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Woke Now Accusing SEBTS President, Danny Akin For Condemning James Cone Because He's Black

Thank You and Happy New Year From Reformation Charlotte!

Daughter of Man Killed in Texas Church Shooting Forgives Gunman

SBC Seminary President Backtracks, Heretic James Cone Might Be in Heaven

2YO Grandson of Jim Beam's Former CEO Dressed Up by Mom Like a Girl and Taken to Visit Drag Queens

Pastor Says He's "Often Seduced" by Women Who Dress "Skimpily" at Church

Florida Politician Says He Was "Warned" at the Vatican For Holding Hands With His Gay Lover

IL Public Library Allows Children as Young as 9 to Attend "Frozen 2" Drag Queen Event Unsupervised

Transgender Employee Sues Nike For 1.1 Million For Wrong Pronoun Usage

In the Wake of Failed Leadership, FBC Naples Members Urged Once Again to Vote Against Proposed Church Leaders

Mirror Posts Fake News Article of the Year, You Won't Believe the Headline

Beth Moore Says She's Going to Try to be "Less Annoying" in 2020

SBC Ethics Branch (ERLC) Advocating Democratic Liberalism Best Form of Government For Christians

Charisma News' Top 5 Dumbest Articles of 2019

Pastor Makes Panties With A Print Of His Face For His Female Congregants

Just Like New Age Gurus, Charismatic "Pastor" Claims That "Portals" Are Opened For Good and Evil

Elevation Church Cancels Sunday Church Service In Favor of New Year's Eve Party

Popular Teen Vogue Magazine Teaches Children How to Have Anal Sex, Says it's "Perfectly Natural"

Report: Disney Christmas Parade Program Features Gay Men Kissing

Christianity Today Editor Who Denounced Trump Referred to God as "Divine Drama Queen"

Mother Pressured to Have Abortion Because Her Son Has Down Syndrome

Catholic Church Complicit With Homosexuality as Vatican Reinstates an Openly Gay, Non-Celibate Priest

Citing Tolerance of "Gay Christianity," Prominent Church Pulls Out of the PCA Denomination

Voddie Baucham Says God Doesn't Need Celebrities Like Kanye West to Advance the Gospel

Soros-Funded Southern Baptist Leaders Now Calling For Donald Trump's Impeachment, Conviction

Top Ten Reformation Charlotte Articles of 2019

Declaring Himself the Anti-Christ, The Pope Says Atheists and People of Other Faiths are "All Children of God"

Worldwide Megapastor, Phil Pringle's False "2020 Vision" Prophecy of 2019 and Before Never Came to Pass, of Course

Mother Who Rejected Abortion Looking Forward to Christmas With Her Son

Evangelicals Lining Up Behind Moral Leader, Nancy Pelosi, To Impeach Trump for "Immorality"

Man Sentenced to 16 Years For Burning Gay Flag While Burning American Flag Remains Legal

Church of Christ Pastor Caught Trying to Solicit Sex From Young Men on Grindr With Arby's Gift Card

Audience Erupts in Applause as Comedian Michelle Wolf Says Getting an Abortion Made Her Feel Like God

Five Days After Toddler Death, Bethel Still Performing Witch's Seance to Raise Her From Dead

Toddler Death at Bethel Redding Reveals Sickness of the Charismatic Movement

Southern Baptists, Calvary Chapel Supporting Ministry That Tells Women How to Have an Abortion

God Strikes Dead "Partner" of Gay Anglican Priest

Lauren Daigle Preaches False Gospel to Max Security Prisoners, Says God Doesn't "Point the Finger at Them"

Hillsong Boasts 20 Denominations, Including Catholics, Are Represented At Their Conference Every Year

Northern Ireland Health Professionals Threaten to Resign Over Extreme Abortion Proposals

Study Finds that One in Seven 8yo Girls With Smartphones Have Received Sexually Explicit Text Messages

Elementary School Librarian Known For Hosting Drag Queens Poses in Sexually Explicit Photos Online

NC Public School Resource Officer Brutally Body Slams Little Child For No Apparent Reason

Amazon Selling Paraphernalia for Gay Sex Drugs Online

Another SBC Church Leaves Denomination Over President J.D. Greear's Capitulation on Homosexuality

After Pulling Lesbian Kissing Ad, Hallmark Apologizes to Homosexuals and Vows to Run More Gay Ads

Catholic Church Moves Toward Gay-Affirmation As German Bishops Declare Homosexual as a "Normal Form" of Sexuality

Vatican Official Says it's Unjust to Lump "Faithful Gay Priests" in With Pedophiles

Jen Wilkin of Village Church Says Women's Periods are a Parable of the Crucifixion

Group of Black Kids Ruthlessly Beat White Kid Because He Likes Donald Trump

Lesbian Walks Up to Church Saying "I'm Here For My Stoning," Guy Tells Her to "Come Back Tomorrow"

Over 1 Million Have Signed Petition for Netflix to Remove "Gay Jesus" Christmas Movie

Famous Publisher of Children's Scholastic Books Publishes Gay Black Santa Children's Book

What is God's Purpose in Allowing False Teachers to Flourish?

Disney Adds Teen Gay Romance to its High School Musical Series

Gay Nativity Scene Depicting Jesus with "Two Dads" Makes Waves Around the Internet

Charismatic Worship Artists, Kari Jobe Says She Was "Left in Tears" After Visit to White House

Robert Gagnon Explains Why SWBTS/ERLC Teamed Up to Fire Professor over Conservative LGBTQ Views

Has the New Apostolic Reformation ‘Hijacked’ the White House?

Young People Are Living In A 'Digital Babylon'

Two Dozen Aborted Children Found in Blood-Stained Bag Near Pond

Catholic Church Blasphemously Displays a Flooded Nativity Scene for "Climate Change"

Hallmark Channel Now Airing Lesbian Wedding Commercials

Southern Baptist Church Hosts Massive Gun Buyback Event From Law-Abiding Citizens

Former Hillsong Worship Leader Who Renounced His Faith Says He's Now Devoted to Studying the Resurrection

Children's Book at LifeWay Teaches Children New Age Mysticism and How to Receive Extra-Biblical Revelation

Charismatic "Pastor" Says That Just Like on Your Computer, There Are Passwords in Heaven

Supreme Court Allows Kentucky Abortion Ultrasound Law to Take Effect

Boy With 'No Brain' Continues to Defy Expectations After Parents Refused Abortion Five Times

Church Puts on Blasphemous Display of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary in Cages to Oppose Donald Trump

A Response to Wayne Grudem's Shifting Doctrinal Stance on Marriage and Divorce

Miss Universe Myanmar 2019 First Lesbian Contestant in Pageant History

Vatican Invests 1.1 Million in Elton John Movie With Explicit Gay Sex Scene

Popular NAR Cultist, Reinhard Bonnke Dies at 79 Years Old

Secret Recordings Show That SBC Seminary Leaders Lied, Fired Professor Over Conservative LGBTQ Views

Tim Keller Says the Gospel Was Not Spread in the Early Church Through Preachers, But "Life Examples"

Kanye West to Preach at Yankee Stadium With Joel and Victoria Osteen in 2020

Hallmark Channel Now Says They're Open to Producing Gay Movies

Santa Clause is a False God - John MacArthur

Greta Thunberg Being Taught As Religion In Swedish Schools

How to Spot False Prophets and Overcome Their Lies

Nancy Pelosi Says Democrats Will Rely on Prayer to Defend the Constitution, Nearly Chokes Up

Female Preacher Says Women Can Preach Because a Woman Delivered the Word of God (Jesus)

Homosexuals Push Hallmark and LIfetime to Start Running Gay Christmas Movies

Perverted "Transgender" Couple Begins to "Transition" Their Son Into a Girl

A Liberal Sees the Light as School Tries to Force Son Into "Transgender Counseling," Threatens to Report Them

New Video Surfaces Showing that Al Mohler Fully Subscribes to Critical Race Theory

Former Catholic Archbishop Hangs Tight in Purgatory As Pope Francis Needlessly Delays Beatification

SBC Seminary Fires Professor Over Conservative Stance on Homosexuality, ERLC Unhappy With His Teachings

Revoice Speaker Says Being "Queer" is a "Gift From God" That He Can Sanctify and Be Offered Back to Him

SBC Credentials Committee Creates Online "Tattle-Tell" Form to Report Non-Woke Churches

Illinois Town to Pay Slave Reparations to Blacks By Taxing Marijuana

A Black Church Chooses Pastor Based on the Content of His Character Rather Than the Color of His Skin

Church Holds Gay Communion For Gays Denied Communion at Other Churches

Amid False "Racism" Scandal, Executive Pastor of FBC Naples Resigns

Salvation Army Leader Meets With Pope Francis to Promote "Ecumenism" and "Redemption of Humanity"

Lesbian Sues Christian School For Expelling Her Over Sexual Misconduct

Want to Know How Schools Are Indoctrinating Children With LGBTQ, Watch This Video

Church of Sweden Places Blasphemous Scenes of Homosexuality in Garden of Eden Behind Altar

Lesbian Feminist Receives The Gospel Coalition's 2019 Book Award for Evangelism and Apologetics

Pastor Receives Death Threats After Tweeting that Gay Pride Events are "Harmful for Children"

Hillsong Phoenix Hosting Roman Catholic Speaker in January 2020 along With Francis Chan

Ohio Abortion Bill Would Classify Abortion as "Murder" and Punishable by Death

Evangelicalism's Trojan Horse: The Social Justice Movement

PA House Passes Bill That Would Require Death Certificate For Aborted Fetuses

Former Megachurch Pastor Refuses to Answer Question About His Sexuality, Says He's "Very Comfortable" With It

Future Baptist "Pastor" Says Paul did Evangelism Wrong

Calvary Chapel Pastor's Daughter Preaches About Her Rear-End, Brags From Pulpit About What "God Gave Her"

Federal Judge Says Aiding and Abetting Illegal Immigrants is a "Religious Liberty," Constitutionally Protected

New CDC Study Shows US Abortions are at Historic Low "By All Measures"

OK, Trump Has Done Wrong But Not Nearly as Bad as Lincoln!

Anti-White Racists Attack White Actress and Her Friend, Disfigure Their Faces

Wayne Grudem Caves to #ChurchToo Movement, Changes Mind on Divorce in "Abuse" Cases

On Christians Capitulating to “Trans”-Cultists’ Language Rules

People Should Be Able to Self-Identify as Whatever Race They Choose, Says College Union

ERLC Contributor Implores Christians to Oppose the Death Penalty Hijacking Pro-Life Movement

Transgender People Claim Gays are "Transphobic" For Declining Sex With Them

United Methodists Anything But "United," Denomination Leaders Seeking to Split Over LGBTQ Inclusion

Christian Rapper Puts Out Rap Video Refuting Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality

New SEBTS Professor Endorses Ministry That Promotes Close Woman-to-Woman Same-Sex "Partnerships"

Jesuit Catholic Priest Tweets Image of "Gay Jesus" Driving Money Changers From Temple

Chick-fil-A CEO Lies to Franklin Graham, Says Company "Still Committed to Christian Values"

Colorado School Teacher Assigns Obscene “Poem” Praising Sodomy, Rape

The Evangelical Girl's Club: How Feminism is Destroying the Church

Exposing Hillsong CEO, Brian Houston - An Inconvenient Truth

Blasphemous Movie Depicts Jesus Being Kicked Out of Heaven For Being Homosexual

Megachurch Pastor in VA Dies in Car Crash, Thousands Mourn Loss

Chick-fil-A Foundation's Executive Director Donated to Obama and Clinton Campaigns

Former CIA Investigator Says CIA Agents Are Being Forced to Wear Gay Rainbow Lanyards

Robert Gagnon Responds to SBC President's Push to Use "Preferred Pronouns" For Transgenders

Former Pastor of FBC Naples Speaks Out Against Current Leadership's Unbiblical "Discipline" and "False Accusations"

Marxist Pope Denounces National Defense, Says Nuclear Weapons Are Immoral

Church Becomes First to Ordain Transgender Person of Color as "Pastor"

Southern Baptist Seminary Provost Says He's Racist Because He "Has a Heartbeat"

BREAKING: Group that CHICK-FIL-A Funds Drove Woman to Abortion Clinic

If Your Church Truly Loved LGBTQ People, There Won't Be Very Many of Them There

Judge Rules $275 Million Lawsuit Against NBC by Covington Catholic Student Can Move Forward

Tennessee Lawmakers Move to Pass a Complete Ban on Abortion

SEBTS Professor Doubles Down on Support For Gay Christian Conference

Why Do These Pastors Desire to Dress and Act Like Effeminate, Homosexual Men?

France's Version of "America's Got Talent" Depicts Two Homosexuals Kissing and Making Out on National Television

Village Church Pastor Says if Paul Were Here Today, He'd Write a Letter Endorsing Beth Moore

Video of Vatican Cardinal Worshiping Pagan Gods

Prominent Black Preacher Says He'd Rather Go to Hell than Heaven With White People

Tennessee Southern Baptists Pass Resolution Denouncing Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality

SBC President Says He Would Use "Preferred Pronoun" For Transgender People, Calls It "Pronoun Hospitality"

Family Sues Catholic Church For Priest Preaching Catholic Doctrine on Suicide at Son's Funeral

Chick-Fil-A Goes Pro-Gay ... All the Way

Pope Bans Pork From Vatican Event so as Not to "Annoy" Poor Muslims

Lesbians and Feminists Pose With Their Children in "Thank God for Abortion" Gear

T.D. Jakes Says We Need to Pray Big Because "God Needs a Challenge"

ERLC Says Pastors Don't Need to Tell Women Abortion is Wrong, Downplays the Sinfulness of Abortion

TGC Contributor Says Same-Sex Attraction Not Worse Than Opposite-Sex Attraction

Jory Micah Says John MacArthur Doesn't Know What Christlike Strength Is

Larry Elder Explains Why Reparations Would Actually Hurt Black People

Pope Conducts Mass With Lesbian Anglican Activist While Promoting the Criminalization of Reparative Therapy

Kanye West Tells Man to Be Quiet During Album Promotion Event at Joel Osteen's Church

Todd White Says Jesus Didn't Defeat Satan as God But as a Man, This Puts Us on Par With Jesus

Woman With Baby Strapped to Chest Breaks Out in a Brawl at WalMart

Sprite Puts Out Disgusting Commercial Depicting a Teenage Boy "Transitioning" Into a Girl

Marcus Hayes Now Rejects Call to Pastor at FBC Naples Amid "Racism" Controversy

Salvation Army Tells Ellie Goulding Not to Worry, We're Pro-LGBTQ, Don't Cancel Your Halftime Show

Southern Baptist and Evangelical Leaders Have Launched Concerted Attack on Conservatives

Former Liberty University Employee Says Apostles and Reformers May Have Been "Misogynists"

Adam Schiff Associate Arrested By LAPD On Pedophilia Charges

Oklahoma Southern Baptists Are First to Adopt Resolution Calling For Complete Abortion Abolition

Kenneth Copeland Stops During 7-Minute Self-Healing Prayer to Ask Where His Liver Is

Jackson Heights Drag Queen Story Hour Funded by NYC Council Member Daniel Dromm

Pop Star Ellie Goulding Threatens to Cancel NFL Thanksgiving Halftime Show Unless Salvation Army Donates to LGBTQ

The AND Campaign Leadership Council Member Says the Bible and Truth Can Become Idols

Homeless Man Dumps Bucket of Hot Diarrhea on a Female Passerby in Los Angeles

Target Introduces 'Gender Inclusive' Gingerbread Sweater

Kanye West to Appear With Joel Osteen at Lakewood Sunday Service This Weekend

How to Spot an "Approved" False Prophet

LGBTQ Activist and Son of Former SBC President Attacks John MacArthur, Calls Him a Misogynist

Alicia Keys Upset Because Her 4yo Son Didn't Want to Dress Like a Flaming Homosexual

How Should We Respond to the Death of an Apostate? The Untimely Passing of Rachel Held Evans

Official Chinese Govt. "Christian" Publication Turns Jesus Into Chinese Man Spouting Communist Slogans

Matt Redman and Francis Chan Join Catholics for Alpha Conference 2020

Planned Parenthood Plans "Pole Dancing" Event For Children of "All Ages"

Woman Charged With Murder For Killing Unborn Baby With Crystal Meth Instead of Morning After Pill

Bethel Church Denies Scripture, Says "Core Belief" of Christianity is that "People are Good"

It's a Miracle, Woman Has Same Arm-Lengthening Miracle Performed 5 Separate Times

Catholic Church in Ireland Says Gay Men Are Welcome in the Priesthood

Beth Moore on Tweeting Spree Challenge to "Encourage" Anti-White Race Baiters

Nearly Half of Americans Are NOT Opposed to Transgenders Playing Sports With Opposite Biological Sex

Man Arrested for Eating a Sandwich at California Public Transit Facility

Modern Worship Artist, Keith Getty Warns Modern Worship Music is "Dangerous"

Crowd Goes Wild in Applause at Alabama Football Game When Trump Appears on Screen

Teen Girl and Her 6 Month-Old Unborn Baby Murdered Because She Refused to Have Abortion

The Idolatry of Feminism

Satanic Temple Launches Charity Fundraiser, "Menstruatin' With Satan'

James MacDonald "Repents" on Facebook, I'm Sorry About Those Words That Were Illegally Recorded and Publicized

Pelagian Heretic, Tony Evans, is Who the "Woke Church" is Holding Up as an Example of Great Black Theologian

A Campus "Minister" is Outraged at the Proclamation of God's Word

Swiss Protestant Church Votes to Allow Same-Sex ‘Marriages’

Man Arrested for Spitting on Elderly Man for Wearing a Donald Trump Hat

Popular Kids YouTube Channel Teaches 3-Year-Old Kids How to "Transition" Their Gender

Francis Chan Announces He's to Stop Bashing Biblical Christianity in the US, Moving to Asia to Poison the Fish There

Four Black Teens Rob White Kid at Gun Point, Laugh, Post Video Online

Liberal Denomination Creates Child-Grooming I-Phone App Where Kids Can Create and Marry LGBTQ Characters

Russell Moore and George Soros Call on US to Implement "Restitution-Based Immigration"

Students Suspended From High School For Refusing to Wear Rainbow Poppy

Black Power Rally Calls MSU White, Republican, and Privileged

Southern Baptist Leaders Guilty of Racism and Public Slander

Russell Moore Says Christians Should Support Setting Criminals Free Because "Gospel" and All That

Texas Public Library Director Fired, Supporters Say it's Because of Drag Queen Story Hour

Russell Moore Says if the Church Wants to Be More Missional, It Needs to Look More Like Sesame Street

7-Year-Old Whose Mom Tried to Force "Gender Transition" on Him Chooses to Attend School as a Boy Afterall

Reformed Apologist Says There Are "So Few" Sound Black Churches, "Woke Church" Pastor Calls Him "Racist"

PCA Puts Out "Racial Reconciliation" Study Calling on PCA to Embrace Reverse Discrimination

John MacArthur Preaches a Sermon Rebuking Beth Moore, That "Woman Preacher"

Paula White Says She Wants You to Hear From God, He's Saying "Write a Check Out to Paula White Ministries"

Evangelical Black Activist Mad Because White People Are at the Movies Watching "Harriet"

FBC Naples: An Example of the Southern Baptist Convention's Abuse of Power Over Autonomous Churches

More Emails: FBC Naples' Concerned Party Defends Itself Against Accusations of "Racism"

Was Marcus Hayes a Back-Alley Deal Between the SBC and the Apparently Criminal Cabal That Runs FBC Naples?

FBC Naples Insider Speaks Out About Alleged Racism and Unbiblical Excommunications at FBC Naples

Hymn Society Releases "Queer Hymnal" For LGBTQP+ Anglicans

Leaked Emails Show That FBC Naples' Members Had Serious Concerns About Marcus Hayes' Biblical Qualifications

Leader at FBC Naples Who Are Charging the Members With "Racism" Had Corruption Charges Against Him

New Founders 14-Minute Trailer Accuses Matt Chandler and Other SBC Leaders of Abandoning Scripture

The Church That Rejected the Black Pastor Most LIkely Had Absolutely Nothing to do With Race

SBC Pastor Says Mohler "Might Be Good" For SBC Pres. So Long as He Doesn't Interfere With Progressive Shift

Methodist Pastor May Face Punishment After Officiating a "Gay Wedding"

BREAKING: Al Mohler to be Nominated as Next Southern Baptist Convention President

The Gospel Coalition Employs Former Obama White House and Campaign Staffer to Sway Elections

Former Master's University Professor Explains Why He No Longer Affirms the Deity of Jesus

Joyce Meyer Says If You Seek God Diligently, Payday is Coming

Should Christians Support Kanye West's Continued Immersion in Celebrity Lifestyle?

Churches, Stop Calling Your Periodic Sales Pitches "Evangelism," It's Not

Lecrae, Kirk Franklin Boycott Dove Awards For Not Allowing Them to Spread Racist Divisive Rhetoric

Kid Dressed Up Like a Girl, Wants to Be Spiderman, Drag Queen Tells Him He Can be "Princess Spiderman"

Sexually Active Homosexual Claims Southern Baptist Church Welcomes Him as "Brother in Christ"

Joe Biden Denied Communion at Catholic Church for Pro-Abortion Stance

Campus Crusade Insider Comes Forward, Confirms Leftward Drift We've Been Reporting

Catholic Priest Solicits Sex From 2-Year-Old on Gay Dating App, Grindr

Lutheran Church Holds Drag Queen Story Hour for Children

Prominent Southern Baptist Seminary Now Seemingly Endorses "Gay Christianity" Movement

White Kid Called on Stage at Rap Concert, Kicked Out For Refusing to Denounce Donald Trump

Joel Osteen Trying to Hijack Kanye West's Conversion, Lead Him Astray

Charisma Magazine Says Paul's Words in the New Testament About Women Preaching are Evil

Bethel's NAR Apostle Blasts John MacArthur, Comes to Beth Moore's Defense

Austin, TX Elementary School Invites Convicted Prostitute Drag Queen to Children's Storytime

Beth Moore Calls John MacArthur a Misogynist

Christian Rapper, TobyMac's Oldest Son Passes Away in Home

Charisma News Blasts John MacArthur, Says He Should "Apologize to Women Preachers"

Pro-Abortion Cursing Rapper Wins "Gospel Artist of the Year" at Dove Awards

SBC Church "Evangelizing" by Hosting "Free Movie Night" With Subtle LGBTQ Propaganda

Mattel's New 'Gender-Neutral' Creatable World Doll Let's Kids Choose and Change Doll's Gender

Liberty University to Seek Legal Action Against Former Student and Homosexual Activist

Court Rules Estheticians Not Required to Wax a Type of Genitals Not Trained to Wax

Southern Baptist Seminary President Says Women Are Called to Preach if They Like

God is Using John MacArthur's "Harsh Words" to Purify His Bride

Another Southern Baptist Pastor Announces Desire to Withdraw Congregation From the SBC

Hillsong's Judah Smith Says Jesus Sees All People as His Children

If More Leaders Were Like John MacArthur, the Evangelical Church Wouldn't Be Falling Apart

Jackie Hill Perry Implies that John MacArthur is Complementarian Because of His Ego and Insecurity

Gay Anglican Priest Slams John MacArthur, Defends Beth Moore

John MacArthur’s Truth Matters Conference: SBC Meltdown

Kellogs Partners With Gay Rights Group to Create LGBTQ Propaganda Cereal For Kids

SBC President Mocks John MacArthur, Welcomes Beth Moore to His Home "Anytime"

Abortionist Pulls Gun on Christians, Police Refuse to Make Arrest

Charles Stanley Said "God Told Me Which Thanksgiving Turkey to Buy"

John MacArthur Tells Beth Moore to "Go Home," No Biblical Case For a Female Preacher

Justin Peters Calls Out Matt Chandler and Beth Moore at John MacArthur's Truth Matters Conference

Lauren Daigle Takes Break From Bible Bashing Tour To Collect Multiple Dove Awards

Pro-Abortion, Pro-Sodomy Politician Struck Dead at 68

Former Cru Employees Describe Working For Cru "Like Working For a Cult"

Pubic Library Hosts Underage Drag Queen Who Takes Dollar Bills From Adults

Transgender "Pastor" Says "Transitioning" Cost Him His Family

While Endorsing Heretics For Political Causes, SJW's Come Out Against Endorsing Heretics For Political Causes

Podcast: J.D. Greear's New "Inclusive" Gospel

Southern Baptist Pastors Promotes Lewd Lady-Preacher, Paula White

Now We Know Why Campus Crusade is Sliding Left, George Soros is Funding Them

Kanye West Defends Mormons, Catholics, and T.D. Jakes, Says We All Have the Same Gospel

Junior High School Art Teacher Fired For Not Allowing LGBTQ Propaganda in Art Class

All Girls High School Kicks Off "Pride Week" Featuring Transgender Propaganda

15Yo Girl Dies After Botched Back-Alley Abortion

ERLC Teaching Men Don't Have to Get Married, They Can Be "Intimate" With Each Other

America-Hating Evangelicals Declare War on Columbus Day

Senior ERLC Fellow Praises Gay Presidential Candidate For Being the Voice of Reason

Beth Moore Relentlessly Attacks Straight White Men on Social Media

Former Southern Baptist LifeWay Exec Calls on Christians to Validate the Feelings of LGBTQ People

Video Compilation Shows Why the Democrat Party is Unacceptable For Christians to Support

Donald Trump Says Mean Things, So ERLC Fellow Says It's Okay to Vote For Mass Murdering Democrats

Pro-Sodomy Feminist "Pastor" Suffers From Depression, Can't Figure Out Why

Another Leftist School Crowns a Boy as "Homecoming Queen"

Son of Former SBC President Says the Gospel is a Joke

Pope Francis Tells Journalist that Jesus Incarnate Was Not God

While SBC Pastor and The Gospel Coalition Push For Reparations, The Bible is Clear that Whites Owe Nothing

Ohio High School Teacher Hangs Giant Gay Pride Flag in Classroom, Declares Support For LGBTQ+

Being Pro-Life Has Nothing to Do With Refugees and Immigrants or Underprivileged Minorities

Cru VP of Global Operations Promoting New Age Little God Heresy

Pope Opens Amazon Synod With Weird Plant Ritual That Includes Homosexuals

Gay Elementary School Teacher in SC Admits His Agenda is Political Above All Else

After Exposing Cru's Gay Agenda, Leader Gaslights Whistleblower and Instructs Staff on How to Brush Off Concerns

Lowes Goes Woke: Resist White Christmas, Black Santa Next to Gay Christmas Tree

Male Student Crowned Homecoming Queen at California High School

In an Effort to Tear Down "Power Structures, Social Justice Warriors Now Claim David Raped Bathsheba

Audience Erupts in Applause as Robert Jeffress Praises Donald Trump Like a Deity From the Pulpit

As the SBC Begins to Embrace Women Leaders, Let's Remember Voddie Baucham's Words

Apostasy Is At the Door: Jemar Tisby, Kyle Howard, Beth Moore, Jen Wilkin

So, Botham Jean Probably Believed a False Gospel

Audience Erupts in Applause As Beth Moore Attacks Biblical Gender Roles at ERLC Conference

Jen Wilkin Says We Need to Understand Women Teaching as Essential to the Local Church, Make Them Pastors

Woke Evangelicals Angry That Black Man Forgave White Cop For Murdering His Brother

A Stunning Display of True Gospel Reconciliation For the World to See

Surprise: Prominent "Reformed" Social Justice "Ministry" Has Pro-Choice Contributors

How The Gospel Coalition is Behind Campus Crusade's Normalizing of Homosexuality

The Gospel Coalition Says Don't Debate Politics Online, Don't Have an Opinion, Just Read Us

Beth Moore Turns Living Proof Prayer Hour Into Prosperity Gospel Hour

Breaking: Judge Blocks Georgia's Abortion Ban

Homosexuals Hold "Resisting Whiteness" Conference at UK University, Disallow White People From Participating

Intersectionality Caves In On Itself, Woke Heads Explode Over "Islam is Right About Women" Posters

Former Megachurch Pastor Says Biblical Separation Was Part of the Reason He Renounced His Faith

Judge Allows Selective Abortion For "Down Syndrome"

Gay Advocacy Group Says Hillsong Leaders Are Privately Gay-Affirming, But Won't Publicly Admit It

Angry White Woman Says Seeing White People "Enjoying Themselves" Makes Her "Physically Sick"

Jesus Culture Worship Leader Runs For Congress

Atheist Richard Dawkins Promotes Christian Anti-Social Justice Conference Then Deletes Tweet

Antifa Harasses and Blocks Elderly Woman on Walker Trying to Cross the Street

Methodist Church Hosting a "National Coming Out" Service

The Witness Contributor Says White People Protecting Their Homes is Rooted in Racism

"No Need to Repent of Homosexuality," Says Prominent Christian Youth Organization

Evangelicalism's Chief Race-Baiter, Kyle James Howard's Narrative Proven False Again

Reformed Apologists Expose CRU's False Gospel and Unbiblical "4-Ways" Evangelism Techniques

Southern Baptist Pastor Apologizes For Allowing a Homosexual to Preach on Stage

Southern Baptist Pastor Praises Book of Mormon, Says Central Theme is Jesus

Megachurch Interviews Lesbian Married Couple Wearing Jesus Culture T-Shirt, Affirms Their Lifestyle

Instead of Complaining, Thank God For American Chattel Slavery

Campus Crusade Social Justice Agenda Exposed in New Video

Campus Crusade Leader Invites Roman Catholics and Mystics to Speak at Event

InterVarsity Introduces "Queer Bible Study" For LGBTQ "Christians" on University Campus

Liberal "Pastors" Wash Illegal Immigrant's Feet to Honor Their Difficult Journeys

Undercover Footage: Drag Queen Story Hour Exposed

Union Seminary Professor Explains Their Ritual of Plant Confession, Plays Confessions

SBC's LifeWay Hosting a Charismatic Tongue-Speaking Faith-Healing NAR Event

SBC President Receives No Applause After Praying in Jesus' Name on House Floor

Beware of the Social Justice Buzzword "Equity," It's Not the Same Thing as "Equality"

Revoice Speaker, With Ties to TGC and the SBC, Talks About Welcoming Gay Family and Gay Children's Pastor

Justin Bieber Accuses Pastor of Adultery, Calls Him a "Heathen" and a "Hypocrite"

LifeWay Study Reveals "Racial Justice" and "Making My Life Better" Much Higher Priority Than Abortion For Evangelicals

LifeWay Stores Sells Book by Sex-Trafficking Heretic Who Denied Deity of Jesus Christ

Westboro Protests Lesbians At Kansas City School, Blocked By Counter-Protest

Beth Moore Diminishes Paul's Apostolic Authority

Abortions Are Not Performed on Women, So Women Should Have No Say in the Matter

Former Megapastor, Josh Harris Puts Out Bizarre Video, Appears High, Fantasizes Over Male Celebrity

Matt Maher Says Catholics and Other Denominations Worshiping Together Represents Heaven

Jemar Tisby Says Working Around Too Many White People Can Adversely Affect Your Mental Health

Pope Francis and United Arab Emirates Building First Interfaith Mega-Synagogue and Worship Center

Gay Muslims Crowdsourcing Funds For Muslim Gay Pride Festival

Doctor Performs Abortion on Wrong Patient After Mixing Up Medical Charts

Watch SBC President Say Homosexuality Can Be Thought of as an Affliction and Not Just a Sinful Choice

Relevant Magazine Owner Accused of Racism, Sexism, and Outright Unwokeness

Former Evangelical Youth Pastor and Missionary Comes Out Gay and "Quits Faith"

Beth Moore is the Mocker Described in Jude

Voddie Baucham Confronts the Absurdity of Mark Dever's Legitimizing of Voting for Democrats

Justin Peters Declines Debate With Michael Brown Because He Lacks Discernment and Pastoral Qualifications

Whirlpool Puts Out Ad Depicting White Kids As Most Likely to Be Clowns and Dropouts

Lecrae Mocks Baptism, Gets "Baptized" in the Jordan River to Promote His New Album

Former Kingdom Diversity Coordinator at SEBTS Posts Woman-Degrading Foul Language on Facebook

Four Theological Problems With Tim Keller and Why He Should Be Avoided

Jen Hatmaker Joins Radical Pro-Choice Politician to Promote "Women's Rights"

Abortion and Homosexuality Go Hand-in-Hand, the Rebellion of Eve

NBC Runs Anonymous Confessional For Those Who Sin Against the Environment

John MacArthur Calls Tullian Tchividjian a Heretic, Created a Theology to Accommodate His Sin

News Website Owned By Catholic Diocese Publishes Pro-Gay Article By Pete Buttigieg's Cousin

Union Seminary Responds, Doubles Down, Defends Their Idolatrous Creation-Worship

ERLC Leader Promotes Catholic Animal Rights Activist to Advance the Social Justice Hijacking of the Pro-Life Movement

Gay Anglican Priests Get "Married," Push For Church Approval

SEBTS Professor Uses Biblical Accounts of Joseph and Daniel to Further Open Borders Agenda

Union Seminary Embraces Animism, Confesses and Makes Offerings to Plants

IFB Preacher Burns Non-KJV Bibles In Front of Kids Because They Don't Say "Thee" or "Thou"

Couple Refuses to Tell Anyone the Sex of Their Child So He Can "Grow Into Their Own Person"

Southern Baptist Leaders Impose Unbiblical Stance of Neutrality in Politics

One of Africa's Most Popular Gospel Singer Comes Out Gay

Chance The Rapper Proclaims False Jesus on Ellen, Christian Post Paints Him as Super-Christian

Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Reveals Their True God, Places Pagan Deity in Sanctuary

One-Third of Pet Owners Say They Prefer Their Pet Over Their Own Children

Close Associate of Todd Bentley Calls on Bentley to Step Down

The George Soros Funded Transformation of Evangelical Churches

BBC Children's TV Show Tells Young Children There Are Over 100 Gender Identities

Former LifeWay Executive Joins Host of False Prophets For "Worship" and "Prayer"

Southern Baptist Pastor Who Committed Suicide Said "Gay Christians" Represent Jesus' Love More Than Straight Christians

Suicide is Apostasy

Jackie Hill Perry Rebukes Judgmental Christians ... in a Non-Judgmental Way, Of Course

NY Times Blames "Airplanes" For World Trade Center Attack

Beth Moore Makes Habit of Using Acronyms For Cuss Words, Rebukes Her "Self-Promoting" "Fellow Leaders"

Communist Pope Says "It's an Honor to be Attacked By Americans"

Michael Brown Defends the Worst of the Worst Blasphemer and Idolater

Popular Megachurch Pastor Commits Suicide, Leaves Behind Wife, Young Children

Virginia Seminary to Force Students to Pay 1.7M in Reparations to Descendants of Black Slaves

"Reformed" Christian School Boasts "Gender-Inclusive" Restrooms

Two Planned Parenthood Locations to Close, Thanks to Defunding Efforts

BREAKING: Sarah Palin's Husband Files For Divorce

TGC's Leading LGBTQ Consultant Says Transgenderism Isn't a Sin, No Need to Confess or Repent

Wheaton College Prof Suggests The Bible is Mis-Translated Because There Weren't Enough Black Translators

Drag Queen Who Acted Inappropriately With Children Responds, Blames Children

After Promoting "Bring Your Bible to School Day," NFL Player Drew Brees Caves to LGBTQ Mafia

Greg Laurie Says God Loves to Hear Prayers From People of All Faiths, Not Just Christians

As the Death Toll Piles Up, Charismatic Nitwit Takes Credit For "Crushing" Hurricane Dorian

Cross-dressing Man Runs in NCAA DI Cross Country Women's Team

Christians Who Vote Democrat Are Voting For Genocide, Population Control by Abortion

Mark Dever's Church Teaches Sunday School Class on Social Justice, Identity Politics, and White Privilege

Benny Hinn Confesses He's Been Preaching a False Gospel, "I'm Correcting My Theology"

Did John MacArthur Cut Ties with Al Mohler, Mark Dever, and Ligon Duncan?

Leading Charismatic Apologist to Investigate Illicit Sex Allegations Against Todd Bentley

Jerry Falwell Endorses Candidate Who Officiated Gay Wedding, Calls Him Socially Conservative

Charismatic "Prophet" Says Abortion Gives Demons the "Blood Right" To Carry Out Mass Shootings

Maryland Abortion Clinic Offers Photos and Remembrance With Murdered Child

Catholic Archbishop Tells Transgender "You Belong to the Heart of This Church"

As Kenneth Copeland Rebukes Dorian, Dorian Gains Strength as it Pounds the Bahamas

Hillsong Listed In Top Ten Best Gay-Friendly Churches in Los Angeles

Baylor University Says They Are Committed to Helping Gays Develop Their Sexuality

Lesbian Priest Says Abortion is a Blessing and Gives Out Free Gas Cards Women They Can Travel to Other States to Get Them

The Knowledge of Fools

World's Most Moronic Democrat Doesn't Understand How Electric Cars Work

David Platt's Church Rivals Elevation Church For Number of Spontaneous Sunday Baptisms

Jude 3 Project Founder, Lisa Fields, Equates American Slavery to the Fall of Adam

New Video Exposes the Marxist Agenda of Matthew Hall and Southern Seminary

Jackie Hill Perry Uninvited From Answers in Genesis Women's Conference

Women's Rape Relief Center Vandalized By Transvestites For Not Allowing Transgenders

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Endorses Jackie Hill Perry's Affirmation of Word of Faith Heresy

Christian Rapper, Lecrae, "Likes" a Gay NFL Player's Coming Out?

New Scientific Study: There Is No "Gay Gene"

In Wake of Todd Bentley Sex Scandal, Charisma News Author Admits Charismaticism is Mostly False

Jackie Hill Perry Says Word of Faith Movement Isn't Heresy

SBTS Professor Admits That Critical Race Theory Shaped His View on Justice

Evangelical Leaders Are Dishonest In Pushing, Promoting, and Preaching Open Borders!

From Another's Perspective

Gay Son of Former SBC President Says God's Design For Marriage, Family is Idolatry

Steven Furtick Says God Reflects His Image

Steven Furtick Says "Goliath Has Your Grace"

SBC President Says Stop Being a Pharisee, Pride, Materialism, Greater Sins Than Homosexuality

The Polytheism and Self-Deception of Mormons

Kenneth Copeland Continues Profiting on People Even After They Pass Away

CRU Chapters Partner With Campus LGBTQ Groups For "Common Causes"

CRU Speaker Has Stadium of White People Get Up and Lament Their Skin Color

As the Presidential Campaign Season Gears Up, Evangelicals Pretend to be Non-Political While Campaigning Against Trump

Pastor Joins Stripper to Raise Funds to Aid Illegal Aliens

Rick Joyner Admits He Knew Todd Bentley Practiced Sexual Immorality

What Does Repentance Look Like?

The Gospel of Envy

Parents Beware, Drag Queens Are Grooming Your Children in Schools, Afterschools, and Summer Camps Too

Hillsong's Marty Sampson Confirms, "It Was Amazing Being One of You, But I'm Not Anymore"

Hillsong Puts on Circus Performance, Not Satire

Todd Bentley Accused By Colleague of Homosexual Acts and Teenage Sexual Abuse

Bethel Church Embraces and Affirms "Gay Christianity"

"Gay Christians," You May Be Loved By the World, But You Are Hated by God

Catholic Priest Arrested For Stealing 100 Grand to Pay For Grindr Hookups

Watch Marine Veteran Almost Get Stabbed By Antifa Member, Man Steps in to Block Stabber

John Piper's Former Church Promotes Heretic Who Denies Penal Substitution in the Name of "Wokeness"

Jana Duggar Photoshops Skirts on Girls at a Public Festival

Man Cries as His Girlfriend Walks Into Abortion Clinic to Kill Their Child

Bold Christian Enters Gates of Hell at Drag Queen Children's Event, Gives Them The Gospel

Russell Moore Speaking at Event in Conjunction With Adoption Agency That Hands Children Over to Homosexuals

If Evangelicals Want to Become Catholics, We Should Let Them

Southern Baptist Church Fully Endorses Homosexuality, Gay Church Membership

Top ERLC Leader Suggests Black Christians Don't Fall Away Because of "Past Oppression"

Liberals Angry Because Google Allows Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Run Ads Using Keyword "Abortion"

College President OustedAfter Plagiarizing Joel Osteen

Queers in Chicago Have "Church" in a Gay Bar

Catholic Bishop in France Uses Koran in Prayers

James MacDonald Signals Return to Ministry In Facebook Post

Abortion Doctor Admits He's a Baby Killer Whether It's In Or Out of the Womb

Teen Vogue Shows Kids How to Get Abortion while Avoiding Parents

Study Shows Only Sixteen Percent of Americans Actually Want to Ban All Abortions

The Gospel Coalition Author Says Jesus Struggled With Sexuality, Gender, and Identity

Hillsong Founder Responds to Songwriter's Defection From the Faith: He Wasn't a Leader

Woman Irate That Her Stepson Was Given Gender Unicorn Paper At School By Teacher

Transgender Student Surprised, Angry When She Was Kicked Out of Baptist College

Illinois Will Mandate Public Schools Teach LGBTQ History

Beth Moore Calls People Who Go to Bed on Saturday Nights For Church "Trolls"

First Was the Emergent Church, Then New Calvinism. The Latest "Cool Trend" is Apostasy

Hillsong Founder Brian Houston's Daughter (and Pastor) "Likes" Her Colleague's Renunciation of Faith

Highly Popular Hillsong Songwriter Renounces Faith

Pastor Allegedly Recited Bible Verses While Sexually Assaulting Underage Church Member

Woman Who Had Miscarriage The Day Before Abortion Appointment: "I'm Pretty Happy About It"

Netflix adds transgender storyline to Nickelodeon children’s cartoon

YouTube silences teenage girl with 1M followers after she blasts LGBT ‘pride’

Jackie Hill Perry, Rick Warren, Join Up to Promote "Coptic Mother Theresa" Worldview

Drag Queen Teaches Children to Twerk at Public Library

Why Christians Should Reject Donald Trump's Gun-Grab Proposal For "Mentally Ill" People

SEBTS Professor Caught On Video Pushing James Cones' Liberation Theology

Kyle Howard: White Supremacists Are All Conservative Southern Baptists

Beth Moore Thinks Opposition to Her is About Re-Electing Donald Trump

Refuting Jarvis Williams' Narrative on "White Supremacy"

Todd White Says Man Went To Hell, And Jesus Showed Up in Hell to Save Him

Time To Kiss The Gospel Coalition Goodbye

A Dividing Line Between Hypocritical and True Believers

Evangelical Race Baiter and "Racial Trauma Counselor" Says Beards are Racist

Bruce Jenner Wants to Be a Mom. Guess What. No.

Whole Foods Found to Be Behind the Drag Queen Story Hour

Al Mohler Rips "Ethnic Studies" in Public Schools While Danny Akin Implements it At Southeastern Seminary

Catholic Church in Canada Holds Performance Depicting a Homosexual Love-Making Routine

Liberal Baptist Church Sells Building For Over $1 Million To Donate To Gay Youth And Social Justice Programs

SBC President Proves Denomination Has Fully Embraced Secular Ideology

False Prophet, Mark Taylor, Says Those Who Mock Him Are Putting Their Life in Danger

Alistair Begg Joins Beth Moore and Pelagians For Preaching Conference

Purity Culture Pastor Who Renounced His Faith is Marching in Gay Pride Parade

An Open Letter to Tom Ascol and Founders Ministries

Desiring God Author Teaches That Gender is Independent of Biological Sex

Joyce Meyer Says Once You're Old Enough to Reason, You're Going to Have Trouble Believing

CNN Says The Reason We See White Robots in Movies is ... Racism

Twitter Locks Christian's Account For Tweeting In Favor Of Voter ID

Matthew Vines Hosting Private Gathering to Teach Pastors How to Turn Their Churches Gay-Affirming

While Relentlessly Promoting Blood Moon Prophecies, Charisma Mag Tells Witches Not to Rely on Lunar Events

Intellectual Pugilism and Christian Apologetics

The Deception of Autonomy in Liberal Theology

After Years of Pushing Animal Rights, ERLC Head Now Ponders If Pets Go to Heaven

Campus Crusade For Christ Teaching Kids That It's Okay to be Gay

The Glorious Death of Christ Is Far More Than Any Mere Crucifix

SBC President Boasts That Church Plants Are Becoming Less White

Creflo Dollar Says If You Tithe, It's Impossible to Go to Hell

SBTS Provost Says He is a Racist and a White Supremacist

Another Megachurch Pastor Renounces His Faith As He Caves to LGBTQ Mafia

Prominent Seminary Declares "Social Justice is the Gospel" - A Glimpse Into the Future of the SBC

After Bragging About Private Jet, Kenneth Copeland Prays to Satan

Watch: Catholic Priest Get's Punched Out During Mass

Bill Hybels Rejects Call to Reconcile at Church He Founded

John Piper Returns to Passion Conference in 2020, Joins Host of False Teachers

Did Founders Ministries Portray Rachel Denhollander as a Demon?

Democrat Presidential Candidate Makes White People Stand and Offer Prayer of Apology to Blacks

Casting Crowns to Tour With Elevation and Hillsong

Woman Forced to Close Business After Refusing to Wax Genitals of Trans Person - 15 Others Could be Next

Did Beth Moore Rip Off Joel Osteen's Mantra?

Baptist Preacher, Steven Anderson Banned From Australia

Please, Women, Stop Reading Ann Voskamp

Major Lutheran (ELCA) Leader Says "Hell is Empty"

House Chaplain "Casts Out" Demons During Opening Prayer

Charismatic Preacher Calls Out Bill Johnson for Denying the Divinity of Christ

Mark Driscoll Says Calvinism is Man-Centered Because it Starts With Total Depravity

Money: The Southern Baptist Convention's Unifying Principle

Beth Moore Has Departed The Faith to Embrace Homosexuality

SBTS Grad, Kyle Howard to Join Lesbian to Discuss "Spiritual Abuse"

Bethel Pastor Says Jesus Asked Him For Forgiveness

Did Westboro Baptist Founder Change His Mind About Gays on His Deathbed?

Thabiti Anyabwile Offers an Apology to White People?

"Prophetic Deliverance Minister" Says Jesus Crawled Into Bed With Her And Played With Her Hair

Founder of Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement Trashes Calvinism as 'Garbage'

Jews, Christians, Whoever Else, All Gather Together to Pray Over and Bless TX Abortion Clinic

Steven Furtick Says Without Us, God is Not Real, Just a Concept, an Abstract Theory

TGC Author Announces New Book on Why The Church Should Pursue Racialized Theft and Redistribution

The Sinfulness of Sins: Are They All Worthy of Death?

Village Church Staff Member Uninvited From Graphics Conference Because of Church's Stance on LGBTQ

Christian Doctor Loses Government Job For Refusing to Call 6-Foot Bearded Man "Madam"

ERLC President Rejects Proposed Chinese Tariffs Because It Might Hurt Lifeway's Business and Stifle Supply of Bibles

Nations Largest Teacher's Union Officially Affirms Abortion as a "Fundamental Right"

Anglican Church to Officially Recognize 'Transgender' Marriages

The Covenants (In a Nutshell)

Lifeway Publishing New "Bible Study" By Hillsong's Female Pastor, Christine Caine

Pride Goes Before ... and After Mark Driscoll's Fall

ERLC Leader Unable to Make Scheduled Appearance at Mormon Conference, Asks Gay Activist to Step in For Him

The Southern Baptist Convention's Doctrinal Shift on Homosexuality

Black Pastor Says Abortion is Murder, But White Legislators Have No Business Stopping It

Michael Brown Defends Blasphemers and Idolaters While Condemning Discerning Christians

Beth Moore: Calling Homosexuality a Sin is "Exceeding Scripture"

Drag Queen Story Time at Public Libraries Gets Physical -- Inappropriately Physical

Special LGBT OREO Cookies Teaches Kids Transgender Pronouns

Beth Moore Once Again Overtly Ignores and Disobeys God's Word

Catholic Church in New Jersey Celebrates "LGBTQ Pride" Mass

South Carolina Church Boots Blind Man for Having a Service Dog

Top Catholic Leaders Join Mormons to Promote "God and Country"

Pro-Gay Anglican Archbishop Says the Church Will Censor Social Media Commenters Who "Misquote Scripture"

After Shooting, Alabama Ford Dealership Owner Says He Would Have Given a Koran Instead of Bible if Customer Desired

Theologian, Norman Geisler Dies at 86

Evangelicals Primary Race Baiter Now Defending Homosexuality

"Missionaries" Claim It's Sinful to Work While Asking For Money From People Who Work

Gay Episcopal Priest Declares God is a Woman

Michael Brown Cites False Prophet, Heidi Baker, As Proof of Continuationism

Russell Moore's George Soros-Funded Evangelical Group Attack's Trump's National Security Agents

Matt Chandler & Other Evangelical Leaders Rejected TED Bloggers’ Pleas to Expose Harvest in 2012

Joel Osteen Celebrates LGBTQ Pride at Lady Gaga Event

Car Dealership Gives Away Bible, Shotgun, and American Flag With Purchase of Vehicle

The Gospel Coalition Still Promoting Revoice "Gay Christian" Resources

The Rise of Feminism in the SBC

Wade Burleson: The Neutering of SBC Male Leadership

The SBC Continues to Back The Wrong Horse

Study: Two-Thirds of Professing Christians are Ashamed of Their Faith

The Wisdom Of Using Strong Language Against Heretics

God Does Not Need You

The Gospel Coalition's Gay Priest Denies God's Coming Wrath to Destroy the World

Beth Moore Refuses to Denounce Homosexuality as Sinful

Jesuit Catholic School Refuses To Fire Openly "Gay-Married" Teacher

God’s Holy Name, Misused and Abused, Even by Believers

Churches of God Pastor Arrested for Child Pornography, Putting His Face on Images

Jim Bakker Claims Christians Will Be Murdered if Trump Not Re-Elected

Priceless: Mastercard to Let Trannies Use Pretend Names

Notorious False Prophet Says Calling Him a False Prophet Will Invoke God's Wrath

"Mexico's Joel Osteen" Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

Militarized Police Arrest Pastor for Protesting Drag Queen Story Time

Liberals Extracting Live Babies From Mother's Womb to Harvest Their Livers

Baptist Pastor Gets 10 Years For Embezzling Nearly 1 Million From Church

Former SBC President's Son Defends Perverted Drag Queen Story Hour

You Do Not Have The Right To Watch Erotic Entertainment

Prominent Southern Baptist Leader Praises LGBTQ Activist and Feminist

Southern Baptist Convention To Officially Affirm Marxist Critical Theory as Viable

The History and Problem with Marxist Socialism

Popular Catholic Worship Artist Composes Gay Pride Song For Pride Month

While the SBC Falls Apart, Top Leaders Take to Stage to Perform Lynyrd Skynyrd Song

Russell Moore: "An SBC that doesn’t have a place for Beth Moore doesn’t have a place for a lot of us"

Cartoon Network Promotes Gay Pride Using Powerpuff Girls, Markets Gay Paraphernalia Online to Kids

First Woman and First LGBT To Lead Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

Beth Moore, Sam Allberry Promote Gay Activists, Calls Them "Brothers"

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Wearing Rainbow Flag Patch for Gay Pride

Pope Francis Appoints LGBT Activist to Oversee Catholic Education System

SBC President J.D. Greear Promotes Word of Faith Heretic, Christine Caine

Southeastern Seminary President, Danny Akin, Says Beth Moore Tweet "Stupid"

Pentecostals Show Up at Gay Pride March To Apologize For Homophobia

Mother Goddess Worshiped at Bethel Redding Sister Church

Reformed Seminary Now Training Women in the Function of Elder

Despite New Rules Banning Homosexuals, United Methodist Church Ordains Openly Gay Pastor

Presbyterian Pastor Performed Oral Sex on Men to Get Rid of "Evil Spirits"

North Carolina Will Vote Today to Override Gov. Cooper’s Veto of Bill to Stop Infanticide

SBC Leader Rebukes Jerry Falwell For Saying David Platt Needs to "Grow a Pair"

Church Plant Meets for Beer in a Bar, Plans to Name it Pub Church

Man Who Threw 5YO Off Balcony at Mall of America Sentenced to 19 Years, Family Forgives Him

Mainstream News Falsely Reporting David Platt Apologized For Praying For Donald Trump

Pope Francis Rewrites Scripture, Approves Change To Lord’s Prayer

"Pastor" Says Protesting Abortion is "Childish"

Newsflash! Rachel Held Evans is in Hell. Repent, Or You Will Likewise Perish

Lutheran School Cancels Valedictorian's Speech Because He Planned To Come Out Gay

Minister predicts God raising fossil fuel haters at Baylor

Study Finds LGBTQ People "Less Religious" Than Straight People

David Platt Prays For Donald Trump, Woke Evangelicals Livid

Jesus Christ, The Compassionate Son Of David

Five Scriptures Where Paul Says Salvation Is Not By Works

Thabiti Anyabwile Sides With Pro-Abortion Democrats on Slave Reparations

Beth Moore's Daughter Promotes Ecumenism, Charismaticism, and Social Justice, Beth Moore Agrees

Presbyterian Church in America Central Carolina Presbytery Denounces Revoice Conference

Popular Gospel Singer, Leah Shafer, Confirms Lesbian Relationship

New Jersey Towns Raising Rainbow Flag in Support of Gay Pride

Study: 'White Privilege' Lessons Make Liberals Less Empathetic to Poor Whites

Pastors Must Combat Heresy

Australian Christian Festival Uses LEGO Spirits and Spirit Summoning

Social Justice Warriors Want to Start Protesting Biblical Churches Who Aren't Complicit in Their Movement

Christian, You’re Engulfed in an All-out Spiritual Battle. Are You Prepared for It?

Clackamas United Church of Christ Disagrees With Jesus On Just About Everything

Three Reasons the Southern Baptist Convention Needs to Split

Communist Pope Says He Will Rebuke the Border Wall to Trump's Face

Public Libraries Are Becoming Private Child Corruption Centers

Modern America's Worst Preacher: Is Beth Moore Really a Christian?

The Gospel Coalition's Crusade to Kill the Gospel and the Church

Woke Christianity is Not Christian, It's a Wicked, Anti-Christ Religion

Christianity and Our Pagan Society: A Rebuttal to American Vision

Secularism: A Dangerous Anti-Tradition Precedent

Southern Baptists See 12th Year of Declining Membership

Eric Metaxas Affirms Joel Osteen's False Gospel

Pagan Idolatry and The Democrats' Quest For Unfettered Sex

Religious Freedom: Texas Passes "Save Chick-Fil-A" Bill

University Baptist Church in Waco Will Now Perform Same-Sex Weddings

Catholics Line Up to Worship the Flesh of a Dead Priest in Tennessee

Practicing Pomp in Public; Preaching Piety: from the Pulpit

The Bible as Our Apologetic

While the SBC Falls Apart, Top Leader Ponders the Existence of Space Aliens

Kenneth Copeland Gets Caught Off Guard Defending Lavish Lifestyle

Official Statistics: Over 75 Percent of Abortions in Florida Are For "No Reason"

Academic Study Shows Racism Has DECLINED Under Trump

Disgraced Pastor James MacDonald Accused of Conspiring to Commit Murder

Will Evangelicals Be as Outspoken About Buttigieg's Sexual Immorality as They Are About Trump's?

Alabama Public Television Will Not Air Gay Arthur Episode

Gay Conservative, Liberal Feminist, and Dr. Dobson Reach Same Conclusion: The Equality Act Is Bad

Are You a Heretic? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Presuppositionalism and Evangelism: The Innate Knowledge of God

Gay-Affirming Methodist Pastor Belittles Christians Who Stand Against Abortion

Is the Pope on a Marxist Mission?

Thabiti Anyabwile Advocates For Gun Control, Changing the Second Amendment

JD Greear Says It's Okay to Vote For Abortion-Promoting Politicians

Beth Moore Has Disappeared, Does Anyone Know Her Whereabouts?

Liberals Mad Because White Men Want to Save Black Babies

All Small Churches Are Struggling — An Unfair Assumption

Charismatic Pastor Suffering From Depression Leaps From Bridge, Commits Suicide

Lecrae Downplays Abortion, Makes False Argument About Murder

Pat Robertson Says Alabama Abortion Ban "Too Restrictive"

Perry Noble Says Gluttony is Worse Than Abortion and Homosexuality

Should Christians Listen to Bethel Music? Hear What Al Mohler Says About It.

David Platt Promotes False Teacher, Louie Giglio

5-Year-Old Brings Crack Cocaine to Catholic Preschool

Australia's Political Leaders Have Declared "Gays Don't Go to Hell"

Have Scientists Established a Link Between Brain Damage and Religious Fundamentalism?

Prominent Evangelicals Who Support Beth Moore's Pulpit Preaching Rebellion

Vermont Legislature Passes Bill Declaring "Fundamental Right" To Abort Any Baby For Any Reason Up Until Birth

Jesuit Priest Praises Gay Pastor and Promotes Book, "Gospel of Inclusion"

Jerry Falwell Calls Russell Moore's Social Justice Movement "Deep State Regime"

An Open Letter to Jack Graham in Response to His Dallas News Article on Anti-Abortion Bill

Popular Taxpayer-Funded PBS Kid's Cartoon Character Comes Out as Gay

Al Mohler: Scripture is Clear, Women Do Not Preach to Gathered Assembly

Reformed Pastor Says Christians Should Greet Each Other With a Kiss, Another Pastor Objects

Transgender Weightlifter Stripped of Four World Records Because ‘Correct Physiological Classification Is Male’

Cult Member Commissions Students at Liberty University

Abortion Is Not Avoiding Pregnancy

Beth Moore Asks: "Did God Really Say...?" Gay-Affirming Lady Preacher Calls Her a "Prophet"

The Bible and Sacrifice by Abortion

Possibly the Dumbest Argument For Female Preachers Ever Made

As the SBC Falls Apart Before Our Eyes, Denomination Leaders Asleep

Prosperity Gospel Plantation Owner, Paula White, Claims God Told Her to Accept Title of 'Apostle'

Beth Moore Launches Tirade Against Biblical Womanhood

Female Pastors Are a Threat To The Church

ERLC Enlists Woman Who Exploits Her Body as a Resource on Parenting

Transgender Student Opens Fire at School Because She Hates Christians

Founders Ministry: The Pastor Allowing Beth Moore to Preach Needs to Be Rebuked

Southern Baptist ERLC Ditches Gospel Conference For #MeToo Feminist Event

Remembering the Heretic, Rachel Held Evans

Where Does The Woke Movement Ultimately Lead? Suicide

Charismatic Prophet Says Satan Uses Chemtrails to Block "God's Frequency" and "Worship"

Matt Walsh, Your Virtue Signaling Will Not Get You Out of Hell

World's Top Trinity-Denying Prosperity Preacher Launches Jakes Divinity School

Christian Parents Must Be Willing to Fight for the Heart and Soul of Their Children

Former Megachurch Pastor Renounces Faith on Instagram and Twitter

Dear Sisters, Flee The Proverbs 7 Man

Polemics' Threefold Display Of Love

Pat Robertson Rejects Biblical Creation on 700 Club Show, Says it's "Nonsense"

After Promoting Gay Worship Artist, Charisma News Now Promotes Roman Catholic Mystic

Usual Evangelical Race Baiters Falsely Claim White Men Overrepresented in Mass Shootings

Why Pete Buttigieg's Sexual Immorality Matters and Donald Trump's Doesn't

Russell Moore's George Soros-Funded Group Releases E-Book Calling For Amnesty

As Beth Moore Mocks God's Commandments, Southern Baptists Cheer For Women Preachers

SEBTS Financial Aid Application Asks Students For Their "Birth Gender"

SBC President Claims Peter Was the Rock that Jesus Built the Church On

First, TGC Pushes Gay Singleness, Now, Single-Parent Adoption

Why A Radical Feminist Denounced Abortion and Apologized to the Church

Charisma News Has So Many Dumb Contributors

California Schools Teaching Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation

Farewell Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

PCA Host of Gay Christian Conference Mocks the Aquila Report, Threatens to Start "Aqueerla Report"

Father Found Guilty of "Family Violence" For Calling Transgender Daughter "She"

Christian Adoption Agency Caves, Will Hand Children Over to Gay Couples

The Self-Indulgent Self-Idolatry of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Beth Moore Joins Gay Activist For Christian Writing Seminar

Not Having a Christian Church in Your Area is Not an Excuse to Join a Pagan Church

All For Gaia: Earth Day and Total Transformation for a Post-Christian World

Court Rules Philadelphia Can Ban Adoption Agencies Who Choose Not to Allow Gays to Adopt

Evangelical Black Nationalist Blames White Supremacists For Islamic Attacks in Sri Lanka

Asian Writer for The Gospel Coalition Upset That Some Black People Are Too "White"

Gay Pastor and Gay Christian Activist Spar Over Bodily Resurrection of Jesus

Bethel Church Affirms Roman Catholics as Believers Now "In the Arms of the Beloved Savior"

Islamic Attacks in Sri Lanka Are Sad, But The Victims Were Not Christians

Christian Missionary Butchered: India Has “No Plans” to Retrieve Body

150 Pastors and Clergy Sign Joint Letter to Governor In Support of Abortion

Social Justice Warrior Turns the Resurrection Into a Race Issue

Pray For Rachel Held Evans #PrayForRHE

Despite Rumored Threats of Career Risk, SBTS Professor Signs Social Justice Statement

Abortion Doctor Pulls Into Clinic and Yells "Rape Them and Send Them Here"

SBC President Charging Entry Fee For Good Friday Worship Service

Rome’s Heresy & Gospel Clarity: Notes for Evangelizing Catholics

Anti Christian Propaganda And How It Spreads Through Fake News

The Masonic Roots of the Cult of the Latter Day Saints, Mormonism

Antichrist Idolatry Burning Before Our Eyes: The Tragedy of Mourning the Destruction of a “Synagogue of Satan”

Christian Kids Must Slay Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, Not Pet Them!

SEBTS Suggests That White People Adopt Black Children Because They Have a "Savior Complex"

Megachurch Giving Away Car For Easter Sunday

Southern Baptists Seem to Have Forgotten What the Reformation Was About

Explaining the Lure of Atheism in the 21st Century

SBC's Resident Race Baiter Wants to Make Sure His Church Has as Few White People as Possible

Good Riddance to the Notre Dame Cathedral

Liberals at Evangelical University Cuss, Scream, Throw Hissy Over Mike Pence Invitation to Speak

Hillsong Pastor Says Christians Shouldn't Judge Homosexuals, God is a God of Love, Acceptance

Testimony: Finding Christ and Leaving the Masonic Lodge

Why Are Homosexuals Leading the Church's Conversations on Marriage and Family?

Why is Jesus’ Skin Color an Issue All of a Sudden?

An Open Letter of Apology to Abortive Mothers on Behalf of the Church

Why Do So Many Worship Leaders Look So Gay?

Egalitarianism is the Theological Equivalent to HIV

Charismatic Magazine Accuses Bethel Student Who Was Kicked Out For Opposing False Doctrine of "Witchcraft"

Democrats Want To Exempt Black Women From Ohio Abortion Ban

Christians Should Advocate For the Criminalization of Homosexuality

Whiteness: Another RED Herring

Jory Micah: If God is a Man, Count Me Out

Ekemini Uwan Needs to Go Home and Find a Husband

Former SBC President Praises Politician Who Stopped Bill That Would Criminalize Abortion

Watch: Reformed Pastor Rebukes Pelagian Street Preacher, Jesse Morrell in Front of Large Crowd

A Southern Baptist Seminary Removes Stained Glass Windows of Former President

Woke Christians Comparing Foul-Mouthed Gangsta Rapper's Life to Jesus

Female Pastor Makes Death Threats to Local Newspaper at John Gray's Church

The Two Sides of the Character of God: Love and Wrath

Pastor: "God Is In Control is the Dumbest Doctrine I've Ever Heard in My Life"

Charisma Mag Praises Openly Gay "Worship Leader" for Lauren Daigle Song on American Idol

Kenneth Copeland Named In Top 100 Most Reputable People in the World

Church Putting on Circus for Easter

Homosexuals at Christian University Petition School to Stop Conservative Speaker

Freemasons Must Be Ex-Communicated From the Church

Kyle Howard and Ekemini Uwan: The Epitome of Wickedness

Pope Francis Tells Audience of Children: ‘Migrants Bring Us Riches’

New Poll Shows Most Americans Would Support a Gay President

Progressives to Hold Political 'Just Gospel' Conference to Affirm Democrat Politics in the Church

Left-wing LGBT Activist Celebrates "Transitioning" Son Into a Girl

Surprise! Drag Queen Story Time Turns Out to Be Infested With Child Sex Offenders

Fifty LGBTQ Advocates Welcomed to Vatican by High Ranking Cardinal

TGC’s Same-Sex Attracted Christian Apostasy Cover-Up

The Charismatic Cult of Bethel Redding

Eric Mason's Pelagian "Spiritual Father"

Ex-Reformed Pastor: Jesus Works, If You Work With Jesus

Dr. Albert Mohler’s Opportunity for Historic Repentance and Reformation

Five Scriptures to Memorize About Christ’s Sacrifice

Francis Chan Declines to Share the Gospel With Catholic, Says Holy Spirit Doesn't Want Him To

Evangelical Leaders Hi-jacking the Pro-Life Movement for Social Justice

Most Evangelical Leaders Have No Idea How the Gospel Works

Ex-Gay Testimony: The Gospel Radically Changed My Heart and Desires

Pope Says 'Homosexual Tendencies' Are Not Sinful

Francis Chan Removes Shoes, Catholic Priests Pray Over Him

Four Reasons Your Church is Apathetic to Evangelism

Living Out Removes Much of its Gay Filth From Website

Joel Osteen Says Mary "Gave Jesus Life"

What is "Rededicating Your Life to Christ" and is it Biblical?

TGC Promoting Hillary Clinton's "It Takes A Village" Ideology

NY Times: A God Problem? No Problem

Does the Sovereign Election of God Discourage Evangelism?

TGC and The Same-Sex Attracted Christian Apostasy

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Southern Baptist Cooperative Program Pays Lawyers to Hide Leadership Misrepresentations

Southern Baptist Entity Head Continues His Push to Unite Evangelicals With Roman Catholicism

Russell Moore Paints Conservatives as Idolaters of Power Because of “Racial Injustice”

Another Charlotte Prosperity Preacher Sentenced to Prison for Tax Fraud

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Feminist “Pastor” Who Had an Abortion Says That Life Doesn’t Begin Until “Breath”

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Voddie Baucham Explains Why Christians Should Be Ashamed to Use the Term ‘Social Justice’

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Most Prominent Southern Baptist Leader Admits He’s Influenced By False Teachers

On The Road to Gay Affirmation, Methodist Group Announces Intention to Facilitate Split if Necessary

Matt Chandler To Speak At “Woke Church” Social Justice Conference

During a Rant Against New York’s Abortion Law, Carl Lentz Takes a Moment to Complain About Death Penalty, Women’s Rights

Priest Drops Baby Face-First in Baptismal Water

Todd White Promises All Sexually Transmitted Diseases Will Be Healed at Awaken the Dawn

Kenneth Copeland Demands “Wicked Spirits Stop Working Against Our Nation”

Pope Francis Declares Mary as God’s “Influencer”

After Legalizing Infant Murder, NY Signs Bill Making ‘Gender Identity’ Discrimination a Hate Crime

God Told Rick Joyner America is About to Enter the 2nd Civil War, and That We Will Win

Perry Noble Explains Why He’s Unqualified As His Second Chance Church Opens Tomorrow

The Gathering, A “Reformed Church” Where You Can Believe Whatever You Want, as Long as it Isn’t the Bible

United Methodist Church Gearing Up For Full and Official Affirmation of LGBTQ

Pro-Gay Jesuit Catholic Priest Wins LGBT Leadership Award

Japan Supreme Court Rules Trans People Must Be Sterilized

Instead of Worship Service, This Church Does Skateboarding

Catholic Bishop of NY Says Excommunication Not an Option For Murderers

Babies Born Alive After Abortion Can be Left to Die Under New York Law

Thabiti Anyabwile Hijacks Pro-Life Movement to Push Marxism and Leftist Politics at SEBTS Chapel

The Rebellious Woman and the Destruction of Society

The Spiritual Blindness of Marxist Ideology: A Critical Review of Jemar Tisby’s “The Color of Compromise”

Christian Rapper Had Sex With a Patient, Impregnated Her, Charged With Sexual Assault

Detroit Southern Baptists Come Together to Honor Sex-Trafficking Heretic

NY Governor Cuomo Celebrates Death Bill, Robert Gagnon Responds

Communist Pope Slams Supporters of National Border Wall

Bethel Church “Apostle” Suggests He Can Lay Hands on Car and Heal It

Baptist Chaplain Named ‘Gay Role Model of the Year’

Planned Parenthood Reports 332,757 Infant Killings in 2018

The Gospel Coalition, Gay Priest, Suggests Churches Should Help Singles Adopt Children

Mister Rogers’ Church? This Guy Thinks So.

New York Passes Bill Allowing Abortions Up Until Birth

A “Gay Pastor” Tells a Stripper She Doesn’t Have to Stop Dancing to Serve On His Board

Despite Proof to the Contrary, SBTS Student, Kyle Howard Continues Anti-White Narrative

Parents Magazine Features Gay Couple on Front Page

Kenneth Copeland: We’re Prosperity Agents, We’re Supposed to Have Money

Lady Gaga Declares Mike Pence the “Worst Representation of Christianity”

Should Christians Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.?

Beth Moore Joins Liberals in Falsely Condemning Boys Who “Taunted” Indigenous People

Catholic School Decides to Carry Book With Gay Propaganda in Library

Hundreds Gather to Watch 15 Homosexual Couples Married in Fort Worth Church

David Taylor: Pastors, If You’re Speaking Evil of Me, Screw You!

Lamborghini Pastor Who Cheated on Wife Lives in $1.8 Million House Bought By Church

Anti-Church Hate Group Sets Eyes on R.C. Sproul’s Church

Matt Chandler Endorses Book That Calls For Mixing Christianity With Pagan Mysticism

SEBTS Grad: 11 Ways the Social Justice Contradicts the Gospel

North Carolina Churches Harboring Illegal Aliens

Steven Furtick Quotes Liberal Political Activist, Refers to Her as a ‘Priest’

LifeWay Continues to Promote Beth Moore’s Fairy Tales as Brick and Mortar Stores are Shuttered

Lesbian Couple Identifying As Straight Couple Prepares To Transition 5-Yr-Old Son Into A Daughter

Jesuit Catholic Church Holds Pro LGBT Mass

Catholic Priest Gives Pulpit to Gay Couple to Mock, Blaspheme God During Baptism

Premier Apologist for Montanist Heresy Defends Speaking in Tongues Against John MacArthur

New Research Shows Over Two-Thirds of College Age Adults Stop Going to Church

LifeWay Closing Brick and Mortar Stores Due to “Accelerated Rate of Erosion”

Lamborghini Pastor Who Cheated on Wife Compares The Holy Spirit to a Bluetooth Device

Allie Stuckey Calls Out Beth Moore, Jen Hatmaker For Unbiblical, Worldly Theology

Social Justice is Not the Gospel, It’s Heresy

Baptist Church to Teach Series on Abolishing Sexual Ethics in the Church

In the Wake of a Dropped Lawsuit, Megachurch Pastor, James MacDonald Takes ‘Indefinite Sabbatical’

New York Bans Gay Conversion Therapy, Adds “Transgender” to Protected Statuses

Pro-Life Activist Assaulted, Life Threatened For Saying “Jesus Loves You”

Top Evangelical Leaders Call For Amnesty to ‘End Government Shutdown’

Brian Carn: “You have to go through the crushing, the squeezing, and the pressing if you want the oil to flow from your life”

First Openly Lesbian Bishop in United Methodist Church Conducts Services in Salt Lake City

Man Drives Car Into Lake Because “Jesus Told Him To”

Principal of Las Vegas Elementary School Sends Email Recommending Sexually Perverted Books for Kindergarteners

The Problem With Celebrity Christian Music Is That It Takes the Glory From God

Pastor Accused of Stealing Almost $35,000 From Congregation

PCA Church Hosting Lesbian Trans Event Claims They “Didn’t Know”

Todd Friel and Phil Johnson Discuss: What Do We Do With Beth Moore?

Voddie Baucham: ‘Society has Feminized the Office of Pastor’

Watch 4-Year-Old Kid Take Mic in Pentecostal Church, Run Around Crazy, and Ask For Money

North Carolina Churches Harboring Illegal Aliens

False Prophecy Expo Predicts God is Going to Raise Up Women for ‘Rightful’ Preaching

Baptists Sit Under Pope to Be Lectured on Pursuing Common Ground

Alex McFarland Comes Out Against Evangelical Social Justice Movement

PCA Church Hosting Lesbian Trans Event Claims They “Didn’t Know”

Intrepid Pastor Who Posted “Bruce Jenner is Still a Man” on Church Sign Ousted as Pastor

Gay Dating App Halted as AIDS Spreads Among Users

“Gay Christians” Seeking to Hook Up? – There’s an App For That

DC Comis Presents Jesus as New Superhero Who Teams Up With Pagan Sun-Man To ‘Correct the World’s Mutilation of His Gospel’

Anglican Bishop Who Refuses to Allow Gay Weddings in His Diocese is Disciplined by Denomination

Catholic Priest Who Raped 30 Children Absolved By Antichrist

Effeminate Democrat, Black Lives Matter Member Punished for Vandalizing Pro-Life Signs

Audio: Worship Leader at PCA Church Preaches “Transgender Jesus”

Men Who Identify As Women Are Urged to Be Tested For Cervical Cancer in British Public Health Brochure

Methodist Universities Unanimously Urge the Church to Fully Embrace Sodomy

Oprah Mocks God on Stephen Colbert Show

PCA Church Invites Lesbian to Teach on Celebrating Lives of Transgenders

Poll: Faith in clergy’s honesty drops among US Catholics

Joyce Meyer Admits She’s Been Preaching A False Gospel, Sort Of

Jory Micah: I Started Preaching When I Was 13

Cross-dressing Pervert Demanding Access to Young Children Complains When Sensible People Intercede

Gay Catholic School Teacher Writes Letter to Leaders Pleading For Leniency, Acceptance

Lauren Daigle Doesn’t See Herself as a Christian Artist

Millions of Filipinos Line the Streets to Fawn Over Black Statue of Jesus

Planned Parenthood Finally Admits it’s “Core Mission” is Abortion

SBC Prez: God Says We Need to Shut Up About the Reformation

Todd Bentley Claims He Healed Seven Deaf People in One Night

Andy Stanley: Ten Commandments Don’t Apply to Christians

COGIC Bishop Who Falsely Accused White Man of Killing Black Girl Under Fire For Refusing to Delete Tweet

False Teacher, TD Jakes, Lays Hands on Lamborghini Pastor Who Cheated on Wife

Study Finds Southern Baptists Among Dumbest Religious People in US

SBTS Professor and Pastor Makes Connections Between Harry Potter and the Gospel

Charismatic Preacher Claims Apostles Were Wrong When They Rejected Worship From Men

Tim Keller Partners With Mormons to Fund Interfaith Project to ‘Christianize’ Psychotherapy

Sincerity Does Not Equal Fidelity

Report: Abortion Now Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

Popular Passion Conference Promoting Little-God Theology

Kenneth Copeland: “The Lord Told Me I Will Preach Until I’m 120”

Facebook Apologizes to Franklin Graham for Banning His Page

Former US President and Southern Baptist: “I Believe Jesus Would Approve of Gay Marriage”

Kid Gets Spanked For Taking Mic At Church and Saying “I’m Tired of this Church”

Man Posing as Pastor Smuggles Drugs Into Prison in Bible

The Gospel Coalition and SBC President Promoting Possibility of Neo-Montanist Heresy

Former US President and Southern Baptist: “I Believe Jesus Would Approve of Gay Marriage”

Baptists Join Pope in Vatican for Ecumenical Hand-Holding

Beth Moore Declares “Spending Time With God and Spending Time With the Bible Are Not the Same Thing”

Feminist Wicked Witch Brags About Abortion to Children, Brainwashes Them

New York City’s ‘Gender Neutral’ Birth Certificate Option Goes Into Effect

Hillsong Church Phoenix Conducting a Catholic Mass and Hosting Catholic Priest at Alpha Conference 2019

If You’re a Democrat, You’re Probably Not Saved

These Are My Kids – What Would Your Aborted Children Have Looked Like?