justify One Brutal Act?

Police Violently Choke and Arrest Woman for Not Wearing a Compliance Cloth

Max Lucado Begs God to Forgive Him For His Ancestors Owning Slaves, Segregation

Police Arrest Father After Beating Illegal Immigrant Who Tried Kidnapping 11YO Daughter

Teachers Express Concerns that Parents Might Interfere With Sexuality and Race Discussions During Virtual Learning

John MacArthur: Welcome to Our 'Peaceful Protest'

News Flash: Veggie Tales Now Wants You to Be A Leftist Vegan

Jerry Falwell, Jr.: It’s Time to Put on Your Big Boy Pants—Zipped Up—and Resign!

Gays Team Up With Beth Moore's Daughter to Attack John MacArthur for Biblical View on Sexuality

Abortion Service Offers Illegal Abortion to Woman Who Didn't Want to "Look Pregnant" at Beach

American Christians Have Become Boot-Licking Pansies

Gov. Says Church Can't Meet at Their Building, So They Take Their Congregation to Walmart Instead

Joe Biden Says Unlike African Americans, Latinos Are Diverse and Think Independently

ERLC #ChurchToo Leader Turns the Resurrection Into a Marxist "Dismantling of Systems"

Antifa Terrorist Tries to Stop Truck With Motorcycle, What Happened Next Will Brighten Your Day

SBC Re-brands Website, Removes "Southern Baptist Convention" From Name on Page

Donald Trump's Lawyer to Represent John MacArthur in California Church Shutdown Against Gov. Newsom

NC Governor Endorsed by Worse President in U.S. History

JMac Responds to TGC Author Who Accused Him of "Prioritizing Worship" Over Other Things

BREAKING: Possible Bomb or Missile Dropped on Daily Star Office in Beirut

Christian University Prez Posts Picture of Him and Woman With Pants Unzipped on Vacation

Responding to John MacArthur, Al Mohler Suggests Failure to Close Churches Could Be "Malpractice"

Los Angeles County Threatens John MacArthur With Arrest for Holding Worship Services

TGC Author Rebuked by His Pastor, JD Greear, For Opposing Social Justice

John MacArthur Says JD Greear Doesn't Know What a Church is, Doesn't Know How to Shepherd His People

Fauci Stunned by Question About Limiting Protesting, Says He Can't Determine What Government Can Do

Violent BLM and Antifa Protesters Need to Smell a Whiff of Grapeshot!

John MacArthur Says None of His Friends are Standing With Him as He Defies Tyranny

Prominent Pastor Tells Dunkin' Donuts Worker He's Going to Kick Her Teeth Down Her Throat Over Face Mask Rule

Woke Baptist Pastor Compares John Lewis to Jesus, Says He Died For Our Sins

You Can't Go to Church, But Pro-Abortion Democrats Can Crowd a Church For Leftist Politician Funeral

Obama Uses John Lewis Eulogy to Promote Mail-in Ballots and Whine About Voter ID

At Least Two Women Have Died From "Do-It-Yourself" Abortion Service

SBTS Professor Implies Not Saying "Black Lives Matter" Might Mean You're Not Saved

Southern Baptist Seminary Requiring Students to Sign Statement of Blind Allegiance to Government

Leftists Already Blaming Herman Cain's Death on Donald Trump

If Masks Weren't Enough to Make You Miserable, Fauci Now Says You Should Wear Goggles

County Shuts Down John MacArthur's On-Campus Coffee Shop at Grace Community Church

Mask Karen Confronts 2yo Children and Mother in Store, "I Hope You All Die"

Southern Baptist President Disbands His Megachurch in Wake of COVID-19 Outbreak

Jemar Tisby and The Idolatry of Melanin

COVID Doctor Challenges Dr. Fauci and CNN Hosts to Urine Test to Prove They Aren't Taking HCQ

NAR Heretic, Todd White, Experiences Genuine Move of the Holy Spirit?

California Church Concerned City May Cut Off Utilities to Their Building for Continuing to Meet Despite Restrictions

Mark Dever vs. John MacArthur: 9Marks Misses the Mark

A Review of The Chosen: An American Jesus and His American Disciples

Florida County Holds Landlords Responsible if Tenets Don't Follow Face Mask Orders

Failing to Wear a Mask in Indiana Could Land You Six Months in Jail

John MacArthur Says His Church Will Not Comply With Government Restrictions on Worship

Black Man in Portland Beats Two White Women With Large Hand Saw in Laundromat

Black Atlanta High School Teacher Coaches BLM Activist on How to Kill 2-Year-Old White Toddler

NC Governor Says You Can't Buy Food Unless You Submit to His Facemask Order

Black Lives Matter Ridicule, Renounce, and Reject Western Civilization and Plan to Rescind it

After Mass Gatherings With Anti-Police Protesters, SBC Prez Says Church Will Not Meet Again This Year

Was Former Harvest Bible Megachurch Pastor James MacDonald Living in a Walmart Parking Lot?

Speaking Proper English is Racist, So Rutgers University Will "Deemphasize Traditional Grammar"

The Gospel Coalition Celebrates Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Abortion Leftist Politician

Homosexual Man Angry That Christian Camp Didn't Want Him to Sleep in Cabin With Young Boys

Was J.I. Packer a Heretic? On His Sharp Turn in His Last Years

Southern Baptists Call for Replacing Confederate Statue With Pro-Abortion Politician in US Capitol

Indy Law Enforcement Says Instead of 911, Call Dedicated Snitch Line to Report People Not Wearing Facemasks

Podcast: SEBTS and "African Hermeneutics"

Atlanta Church Withdraws from SBC Because Al Mohler Supports Trump

Surprise: Former Editor of CCM Magazine Comes Out Gay, Announces Divorce

Watch: White Man Covers Girl to Protect Her From Violent Black Mob, Security Does Nothing

Drama Queen Texas Teacher Making End-of-Life Plans Because They're Making Her Go Back to School

Southern Baptist Echo Chamber, SBC Voices, Accuses Tom Buck of Racism and Misogyny

Reformation Charlotte Banned from Sub-Reddit for Not Being Woke Enough

Joe Biden Drops N-Word on Live Television While a Senator

Prominent SBC Seminary Teaches that Biblical Interpretation is Subjective, Dependent on Ethnicity

BLM Protest Leader Who Called for Defunding Police Faces Child Pornography Charges

California Pastor Vows Civil Disobedience to Governor's Indefinite Worship Ban

Peaceful Protestors Peacefully Beat Three NYPD Officers as Mayor Moves to Defund Police

North Carolina Public Schools to Implement Pro-LGBTQ Black Lives Matter Curriculum in Classrooms in Wake County

Andy Stanley's Church Closing is a Blessing From God to His People, We Should Thank Him!

NC Governor Says Schools Will Reopen, But Everyone Will Wear Facemasks

Court Rules New Mexico Can Ban Worship Despite Massive George Floyd Protests

Pat Robertson Blames Wife For Husband's Online Flirting, Says to Give Him "More Sex" to Solve It.

ANTIFA Terrorists Bust Trump Supporter's Head Open With a Baton at Patriotic Rally

Church Drives Remote Control Truck Around With Basket to Collect Tithes

"Black Lives Matter" Movement is Stupid and Should be Rejected by All Rational Thinking Human Beings

Orlando Health Confirms Errors in COVID-19 Reporting that Lead to Astronomically High Positives

Watch: Group of Black Thugs Drop-Kick Little Girl in the Head as They Bludgeon Her Mother

Southern Baptist Seminaries Sell Soul to Devil For Nearly 20 Million Dollars Combined

Don't Forget, After Reprimanded by Black Nationalist, John Piper Became Black Lives Matter Supporter

SBC Pastor Says Founders of Southern Baptist Seminary Were Not Saved, History Must be Eradicated

As Trump Rallies Condemned, Media Silent on Huge, Maskless Street Parties in Philadelphia

Young White Mother Murdered for Saying "All Lives Matter"

Watch: ANTIFA Harass and Assault "Non-Approved" Media and Cameramen in Portland "Gathering"

Washington Redskins Cave to Mob, Will Change Team Name and Logo

Bethel Church Invokes 'Lord of the Rings' Spirit to End Racism

ERLC Received $100K From Muslim Billionaire for MLK50 Conference

Amid Abortion, Black Pastor Says "We've Lost the Right to Be Outraged" Over KKK Lynchings

Law and Order Easily Restored in Seattle's CHAZ/CHOP "Autonomous Zone"

The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About The Gospel Coalition

BLM Activist Assaults Black Man For Tearing Down BLM Signs, Threatens Kids

Lecrae Responds to Chick-fil-A CEO's Shoe-shining Stunt, Calls it Virtue Signaling

Charismatic False Prophet, Todd White, Compares Holy Spirit to Pooping Dog

A Letter to a “Woke” Pastor: The Error of Political Correctness in the Pulpit

Son of Former Southern Baptist President Says Gay, Trans People Welcome at God's Table

Now We Know Why Jen Hatmaker is Gay-Affirming. Her Daughter is a Lesbian.

As Lawsuit Looms Against Governor, Two More NC Counties Vow Not to Enforce Facemask Mandate

Leftist Southfield, Michigan City Clerk Charged With Altering Ballots

North Carolina Sheriff Vows to Ignore Tyrant Governor's Unconstitutional Facemask Mandate

Catholic University Professor Fired for Tweeting Negatively About Obama and Clinton

NC Governor Broke Own Executive Order to March With Rioters, Now Mandates Masks For Everyone

Leftists Now Calling For Destruction of Historic Statue of Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther in Baltimore

Lutheran Denomination Publishes Guide to Affirm and Navigate Sexual Aberrancy in the Pews

The Gospel Coalition Says Gay Pride Flag Same as Noah's Rainbow, Represents Safety

Again, Twitter Censors President's Tweet Calling for Law and Order in the Face of Violent Riots and Protests

Leftist in NC Charged With Starting Riots and Toppling Confederate Statues in Raleigh

Al Mohler Says Trump is an Embarrassment to Christianity, But He's Going to Vote For Him Anyway

Leftists Continue to Fake Hate Crimes to Advance Their Progressive Agenda

Calls For the Destruction of Statues of Jesus Reveals the Destruction of White People is BLM's Endgame

Doctor Who Euthanized Woman Against Her Will Cleared of Murder Charges, Says She Did "Right Thing"

Southern Baptist Seminary Provost Tweets "Black Power" Fist in Solidarity With Black Nationalism

CFA CEO Grovels at Lecrae's Feet, Calls on White America to Repent of Whiteness, Lecrae Asks for Company Stock

From Tragedy to Laughter: The Slippery Slope of Euthanasia

Beth Moore Flaunts Feminist, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Elizabeth Warren Slogan on Tee Shirt

No Gospel Allowed at Black Lives Matter Protest, Cops Try to Make Evangelists Leave

Tulsa Craigslist Post Solicits COVID-Positive People to Spread Virus at Trump Rally as "Test Subjects"

92-Year-Old Unarmed Woman Randomly Attacked by Male, Sent to Hospital

NYC Welds Gates Shut on Jewish Playground While Exempting Anti-Police Protests From Social Distancing Rules

Antifa Mob Attacks Man, Man Shoots in Self Defense, Officials Promise to Charge Man With Hate Crime

Body Cam Footage Shows Rayshard Brooks Was Given Every Opportunity to Comply, Cops Were Right to Shoot

Anarchist Thug Throws Rock at Car, Driver Turns Around and Takes Matters into His Own Hands

Evangelicals Embolden a New Breed of Domestic Terrorism

Seattle Mayor Says Antifa Takeover of Seattle is Lawful, Constitutionally-Protected, and Patriotic

Pro-Gay Evangelical-Catholic Petition to Fire Al Mohler Receives 15 Thousand Signatures

Veritas Reveals George Soros, Tom Steyer Funding US Domestic Terrorist Groups

George Floyd, J.D. Greear: The Vacuum of Leadership in Evangelicalism

SBC President Urges Christians to Ignore Facts and Statistics and Instead Chant Marxist Slogans

ANTIFA Captures and Barricades Six City Blocks in Seattle, Forces Police Out

NC Police Officers and White Citizens Wash Feet and Beg Forgiveness From Black Pastors

Beth Moore Likes Tweet Calling on Christians to Forsake Faith and Join Pro-Gay Anti-Police Hate Groups

Southern Baptist President to Join Pro-Gay Militant Anarchy Groups in NC to Protest the Government

Dumb Leftist Says Being Able to Call Police is White Privilege, Therefore, Police Must be Dismantled

Black Police Officer Refuses to Bow to Protesters, "I Only Kneel For One Person, and That's God"

Amid 18 Murders in 24-Hours, Leftist Chicago Mayor Urges Residents Not to Defend Themselves

Police Chief Joins Host of White People to Surrender to Black Lives Matter for Sin of Being Born White

SBC Leaders: Marching With Violent Anarchist Groups Essential, Corporate Worship is Not

Southern Baptist Leader, Ed Stetzer Marches in ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter Protest in Chicago

Rebellious Bible-Twister, Beth Moore, Says God is Reckoning America Over Misuse of Bible

Joe Biden Says He Understands Racism on Blacks Because He Was Bullied as a Kid for Stuttering

Hillsong Pastor's Daughter Screams and Screeches at Police During Riots and Anarchy in NYC

Apple Replaces Website Homepage With Black Lives Matter Propaganda

Steven Furtick Preaches Panentheism Heresy, That God is Made of Matter and Fills All Things

Justification by Faith Can Never Be Justification for Sin

Protest Organizer Claims He's Paid by George Soros

Band of White Stooges March Down Street Chanting "Black Trans Lives Matter"

Virtue-Signaling White Pastor Preaches at BLM Rally, Calls on "His People" to Repent of Racism

Pride Marches Canceled, So Joel Osteen Marches With ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter in Houston Instead

Sweet Justice: LA Rioter Tries to Light Explosive in Street, Gets it Thrown Back Into His Car

FBI Celebrates Gay Pride Month

NC Governor Tells Donald Trump He Can't Hold the Convention He Wants in Charlotte

Pro-Abortion Evangelical Race-Baiting Ministry Uses Riots to Demand Reparations From White People

White Instigator Caught Trying to Incite Protesters to Commit Acts of Violence

White Protestors Bow Down at the Feet of Black People and Pray For "Forgiveness"

Angry Mob of Black Men Violently Beat Unarmed White Woman With 2x4

Why Woke SBC Leaders Like Russell Moore and JD Greear are to Blame for the Rioting and Anarchy We See Today

Watch as Radical Leftist Rioters Beat and Drag Police Officers Through Chicago Street

As NC Governor Threatens to Halt RNC Over Coronavirus, Ignores Mass Leftist Riots in Charlotte

Why Roy Cooper is Unfit as North Carolina's Governor and Should Be Voted Out of Office

Despite Joe Carter's Asinine Commentary, Looting is a Valid Justification For Deadly Force

Twitter Sends Email to White House Admitting Tweets Do Not Violate Rules, But Still Censoring

In Effort to Fight Racism, Black Leftists Take Out Anger on Black Business-Owners

Arizona School Districts to Tape Off Plastic Partitions Between Children in Classrooms This Fall

Campus Crusade Holding a Segregated Event to Fight "Racial Injustice"

As Radical Leftists Destroy Minneapolis, President Trump Threatens to Send National Guard

Fauci: Gays Can Hook Up on Grindr, But No Church Communion

Beautiful Example of Armed Americans Helping Keep the Peace Amid Looting and Rioting

While IKEA Fires Christians, Loans Parking Lot to Muslims for Islamic Prayer

Evangelical Pastors Throw Support Behind Black Lives Matter as They Riot, Loot, Vandalize, and Steal

NC Governor Blows Through Stop Sign to Avoid Eye Contact With People Holding American Flags

NC Governor Admits Wearing Masks Nothing More than Virtue-Signaling, Says Do it Anyways

Iranian Father Beheads His 13-year-old Daughter in "Honor Killing" During Sleep

False Prophet Says He Doesn't Fear Coronavirus Because His Son, Wife Raised From the Dead

Jen Hatmaker Says "LGBTQ Christians" Preach in Her Church, Calls For Mass Exodus of Conservative Denoms

22-Year Professor at Southern Seminary Accuses School of Knowingly Hiring False Teachers

Church Leaders Raise Concerns About SBTS Bribing Fired Professors With "Hush Money" to Stifle Discussion

Health Official Sends Letter Threatening to Bulldoze Chicago Church For Meeting Against Lockdown Order

Top Catholic Official Says God Sees Homosexuals "Naturally, as Part of the Ecclesial Community"

Politifact "Fact Checks" Warning Label on Facemask Box, Marks it "Fake News" on Facebook

Todd White Suggests Churches Require New Members Cast Out Demons During Membership Class

California Tells Churches and Pastors They Can't Minister to the Sick

During Pandemic, House Dems Introduce Legislation Requiring Federal License to Own Guns

Al Mohler Allegedly Calls Professor "Idiot" For Standing Against Social Justice

Street Preacher Sues City of El Paso For Infringement of Free Speech on Public Property

Another Prominent Christian Music Star Renounces His Faith

Postmodernism in SBTS Professor Dr. Jonathan Pennington’s Writings

Destroyed Mississippi Church Wins Emergency Injunction Against City’s Religious Discrimination

Trump Demands Governors Open Essential Houses of Worship Right Now Or He Will Override Them

Joe Biden Says Black People Who Support Trump Aren't Black

Black Nationalist Films Himself Ruthlessly Beating Elderly White Man at Nursing Home

Democrat NC Health Secretary Threatens to Halt Republican Convention in Charlotte This Summer

David Platt Preaches Jesse Jackson-like Sermon on Racism, Turns Out to Be Racist and Unjust

Mississippi Church Bombed Over Pastor's Refusal to Shut Doors During Coronavirus

North Carolina Pastor Says God "Instructs" Him to Fight For LGBTQ Rights

Whopping 76 Percent of North Carolinians Support Reopening the State Immediately

NC Governor to Make Elementary Kids Wear Face Masks When School Starts in Fall

Beth Moore Says She's Tired of "Toning Down" Her Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, She's "Breaking Free"

Costco Employee Demands Customer Wear Mask, Snatches His Cart and Tells Him to Leave

While Murderers Run Free, NC Police Dept Busy Citing Restaurants For Serving Customers

Sign the Petition to Recall NC Governor Roy Cooper

Ravi Zacharias, Apologist, Dead at 74

New Video Footage Shows Sketchy Interaction Between Ahmaud Arbery and Police

Candace Owens Hires Covington Kid's Lawyer to Go After Facebook's False "Fact-Checking"

Multiple Witnesses Allege CA Governor Hiding in Montana as His State is on Lockdown

Paula White Compares Herself to a Queen Bee Performing Sex Dance Ritual on White House Lawn

Fired SBTS Professor Explains How He Was Reprimanded For Speaking Out Against False Teachings and Liberalism

OR Governor Sics Child Protection Services On Salon Owner Who Opened Her Business

NC Governor Called Out by Former Governor For Failing to Follow His Own Shutdown Orders

Highly-Respected Professor to Drop Bombshell Report on Al Mohler's Seminary Decline

Satellite Images and Cell Phone Data Suggest "Hazardous Event" at Wuhan Lab in October

Annihilationism, Eternity, and the Consequences of Truth

Al Mohler "Repents" of Biblical Position on Slavery

Podcast: Are Southern Baptist Leaders Seekers of Justice or Just Opportunists?

Maryland Public School District Approves "LGBTQ+ Studies" Course

Major Blow to Liberalism, 41 Percent of Parents More Likely to Homeschool After Pandemic

MI Governor Says 1st Amendment "Not Appropriate in a Global Pandemic" "Racist," "Misogynistic"

Pro-Choice Small-Group Leader at SBC President's Church Authors Anti-White "Statement of Lament"

Whitmer Tells Citizens Her Orders Are Not Suggestions, Not Optional, Not Helpful Hints

Top Southern Baptist Leader Begs Nancy Pelosi to Release More Prisoners Amid Coronavirus

Pope-Kissing Hillsong Leader Sells Multi-Million-Dollar Cliffside Ocean Pad

Censored: Amid Coronavirus, Social Media Has Conservatives Right Where They Want Them

Recent Coronavirus Outbreak in South Korea Linked to Gay Night Clubs

A Biblical, Non-Woke Analysis of the Ahmaud Arbery Case

Ahmaud Arbery: A Christian Response

Prominent Catholic Church Replaces Flag With National Health Services Flag

Police Chiefs Blast NC Governor For Allowing Churches to Meet as Long as They Meet Impossible Requirements

Pope Asks All Religions to Unite With Him Spiritually on May 14 to Beg God to Overcome Coronavirus

NC Protestors Legally Carry Massive Weapons Into Subway, Nobody Gets Hurt, Threatened, or Killed

Retired Vanderbilt Law Prof. Asks God to Reveal Hidden Agendas of WHO, CDC, Gates, and China

Apologist, Ravi Zacharias on Death Bed With Grim Outlook at 74

Logic, Fairness, and the Anti-Calvinist

Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks Now Healthy and Safely at Home

Pastor Whose Church Was Shutdown Confronts Cluster of Police Officers Not Following Social Distancing Orders

Hillsong Depicts One Of the Three Wisemen as a Woman in Christmas Production

Jim Bakker's Silver Solution Proven Ineffective as He Suffers Stroke That Puts Him Off Air

Evangelical Leader Likes Tweet That Suggests White People Are Naturally Inclined to Kill Black People

The Gospel Coalition Incites Fear, Says Congregational Singing is Dangerous

Michigan Dems Introduce Bill That Would Make it Illegal to Display Confederate Flag on State Property

California County Opens Motels to Homeless, Offers Three Meals a Day on Taxpayer Dime

Southern Baptists Abandoning Social Justice Heresy For Heresy of Dominionism

Several Churches File Joint Lawsuit Against Michigan Governor Over Unconstitutional Stay-At-Home Order

Pro-Life Students’ Union President Forced by College to Delete Tweet Calling for Fewer Abortions

CA County Health Dept to Remove COVID-Infected People From Homes and Place Them in Quarantine Centers

Dutch Supreme Court Rules Euthanasia Against Elderly Patients' Will Legal in the Netherlands

False Prophet With Beehive on Head Says Physical Healing the 'Fruit of Repentance'

Michigan Barber Says Shop Will Stay Open ‘Until Jesus Walks In or They Arrest Me’

CBS Caught Staging Fake Patients for Fake Coronavirus News Event

California Pastor Announces Plan to Re-open Church Despite Governor's Lockdown Order

NC Republicans Introduce Legislation to Oppose Gov. Roy Cooper's Draconian Anti-Work Order

Pope Francis Sends Donation to Transgender Prostitutes Who Are Out of Work Amid Coronavirus

Ellen Says Parents Don't Love Their Children Unconditionally Unless They Let Them Have a Sex Change

Mother Sings and Dances "I'm Going to Have an Abortion and You Can't Stop Me"

New "The Simpsons" Episode Depicts Bible as Racist, Sexist, and Promoting Sexual Abnormalities

Stripper Performs "Pole Dance" at Elementary School in Front of Children

Microsoft Word Lists "Xenophobe" and "Chauvinist" as Synonyms for "Patriot"

Amid Coronavirus, Kansas City Will Not Allow People To Go To Church Unless They Register With the Government

Max Lucado Endorses Anti-Trinitarian Word of Faith Heretic Steven Furtick

Oregon Department of Health to Remove Children From Home if Parent Infected With Coronavirus

California Public Schools Sends Email Invites to 13YO Children Inviting Them to Adult LGBTQ "Web Hangout"

Knox County, TN Government Bans Communion, Baptism, Says Not Part of "Core Worship"

NYC Mayor Threatens to Round Up Jews en Masse and Arrest Them in Order to Stop Disease and Save Lives

NC County Defies Governor's Stay-at-Home Order, Says All Businesses May Re-open Effective 5pm Today

Kenneth Copeland Says His Kids Prayed For a Boat and God Gave Them Two

ERLC's Russell Moore Protégé Defends Pro-Choice Movement, Says They Passionately Desire to Reduce Abortion

Harvard Law Professor Calls For Communist China-like Internet Censorship in United States

Prominent Evangelical Preacher Says Prayer Gives God Permission to Interfere on Earth

ERLC Spends 61 Percent of Budget on Salaries, Less Than 1 Percent on Public Policy and Research

Poverty, Disease-Ridden LGBTQ Community Demands Government Prioritize Them Amid Coronavirus

Couple Explains How They Could No Longer Reconcile Their Christian Beliefs With the Democrat Party #WalkAway

Mother Says She Is Proud That Her 15-Year-Old "Transgender Son" is Going Through Menopause

The Inherent Racism of the Mormon Cult According to Their Own "Scriptures"

Boy With ‘No Brain’ Continues to Defy Expectations After Parents Refused Abortion Five Times

Southern Baptist Pastor, Bart Barber, is Doing Online "Baptisms" Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Southern Baptist Church Names Woman as "Teaching Pastor"

As Drive-in Church Services are Being Raided by Police, Mosques Continuing to Hold Services Glorified by Media

Five-Year-Old Girl Alive Today Because Mother Cancels Abortion After Reading Pro-Life Article

Texas County to Issue $1,000 Fine For Not Covering Face With "Homemade Bananas" During Pandemic

Democrat NC Senator Says People Who Want to Go Back to Work are "Idiots"

Oregon Coronavirus Lockdown Ads Suggest People Who Leave Home are Murderers

Hundreds Gather to Protest NC Governor Roy Cooper's Draconian Shutdown Amid #ReOpenNC Campaign

Leftists Say Freely Choosing Feticide Is Now Non-Elective

The Gospel Coalition Suggests Putting Off Communion, Baptisms Until "Effective COVID-19 Vaccine" is Available

NC Governor Blames Coronavirus Spread on Christians

Harvard Law Prof: Homeschooling Dangerous, Parents Should Not Have 24/7 Control Over Their Children

Kansas Court Orders Governor to Stop Closing Churches While Leaving Abortion Clinics Open

Franklin Graham, Evangelicals Join Pro-LGBTQ Activist, Anti-Trinitarian for "Christian Concert"

Prominent Catholic University Promotes Planned Parenthood, Brags, Calls it a "Health Clinic"

Former ERLC Lackey Comes Out in Opposition to Al Mohler's New-Found Support for Donald Trump

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Served "Intent to Sue" For Infringing on Constitutional Rights of Protestors

MN Senator: State Police Told Me They Would Remove Me if For Practicing 1st Amendment Right at State Capitol

NC Police Say Protesting Governor's Executive Order Violates His Executive Order, Arrest Protestors

While Christian Content Being Banned, Twitter Promotes Game Depicting Women Sexually Seducing Their Bosses

NC Democrats Propose Changes to Election Laws to Allow Ballot Harvesting and Unsubstantiated Voter Registration

9Marks Says Identity Politics an "Unexpected Ally," Helps Us Understand the Bible's Call to Repentance

Virginia Passes Legislation Forcing Churches to Allow "Transgender" Males into Women's Bathrooms

Ed Stetzer Scrubs Paragraph From CT Article After "Conspiracy Theory" He Denied Proved Likely to be True

Podcast: Andy Stanley, A Modern-Day Version of the 2nd-Century Heretic Marcion

Michigan Sheriffs Defy Totalitarian Governor's Lockdown Orders, Vow to Uphold Constitutional Civil Liberties

Reformed Denomination Writes Letter to Government Warning of Civil Disobedience if Economy not Re-opened

World’s Second Most Premature Twins Given Zero Chance of Survival Are Now Thriving

California Governor to Give Taxpayer Handouts to Illegal Immigrants Amid Coronavirus

As Church Services Move Online Streaming, as Predicted, Services are Being Banned for "Policy Violations"

Andy Stanley Unhitches Jesus From the Scriptures, We Don't Believe in Resurrection Because of the Bible - Easter Message

Tim Keller Praises NYT Article that Says the Absence of Church a Great Testimony to the Presence of God

Jim Bakker Says Credit Card Companies Cut Him Off After Promoting Fake "Silver Solution" as Coronavirus Cure

Watch: Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Cop Chases Guy Running on Beach, Get's Left in the Dust

Christian Pro-life Sidewalk Counselor Says She Never Mention's Christ, Upset That Others Preach Gospel

Casting Crowns, Franklin Graham Teaming Up With Anti-Trinitarian, T.D. Jakes and Bethel Cultists for "Hope" Event

As Kenneth Copeland Commands God to Send Heat Wave to Kill Coronavirus, God Sends Snow Storm, Tornados Instead

Soros-Funded Evangelical Leaders Demand DHS Release Illegal Immigrants into the Streets During Coronavirus

Illegal DIY Abortion Service Launched in Ireland by Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Provider

Al Mohler Admits Donald Trump has Governed Like a Conservative, Will Vote For Him in 2020

It's Okay to Gather for Drive-in Non-Essential Gatherings So Long as it Isn't in a Church Parking Lot, Apparently

Leftists Spread Nails at Entrances of Church Parking Lot to Discourage Worship and Gathering

After Cops Break Up Church Service, Congregation Heads to Wal-Mart to Enter Without Hindrance

Russell Moore Calls Worship "Reckless," Yet There is No "Right" to be Protected From Coronavirus

Graphic: Police Knock in Door of Private Residence Looking for Gatherings of People

Federal Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Louisville Mayor Who Tried to Ban Drive-in Worship on Easter Sunday

SEBTS Prez Danny Akin Admits That He Teaches Feminist Standpoint Theory to Students to Interpret Scripture

Disney's DuckTales Reboot Features Two Gay Dads

Prominent Evangelicals Sign Statement Decrying Media Reporting Chinese Wet Markets as "Unsafe"

Breaking: Kansas Legislature Overturns Governor's Stay-at-Home Order for Churches

Vatican Praises China For Their "Humanitarian Initiative" During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Drag Queen Story Hour Held in Taxpayer-Funded Library Admits "Gay Agenda" and Asks For Donations

Tim Keller, Lecrae Team Up With Bethel Redding and Francis Chan For Social Justice Church Conference

After Closing Healing Rooms Amid Coronavirus, Bethel Church Opens Online Healing Rooms

WHO Official's Threats to Remove Family Members From Homes Illustrates Why We Have a Second Amendment

Florida Nurse Threatens to Withhold Treatment From Man Because He Supports Donald Trump

John MacArthur Given Rights to NASB Bible Translation, Announces Changes: "Yahweh" Will Replace "Lord"

Chick-fil-A Completely Booted From UK Amid LGBTQ Protests, Last Door Definitively Closed

Church is Now in the Hands of Anti-Christ Digital Media Giants Who Can Shut Us Down at the Flip of a Switch

WHO Says Access to Abortion Must Continue Even if it Causes Coronavirus to Spread

"Christian" Feminist Says Using God to Fight for Pro-Life Causes is "Taking the Lord's Name in Vain"

Billy Talen Arrested After Trying to Storm NYC Hospital Tent With Homosexual Propaganda

UK Spends Over 1 Million of Taxpayer Money to Fly Women From Ireland to England For Abortions

How Social Justice Churches are Abandoning Their First Love in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Alabama Baptist Leader Advises Churches to Not Even Do Drive-Up Worship Services

Pro-gun Christian Woman Dies of Coronavirus, Leftists Take to Social Media to Laugh and Mock Her

Benham Brothers, Others Arrested at Charlotte, NC Abortion Clinic Despite Following Social Distancing Guidelines

Amid Coronavirus, Annual "Woke" T4G Conference Still Charging Nearly $300 For Livestream Tickets

ABC News Anchor Asks Mike Pence if He "Talks to God" About How Many People They've Killed

Top SBC Leader Urges Churches to Accept Government Wealth Redistribution Funding, Theft

Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, FDA Shortening Restrictions on Gay Men Who Want to Donate Blood

Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Drag Queens Now Offering Homeschool Story Hour Online

Danny Akin's Son Tries to Whitewash Former FBC Naples Pastor's Criminal Record to Naples Congregation?

Gays and Democrats Upset That "Anti-Gay" Christian Organization is Setting Up Hospitals in New York

Tucker Carlson Cites Chinese Research: Killer Coronavirus Probably Originated From a Laboratory in Wuhan

Is it Too Soon to Say That NC Has Already "Flattened the Curve" for Coronavirus?

Sexually Confused 'Transgender' Male is Who is Leading Pennsylvania's Coronavirus Battle Efforts

Louisiana Pastor Charged With Six Misdemeanors For Holding Church Services. How Far Will We Go?

Watch: Kenneth Copeland "Demands Judgment" on COVID-19, "Crawl on Your Belly...It is Finished!"

Watch: Crazy Liberal Woman Screeches on Seattle Streets at Street Preacher Trying to Give Her the Gospel

Federal Judge Blocks Ohio Order That Bans Abortions During Coronavirus Outbreak

NT Wright Says Christianity Offers "No Answers" to Coronavirus Pandemic

Southern Baptist Pastor Says Gathering for Church Detracts From Personal Worship

NYC Mayor Issues Dire Warning, Threatens to Shutdown Churches Permanently for Noncompliance With Shutdown Orders

Tornado Ravages Jonesboro, AR, Rips Away Turtle Creek Mall

Anglican Church Launches LGBTI Chaplaincy Service to Make Church a "Safe Space for All"

Detroit Catholic Priest Says Catholics Practicing "Genital Sexual Love" Are Welcome in His Church

Study Published in 2016 Shows Common Supplement L-Lysine Effective Against Coronaviruses

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Justin Peters Answers Questions About the Coronavirus Pandemic From a Practical Christian Perspective

Southern Baptist Ethicist Agrees With Democrats, Prisoners Should Be Set Free

After NYT Op-Ed, Russell Moore's Own Liberal Elitist Friends Are Even Turning on Him Now

Planned Parenthood Sues Texas Over Order to Stop Performing Abortions During Coronavirus Outbreak

Six Month Pregnant Woman Fighting For Life Pleas for People to Follow Coronavirus Cautions

Charlotte Area Counties Make Church and Other Gatherings Punishable by Jail and Fine, Abortion Clinics Exempt

This is the Finger of God - J.C. Ryle on the Great Cattle Plague of England

Marco Rubio Says Government Has Extraordinary Power Over Churches During Declared Emergencies

PA Legislator Introduces Resolution Acknowledging Coronavirus God's Punishment for "Presumptuous Sins"

NY Governor Who Signed Bill Allowing Abortions Up to Birth Says New York Lives "Are Not Expendable"

SBC President and Officers Unanimously Vote to Keep Themselves in Power For Another Year Amid COVID-19

BREAKING: Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting Canceled Amid Coronavirus

Paul Washer on the Sufficiency of Scripture

NY Hospitals Urging Gays to Stock Up on Anti-HIV Drugs So They Can Continue Having Sex During Coronavirus Crisis

Charisma News CEO Publishes False Prophecy That Coronavirus Would be Gone in 10 Days ... 11 Days Ago

Opportunistic Abortion Activists Exploiting Coronavirus

Evangelical Leaders Still Consumed by Pet "Racism" Agenda Despite Looming Problems During Coronavirus Pandemic

Podcast: Evangelical Christianity in Theological Chaos, God, The Trinity, and the Church

The Church Should Be Praying Imprecatory Prayers Against Democrats Right Now

Beth Moore Uses Coronavirus Pandemic to Stick Finger in God's Eye and Mock Him

Kenneth Copeland Says You Must Keep Tithing Even if You Lose Your Job Over Coronavirus

Michigan Pastor Preaches from Church Roof as People Listen From Their Vehicles

Racist Black Mob Attacks Asian Man, Beat Him in Street and Leave Him There

Greg Smith Challenges Cody Libolt to Public Debate on Presuppositionalism, Will He Accept?

Trump Lays Into NBC at Whitehouse Briefing, "You're a Bad Reporter," "I Call Them Con-Cast, not Comcast"

Does Mark Dever Believe the Church is Subservient to Government?

Amid Coronavirus, Pope Francis Says He Will Forgive Your Sins Now, Confess and Do Penance Later

Corrupt Republican NC Senator Sold Millions in Stock Based on Coronavirus Insider Information

An Interesting Clipping from 1918 Christian Newspaper Shows Similarities Between Spanish Flu and Coronavirus

If Churches are Closed, How Can we Baptize New Believers?

Lesbian Pastor Lectures Christians on "Loving" Each Other During Pandemic

Still no Coronavirus in Myanmar Where Francis Chan "Healed" Everyone He Touched

Catholic Church Offering "Drive-Through" Confessional and Penance During Coronavirus Lockdown

Despite Coronavirus Outbreak, Soros-Funded ERLC Partner Pushing for Extreme Open-Borders Measures

How Major Epidemics Have Changed Society Economically, Religiously, Educationally, and Socially

While Churches are Closed, Charlotte's Largest Abortion Clinic Open for Full Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

Response to Dr. Robert Gagnon’s Gaps in His Defense of Continuationism

Mormon Idol Damaged in Salt Lake City Earthquake

As Salt Lake City Ravaged by Earthquake, Are We Seeing Luke 21:11 Played Out Right Before Our Eyes?

Mark Dever and TGC Elites Using Coronavirus Crisis to Stoke the Fires of Racial Division

Trump's Spiritual Advisor, Paula White Bilking People for Money Amid Coronavirus Fears

Oregon Police Urge Citizens Not to Call 911 if They Run Out of Toilet Paper

World Health Organization Partnering With Social Media to Stifle Free Speech Globally Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Instead of Fighting Infectious Disease, CDC Wastes Millions on Transgender Beauty Pageants and Gun Control

Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Organizers Vow to Bring a Gay Pride Flesh Festival to Los Angeles in 2020

Democrats Give Christians Advice on Not Worshiping "Lesser Gods" by Being "Too Involved in Politics"

13yo Girl Locked in Bathroom, Starved, Tortured After Pastor Told Mother She Was Possessed by a Demon

Amid Coronavirus, Going to Church a Misdemeanor in NC While Restaurants, Libraries Still Allowed

Breaking: Activist Mommy Getting a Divorce

Andy Stanley Says God Loves You More Than He Loves Himself, Compares God's Laws to Toys

Breaking: Dem California Governor Orders Ban on Gatherings of 250 People or More, Including Church Services

Amid Declining Membership, Major SBC Leader Calling For "Spontaneous" Baptisms on Easter Sunday

SBC President Approves of Female Prosperity Gospel LGBTQ Preacher on Blasphemous TBN Network

Oklahoma "Christian Pro-Life Republican" Senators Kill Bill That Would Have Ended All Abortion in the State

Steven Furtick Think's He's Jesus, Says Satan "Bruised His Heel" as He Was Crushing His Head on Stage

T.D. Jakes Says Worship is Like Sex and Hymns are Like Female Genitalia

Female Bethel Church Pastor Declares Coronavirus "Conquered in Jesus' Name"

Governor Asks All Churches in Kentucky to Cancel Services to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

Canada Introduces Legislation Making Christian Counseling for Homosexuals Illegal

Robert Jeffress Has Sold His Soul to the Devil For Worldly Gain

SBC Lady-Preacher Beth Moore Preaches Sunday Morning Sermon at TGC-affiliated Baptist Church

The Vatican Closes St. Peter's Basilica Due to Coronavirus

Jory Micah Says She is Drawn to Socialism Because She's Been Studying the New Testament Her Whole Life

While Marching for the Right to Chemically Burn Unborn Children, Feminists Accidentally Chemically Burn Themselves

Kari Jobe Sells Her Soul to the Devil, Drops New Album With Elevation Church and Bethel's Cody Carnes

T.D. Jakes Gives Steven Furtick a Bronze Statue of David Because "the Head of the Giant is Under His Feet"

Mormonism, the Racist False Religion

Federal Court Rules "Mis-gendering" Not Protected By First Amendment, No Religious Exemptions

Tim Challies Says "Gay Christianity" Isn't Already Solved, Compromises on "Same-Sex Attraction" Sin

Baptist "Pastor" Volunteers as Pro-abortion Deathscort at Local Greensboro Abortion Clinic

California Democrat Introduces Bill That Would Shutdown SeaWorld and Other Aquatic Animal Centers

25 Reasons to Call Out False Teachers and Rebuke Them, 25 Verses to Memorize

Gays Throw Hissy-Fit After Mormon University Clarifies Homosexuality Still Not Allowed on Campus

While Speaking at Black Church, Joe Biden Says We Got a "Boll Weevil to Get Rid Of"

Bernie Sanders Bows at Jesse Jackson's Knees and Prays With Him

SBC President Partners With Nancy Pelosi's Radical Anti-Semitic Islamic Extremist to Promote Muslim-Christian Unity

Elevation Church is From Hell

California Introduces Bill Making it Illegal to Separate Boys' and Girls' Clothing Sections in Retail Stores

SBC President Says We Fight For Rights of Non-Christian Religions Because "That's What Jesus Did"

Former Pastor at Flagship Southern Baptist Church in Georgia "Marries" Another Man

Attorney General Issues Jim Bakker 'Cease and Desist' Letter For Claiming His Silver Solution Cures Coronavirus

PCA Church Hosts Transgender LGBTQ Arts Festival

Charlotte Bojangles' Manager Fired After Refusing to Let Pro-Trump Group in to Eat

In Defiance to Denominational Policy and Biblical Morality, NC Methodist Church Officiates Same-sex Wedding

Crowd Erupts in Cheer and Applause Over Having Abortions at Chuck Schumer Abortion Rights Rally

Mark Dever Promotes Narrative That Cops Are Out to Shoot and Kill Black Kids

Racist Black Man Sprays Asian Down With Lysol on Subway, Demands He Move Away From Him

Prominent Baptist University Hosts Openly Gay LGBTQ Activist

"Gay Christianity" Movement Invades Mennonite Churches

Covington High School Kid to Sue Five More News Outlets

Unbelievable: Watch the Joe Biden Little Girl Groping and Smelling Creep Show

Steven Furtick Denies Orthodox View of Trinity, Embraces Modalism Heresy

Covington Kid to Sue Five More News Outlets, Question is When Will He Sue Beth Moore?

Wisconsin School Discovers Transgender Bathroom Idea Was Dumb After Child Molested

How the Heresy of "Red-Letter Christianity" Devalues the Scriptures

Gay Anglican Priest in South Africa Gets Married to Another Anglican Priest From Kenya

Leaders of 200 Thousand-Member Cult in South Korea May Face Murder Charges Over Corona Virus Outbreak

Abortions for Cleft Lip Increasing at Dramatic Rates

Female "Pastor" Says Her God is a Black Woman With Dreadlocks Who Sings in a "Contralto Voice"

City of Spokane Adopts Bill Making it Illegal to Protest Too Loudly Outside of Planned Parenthood

SBC Installs Radical Soros-Linked Open-Borders Mass Immigration Never-Trumper to Lead SBC's Send Relief

Watch Oprah Trip and Fall as She's Preaching About Things Being "in Balance"

Virginia Passes Bill Forcing Churches and Christian Schools to Employ Homosexuals

The Gospel Coalition Continues to Push Anti-Conservative Politics While Legitimizing Democrat Voting

Jen Hatmaker Says She Questioned Evangelical Faith Because Gay People Couldn't Have Sex With Each Other

New Re-launch of Clifford the Big Red Dog Cartoon on PBS Features Lesbian Moms

Charlotte's Most Notorious LGBTQ Activist Hears Dreaded Words: "I Never Knew You, Depart From Me..."

Lauren "I Don't Know if Homosexuality is a Sin" Daigle Dominates Christian Music Charts in 2019

Adult Male Drag Queen Dances in Sexually-Suggestive Way For a Little Girl as Mom Claps and Cheers

Gay "Churches" Give Out Glitter Ashes For Ash Wednesday

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Asks Kids If They Are Gender Fluid, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Etc.

Mother, Grandmother Upset That Teacher Defended Himself After Child Attacked Him

Why Aren't "Faith Healers" Like Francis Chan, Todd White, and Todd Bentley in China Fighting the Coronavirus?

Twin Falls Methodist Church Sponsors Drag Queen Event at Local Bar Featuring One of Its Own Parishioners

Catholic Church Ordains "Non-Binary Transgender" Woman as "Priestess"

Christianity Today: Biblical Hospitality and Community Causes Christians to Desire Multiple Sex Partners

Response to Robert Gagnon Defense of the Gifts – Part 1

Tennessee Legislator Introduces Bill to Restrict Drag Queens Entertaining Children at Public Libraries

Tim Keller Questions: "If There is a God..."

Pastor Sells Soap He Claims Can "Wash Away Your Sins"

Black Pastor Blasts "Woke Church" Movement For Not Opposing Planned Parenthood

New Study Shows Nearly Half of Mainline Protestant Pastors Support Gay Marriage

Gay Presidential Candidate Preaches at Black Baptist Church in South Carolina

Jesus Did Not Come to Address World Hunger or Global Inequality, He Came to Save His Sheep

Breaking: DHS Whistleblower Against Obama Administration Found Shot to Death in Home

Interfaith Group to Host Amnesty Propaganda Film in Hickory, NC

Charisma News Praises Pro-Gay Singer on American Idol Who Sang Lauren Daigle's 'You Say' and "Prayed" With Judges

While Government Agencies Claim "No Cure," For Years, Lysol Bottles Claim it Can Kill Human Coronavirus

Paula White Says She Went to the Throne Room of God, Saw Him Face to Face

Beth Moore Denies Authorial Intent, Implies Scripture Can Have Many Interpretations

The Answer to Bullying is the Wrath of God and the Gospel. Give Bullies a Taste of Their Own Medicine

LGBTQ Group Boycotts St. Patrick's Day Parade Because They Won't Allow Them to Turn it Into a Gay Pride March

Pastor Who Said He No Longer Allows Hillsong at His Church Explains How You Can Talk to Your Pastor About Hillsong and Bethel

GOP Faith and Power Super PAC Spends 2.4 Million on Pro-Democrat Television Ads

Rogue SBC Entity, ERLC Announces They Will Not Comply With Executive Committee Investigation Efforts

Al Mohler Contradicts SBC President JD Greear, Christians Should NOT Use "Preferred Pronouns" for Transgenders

Flagship Mormon University Removes Ban on Homosexual Behavior From Student Honor Code

Francis Chan Says Homosexuality Not Worse than Divorce, Approaches Them the Same Way

John MacArthur: Charismatics Have Made No Contributions to Sound Doctrine

George Zimmerman Sues Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren For Defamation Over Malicious Tweets

Transgender Felons Sue for the Right to Change Their Names

Wisconsin Parents Sue School District After Policy Instructs Teachers Hide Student's Transgender Dysphoria From Parents

Actual Female Beats Cross-Dressing Male in High School State Championship Race

Pro-choice Deathscorts Physically, Sexually Advance on, and Even Lick Pro-Life Protester at Abortion Clinic

Michael Brown Says a Witch "Sincerely Desires" to See People Saved, He's More Concerned About Discerning Christians

Christian Apologist Says SBC President JD Greear is Trying to Get People to Sin

Woke Evangelicals Launch Defense of Russell Moore Amid Liberal ERLC Investigation

Baby Boy Born Alive After Failed Abortion Dies in Mother’s Arms

Taxpayer-funded Preschool in New York to Teach "Queer Rights" and Victimology to Four-Year-Olds

Breaking: Pastors' Conference President Told to Change Speaker Line-Up or No Conference at All

Breaking: SBC Executive Committee Announces a Task Force to Review the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC)

Following New Affirmation of Gays, Boy Scouts Now Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

While Employing Critical Race Theorists, Al Mohler Says Critical Race Theory "Antithetical to the Gospel"

Conservative Journalist Visits Ohio University, Gets Slaughtered, Ran off Campus By Violent Liberals

A Former Beth Moore Follower Explains Why She Dumped Her After Learning the Truth

The Next Spiderman Might be Gay, According to Reports

The Gospel Coalition Wants Conservatives To Stop Being Political

SBC Pastors' Conference President, David Uth, Pawns Off Costly Mistake on His Congregation

Protestants and Catholics to Celebrate Mass Together in Calvin's Cathedral in Geneva on February 29

2020 Southern Baptist Convention Speaker's Church Puts on Satanic Performance of Billie Eilish's Bad Guy

9Marks Leader, Mark Dever, Defends the Legitimacy of Voting for Pro-Choice Candidates for Social Justice Causes

ERLC Contributor Says It's Better For Pro-Life Conservatives to Vote for Pro-Choice Democrats Because "Social Threats"

Historic Christ Church Cathedral at Oxford to Hold Six-Month LGBTQ-Friendly Sermon Series

Southern Baptist ERLC Leader and Contributor Endorses Pro-gay LGBT Activists, Rachel Held Evans and Jen Hatmaker

A Black Pastor's Opening Prayer at VA House Turns Into Pro-Life, Pro Social-Justice Diatribe and Gets Cut Short

Critical Appraisal of Bradly Mason’s Standpoint Theory

Black Woman at UVA Up and Complains "Too Many White People in Here" at "Multicultural" Study Area on Campus

Group of Southern Baptists Roll Out New "Conservative Baptist Network" to Oppose Social Justice Movement

In Revenge to Pro-Life Laws, Alabama Dems Introduce Bill Requiring Men to Get Vasectomies by 50 or After Three Children

John Piper Said "God Broke the Second Commandment" With Jesus in the Incarnation

Pastor and Descendant of Robert E. Lee Announces He's Going to Preach a Gay Valentine's Day Sermon

ELCA "Lutheran" Denomination Makes Public Apology for Posting "Racist" Bible Verse, 1 John 1:5

Another Bizarre Tweet by Tim Keller Displays His Lack of Understanding of Biblical Justice and the Gospel

Baptist University Invites Native American Mystic to Preach, Opens and Closes With Prayer to "Mother Mystery"

Francis Chan Embraces Charismatic Faith-Healing Heresy, Says He Healed Numerous People by "Touching" Them

SBC Pastors' Conference President Hosted Revoice "Gay Christian" Speakers at His Church in 2017

Pastor Who Invited Female Preacher to SBC Pastors' Conference Says He's Now Worried About Her Safety

Charismatic Pastor Says America Is Safe From Coronavirus Because Trump Is Anti-Abortion

SBC Conference Speaker Hosted a "Bible" Series Based on the Sexually Explicit "Game of Thrones" TV Show

This Year's SBC Pastors' Conference to Be a Literal Circus With the Speaker Line-Up

VA Democrats Walk Out as Pastor Delivers Opening House Prayer Condemning Abortion and Gay Marriage

Assemblies of God Pastor Announces His Church Is Now "Fully Inclusive" of LGBTQ, Including Serving as Pastors

Pastor Who Allowed Gays to Speak at His Church Invites Female "Pastor" to "Perform" at SBC Pastors' Conference 2020

Switzerland Votes to Criminalize Evangelism of Homosexuals Under New 'Hate Speech' Referendum

The Sound of Abortion, a Depiction of the Lives Lost to Abortion Using Only Sound

Baptist Church to Host a Transgender Speaker

The Gospel Coalition Gets Hammered After Publishing Mother Earth Gaia Worship Nonsense

Bernie Sanders Says There is No Such Thing as a Pro-Life Democrat, Being Pro-Choice is Essential

Apostasy and Its Leaders

The ERLC's Radical Catholic Animal Rights Activist Leaves Democrat Party Over Extreme Abortion Position

Bethel Church Preaches Entire Sermon About Kobe Bryant Saying Saying it Will Be More Helpful Than Scripture

TGC Promotes Mother Goddess, Says Frozen 2 Theme Song is an Example of a Prayer to the Unknown God

Southern Baptist Church Advertises DNOW Student Event With Filthy Rap Song Featuring F-Bombs

Ray Comfort Apologizes For Labeling Street Preachers as "People With Bullhorns Yelling at People"

Poll Shows Most Democrats Would Rather See Planet Taken Out By Meteor Than See Trump Re-elected

Concord, North Carolina Pastor Convicted of Stealing $120,000 From Elderly Widow

Pastor Explains Why After Researching, He No Longer Allows Hillsong, Bethel, or Elevation Music in His Church

Medical Journal Says States Should Override Parents Who Refuse to "Transition" Their Children to Another Gender

Does the Bible Allow for a Doctrine of Reincarnation?

Jesus Rejects "Other Paths to God"

Donald Trump Blasts Nancy Pelosi While She's On Stage With Him at National Prayer Breakfast

Town Library Posts Advertisement for Drag Queen Story Hour for Children Under 5

Southern Baptists Intend to Double Down on Support for Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality at SBC 2020 Conference

Marxist Pope Says Tax Cuts are Sinful, Calls for Global Redistribution of Wealth

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.'s Heresy, Denial of Christ's Deity and Physical Resurrection

Voddie Baucham on Rachel Dolezal: If You're Going to Be Crazy, Be Crazy

Pro-Gay Jen Hatmaker Calls Beth Moore Her "Mentor" as Moore Trashes Her Husband on Hatmaker's Podcast

Christianity Today Says Churches Need to "Reduce the Stigma" of Divorce

Virginia Bill Making it Illegal for Homosexuals to Seek Help From Christians on the Verge of Becoming Law

New Documentary Ties Al Mohler's Complicity to the "Gay Revolution" in the Evangelical Church

As Drag Queens Fight for Access to Children, One Drag Queen Was Busted in Sting Op for Soliciting Young Boy

Crowd Erupts in Anger as Dad Blurts Out "Why Didn't You Stay in Mexico?" To Mexican Complaining About USA

Liberal Private School Found to Have 21 Instances of Child Sexual Assault by Teachers

Charismatic Quacks are Excited About the Chief's Super Bowl Win Because "Apostolic Prophecies" or Something

Christians Clap and Cheer as Jennifer Lopez Replaces Jesus on the Cross and is Worshiped as the Goddess of Sex

Joyce Meyer Preaches While Laying Over a Toilet Saying She Had One of Her "Greatest Spiritual Moments"

Megachurch Holds Chiefs Pep Rally Between Services on Super Bowl Sunday Morning During Church

Church Worships to a Super Bowl Parody of "Time of My Life" with Sexually-Suggestive Dance Moves

Watch as Megachurch Pastor and Woman Blaspheme God's Word by Kicking it Around on Stage Like a Football for Super Bowl

How Many Christians Will Endure the Pro-Gay Drag Queen Commercials to Prop Up Their Idol of Super Bowl Today?

UNC Charlotte to Host Drag Queens, Classes on Silicone Sex Toys, and Pornography to Teach Students About "Safe Sex"

Church Members Assault Pastor For Buying New Range Rover With Tithe Money

Cross-dresser, LGBTQ Activist Coming to Sesame Street

The Gospel Coalition Implies Both Political Parties Are Morally Equivalent, So it Doesn't Really Matter How You Vote

Founders, Tom Ascol Leading Charge to Rescind Resolution 9 on Critical Race Theory at 2020 SBC Annual Meeting

Sign The Petition: This Abortion Survivor Ad was Banned From the Superbowl While Drag Queen Ads Get Prime Spots

Liz Warren Says She Will Only Hire a Secretary of Education That's Interviewed and Approved by a "Young Trans Person"

Catholic Priest Confirms Pro-Gay Catholic Outreach Conference in June 2020 at Prominent Catholic University

Watch Bethel Church Students Violently Shake While Attributing These Blasphemous Acts to the Holy Spirit

SBC Pastor Tells Church Member They’re in Generational Racial Sin Because of His Last Name?

Watch: Commercial For New Drug that Allows Men to Have Multiple Gay Sex Partners

Southern Baptist Convention Hires Black Man to Collect Money From Black Churches

"Transgender Woman" Kidnaps Three Women, Tortures Them, Stabs One with HIV-Infected Needle

Baptist Pastor is Member of ACLU, Provides "Preferred Pronouns," and Calls Conversion Therapy "Barbaric and Deadly"

SBC Megachurch Replaces Sunday Morning Preaching of Christ with Interview of Former White House Press Secretary

ERLC Research Fellow Says White Evangelical Trump Supporters are Racist, Misogynist Power-Grabbers

Minnesota College Helps ‘White Students Only’ Deal With ‘The Nasty Little Racist Inside Them’

Former "Christian" Convicted of Molesting Student Set Free Because He's Having a Sex Change

Boy Born With Rare Condition Defies Expectations After Parents Refused Abortion

Beth Moore's Daughter Affirms Lesbian Priest in Her Homosexual Rebellion Against God

Let's Not Forget, Paula White was Caught as Benny Hinn's Mistress

Did Joyce Meyer Actually Preach the Gospel?

Brooklyn Elementary School Now Sending First Graders to Drag Queen Story Hour

MSNBC Reporter Refers to Kobe Bryant's NBA Team as "Los Angeles N****rs" on Live Television?

Strange: In 2016, a Comedy Central Cartoon Skit Depicted Kobe Bryant Dying in Helicopter Crash

Racist Black Nationalist "Bishop" Berates President for Lamenting the Loss of NBA Player, Kobe Bryant

Church Devoid of the Gospel Dwindles from 700 Members to 15, Closes Doors This Past Weekend

Gay Presidential Candidate Makes it Clear that Pro-Life Views are Not Welcome in Democrat Party

Pastor Who Kicked Mother and Child From Congregation For Being Noisy Apologizes to Mother

Kobe Bryant was a Roman Catholic, Lest Ye Repent, Ye Shall All Likewise Perish

How The "Pro-Life" Movement Actually Hates Women

NBA Star Kobe Bryant and 13yo Daughter Dead Amid Horrific Helicopter Crash

Trump's Spiritual Advisor, Paula White, Calls on God to Terminate "Satanic Pregnancies"

Mike Pence Goes to the Vatican to Meet Pope, Gifts Him a Wooden Crucifix

ERLC Fellow Says It's Not Good for the Pro-Life Movement that President Trump is Attending the March for Life

Flagship Protestant English Standard Version Translation of the Bible Changed to Create "Catholic Edition"

Prominent Apologist Says His SBC Church is Withholding Funds Until the ERLC is Changed or Eliminated

Russell Moore Implies Being Pro-Life Means Supporting Affirmative Action in Colleges and Universities for Blacks

Voddie Baucham Says Churches with Two Services are Actually Two Separate Churches

Epic: Elizabeth Warren Gets Owned by Father in Question Over Student Loan Forgiveness

VA Legislators Introduce Anti-Free Speech Bill to Criminalize Online Criticism of Government Officials

Breaking: Donald Trump to be First President Ever to Attend the March for Life, Planned Parenthood Responds

Recovering from Aimee Byrd’s "Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood"

Son of Former SBC President Says the Bible Teaches Escaped Sex-Trafficking Victims Should Be Returned to Masters

Turns Out, TobyMac's Son Died From Illicit Drug Overdose

Islamic Militants Behead Prominent Christian Leader in Nigeria After Kidnapping Him After Refusing to Denounce Christ

Megachurch Pastor Humiliates Mother from Pulpit, Boots Her from Congregation for "Noisy Child"

Mormon Flagship Brigham Young University to Allow Same-Sex Couples in Ballroom Dance Competition

Gay Lutheran "Pastor" Who was Kicked Out of the Clergy in the '80s For Coming Out has Been Reinstated

Beth Moore Says She Stays Quiet on MLK Day Because a Black Man Told Her "Talk Less"

Missouri Legislator Introduces Bill Criminalizing Drag Queen Story Hour in Public Libraries

Baby Girl Born at 24 Weeks With Hands the Size of a Penny Thriving at Home

Bethel Pastor Bows at the Feet of Roman Catholic Priest, Praises God for Their Idolatry

Lisa Bevere Twists the Scriptures on Fasting, Says You Can Fast from Anything Other Than Food to "Indulge in God"

Martin Luther King Accepted the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood in 1966

The Gospel Coalition's New President Says it's Racist to Advocate For Assimilation of Immigrants

Pharmacist Who Refused to Sell 'Morning After Pill' Wins Legal Battle

Lou Engle Removed From Awaken 2020 Event With Kanye West For Anti-Homosexuality Stance?

Boston College Student Says Babies Who Survive Abortions Should Die Because They Aren't Babies

French Comedian Blasted for Song Calling Jesus a Gay Slur, Apologizes to Gays For Using "Crude Expression"

Minnesota Lesbian ‘Teacher of the Year’ Snubs Trump by Taking a Knee During National Anthem Right Behind the President

No, God Did Not Speak to You Through, Dreams, Visions, Voices in Your Head, or Divine Impressions

The Children of Men: Understanding the Human Origins of Heresy

Faux Faith Healer, Todd White Addresses His Critics, Compares Himself to Jesus For "Being Hated"

Pastor Sues City of Spokane, Claims First Amendment Rights Violated at Drag Queen Story Hour Protest

A Multitude of SBC Leaders Sign Statement of Intention to Nominate Randy Adams to Oppose Al Mohler for Next SBC President

Kanye West to Join Host of False Teachers for Awaken 2020 Conference

NY City Councilman, Jimmy Van Bramer, Funds and Participates in Child-Grooming Drag Queen Time at Queens Public Library

Demonic Kundalini Spirit at The Send Conference? Watch and Tell Us Your Thoughts

Girl Expelled From Christian School for "Gay Pride" Cake, Family Complains the School is too "Judgmental"

Iranian Video Shows Assassination of Trump, Pompeo, Netanyahu in the White House

Evangelical Pastor and Author Max Lucado Endorses Pro-Gay Jen Hatmaker

Lunatic Man Who Keeps Suing to Have His Genitals Waxed Caught Assaulting a Journalist on Camera

Idaho State Capitol to Hear Arguments in Favor of Stopping Charismatic "Faith-Healers" From Harming Children

(BANNED VIDEO) Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons | Full Short Film

Delusional NBC Doesn't Understand Why a Woman Dressed Like a Man Has Periods

Student Found Dead After Viral Video of Him Leading Protest Against ‘Drag Queen’ Event for Kids

Jim Bakker Says "Trump is a Test Whether You are Even Saved"

In the Wake of a False Report by Capstone Report, SBC Leader Compares "Discernment Blogs" to "Terrorists"

New Video Compilation Calls into Question the Honesty of SBC Leaders Denying Liberal Drift in the Denomination

U.S. Firemen Applauded as they Arrive in Australia to Fight Wild Brushfires

Repudiating the Right-Wing Idolatry of Trump and Believing Trump is a Good President are Not Mutually Exclusive

Francis Chan Soon to Apostatize? Catholic Priest is Convinced Francis Chan is Converting to Catholicism

Chicago Pastor Charged With Bilking Federal Program to Feed Needy Kids, Spending $142,000 on a Bentley for Himself

Lawyer: LGBTQ Suit Against Fuller Seminary Isn’t Really About Discrimination, It’s About Religious Freedom

SBC Press Outlet Publishes Demonstrably False Information About Entity Head's Ties to George Soros

Elizabeth Warren Named in New Lawsuit by Nick Sandmann Claiming Damages For Calling His Face "Punchable"

Pastor Tries to Drown Man During Baptism, Man Comes Up and Attacks Pastor

Pope Francis Enjoys Up Close and Personal View of Circus With Scantily Clad Women and Men

Lamborghini Pastor's Church Served Eviction Papers

Blasphemous "Gay Jesus" Comedy Removed From Netflix by Judge's Order

Teen Gets 65 Years For Killing Girlfriend Because She Refused to Get an Abortion

Pro-Choice Activist Posts Online: "He Heavily Promotes the March For Life, We Torched His SUV Today"

Creflo Dollar Says "God Will Have to Apologize to Jesus" if He Judges America

Chick-fil-A CEO Responds to Petition Asking About Their Financial Giving to Pro-Gay Organizations

From the Darkness of Word of Faith to the Glorious Light of the Gospel

Major Evangelical Media Outlet Employee Handbook Says Mission is to Abolish the "American Dream"

Charismatic Pastor Fakes Death, Fakes Resurrection After Receiving Enough Money

Pastor Stabs His Wife Then Commits Suicide in the Pulpit During Church Service

Rural Public Library Will Again Host Lesbian Pole-Dancer’s ‘Teens Only’ Sex Ed Class

Al Mohler Slams Christianity Today Editor, Mark Galli, For His Anti-Trump Hit Piece

Robert Gagnon on Facebook's Censorship of Christian Views of Sexuality

Planned Parenthood's 2019 Annual Report Shows Highest Number of Abortions Ever

Brokeback Mountain Star, Michelle Williams Praises Her "Right to Choose" that Helped Make Her Famous

Michael Brown Practices Cult-Like "Fire Tunnel" Similar to Bethel Church

Tim Keller Says Christians Cannot Reach the World Without "Great Christian Art"

Francis Chan Rejects Protestant View of Communion, Embraces Catholic Transubstantiation

Facebook Charges Member With "Hate" For Posting Meme Calling Transgenderism a "Mental Disorder"

Gay Presidential Candidate Preaches at Black North Carolina Church About Social Justice

VP of Southern Baptist Convention North American Mission Board Hosts Casino Night at His Church

Historic Charlotte Baptist Church Declares They Will Ramp Up LGBTQ and Atheist Inclusiveness

Uk’s Oldest Abortion Clinic Closes After Performing Abortions for 50 Years and Litany of Serious Safety Issues

Hillsong's Carl Lentz Tells CNN that He May Be Open to Affirming Gays and Abortion in the Future

Netflix Show Star Kills Her Baby in an Abortion to Prove She Can “Love Myself”

ERLC Contributor and Revoice Speaker Upset that United Methodists Decided to Purge Homosexuals

Transgender Craziness, Women Being Turned Down While Men Being Offered Breast, Cervical Exams

Todd Bentley Panel Releases Official Statement Today Declaring Him "Supernaturally Gifted by God"

Marvel Studios President Confirms Transgender Character Coming in Movie Currently Being Produced

Podcast: A Response to Danny Akin's Back-Pedaling on James Cone's Eternal State

Career Advocate and CEO of UK's Largest Abortion Provider Receives Honorary Doctorate From Kent University