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Traveling Televangelist, Stacey Abrams, Compares Herself to Jesus as the "Solid Foundation" Upon Which to Build the State

WARNING PARENTS! Scooby Doo Halloween Children's Cartoon Episode Depicts Velma as a Lesbian

"Pastors" Who Are Affirming Their Selves Straight Into Hell

TGC's Duke Kwon Has it Backward, the Reprobate are Repulsed by Christ, not "Hypocrisy"

Not Satire: Joel Osteen Promotes New Book in His Own Office With Shelves Filled With His Own Books

Popular Evangelical Leaders Continue to Merge With Pro-LGBTQ Activists in the Name of Social Justice

UNREAL! Jemar Tisby Platforms Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBTQ Anti-Christ "Pastor" to Lecture Church on Christianity

Maverick City "Christian Rap" Star Let Go After Posting Inappropriate Photos of Himself on Social Media

What Did Jesus Actually Say About Judging People?

The Total Collapse of Society as it Moves Further From God

Homosexual "Churches" Protest Outside of Franklin Graham Event in Rochester

Russell Moore Joins Keynote Speakers, Homosexual Pete Buttigieg and Hillary Clinton, For Texas Political Festival

Please, Pull Your Kids Out of Public Schools and Homeschool Them Before You Lose Them to the Culture

Black Pastor Explains Why You Should Vote Democrats OUT of Office, They've "Screwed it Up"

Pastor Preaches That Men, Who Are Heads of Households, Must Vote For Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock

As Election Cycle Nears, The Gospel Coalition Runs Cover For Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBTQ Democrats

Jemar Tisby and Sam Heath Argue That There Should Be No Criminal Punishment, Even For Murderers and Rapists

Veggie Tales Creator, Phil Vischer, Comes Out as Pro-Choice on Abortion

Absurd: Pets and Animals Partake in Communion With Members of Major NYC Church

Charismatic False Prophetess Says God Told Her Women Were Going to Lead the Next Revival in the Church

Wake Up! Christians Should Be Standing Outside "Gender Clinics" the Same Way They Do "Abortion Clinics"

Mormonism: The Devil Made Me Do It

Abortion and Its Eternal Consequences

Joe Biden Demonstrates Why a Faithful Christian Could Never Vote Democrat, Clear Divide Between Left and Right

Gay Pastor Who Writes for Major "Baptist" Publication Says the Bible Does Not Condemn Pre-Marital Sex

Pink-Haired Prophetess, Kat Kerr, Commands Angels to Destroy Hurricane Ian, But Fails Miserably

David French Says Millions of Bible-Believing Black Protestants are the Foundation of Democrat Party

Gross: The Gospel Coalition's Gay Priest Says He Wears a Wedding Ring Because Jesus is "Pursuing" Him

SBTS Trustee Says There Was "Wife-Swapping" Going on at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in the '80s

Politicians Go Into Politics to do Good and End Up Doing Very Well—As Did Hunter Biden and His Dad!

John MacArthur Rebukes CA Governor Newsom for Abortion Billboards: "Reprehensible Act of Gross Blasphemy"

We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists: Conversations About Welfare Programs Don't Start Until Abortion is Illegal

Hickory Dickory Dockery: Meet Southwestern Seminary's New Ecumenical President

LGBTQ Activist Says Revelation 7:9 is Proof That God Includes LGBTQ People

Drag Queen "Identifies" as a Child: Who Predicted This Was Going to Happen?

The Central Theological Message from Bethel Church is "Make Love to Jesus"

Soros-Funded Evangelical Immigration Propaganda Has Infected Evangelicals at an Alarming Rate

Report Says Trustees Actually Did Their Jobs and Pushed Back on the SBC Swamp's Quid Pro Quo for Greenway

Breaking: Progressive Southern Baptist Seminary Head Will Not Move Forward With IMB Assignment

Can the Church Embrace Climate Change Activism?

NAMB Church Plant With Women Elders Whose Pastor Trains Other NAMB Pastors Is Accused of Serious Spiritual Abuse

Southern Baptist Missions Board Hires Failed Seminary President Who Defended Rick Warren's Women Pastors

Sick Men Dressed as Scantily-Clad Women Entertain Restaurant Filled With Children

Jon Harris Reviews Gay Anglican Priest, Sam Allberry

God Doesn’t Make Peace With His Enemies

Beth Moore, Jemar Tisby, Headline "Racism in the White Church" Conference at Gay-Affirming Baptist University

Wizard of Oz Remake to Include LGBTQ Propaganda According to Interview With Director

Young Children Rub Crotch of Drag Queens and Give Dollar Bills to Them at Chattanooga LGBTQ Pride Event

DC Megachurch Pastor Says Illegal Immigrants Sent to Martha's Vineyard "Stoned and Left for Dead"

Texas Church Hosts "All Ages" Drag Bingo, Major Protest Ensues

In Epic Act of Nepotism, Anti-Trinitarian Heretic TD Jakes Passes Torch to His Daughter as He "Slays Her in the Spirit"

Chris Tomlin Plays at Heretic, Joyce Meyer's TBN Fundraiser Event

The Royal Family Has One Scandal After Another—Time to Shut it Down?

Stacey Abrams Says She's Continuing the Legacy of the Prophetess, Deborah, by Running for Office

California Dem Governor Puts Up Scripture-twisting Billboard Signs Supporting Abortion

Progressive "Pastor" Says Because Jesus Was Born of a Virgin, That Makes Him "Non-Binary"

BREAKING: Adam Greenway Reportedly Resigned His Post as President of Southwestern Seminary

Megachurch Pastor Brags About How Much He Does for Climate Change While Preaching in Huge, Air-Conditioned Building

Ligonier Survey Demonstrates Most Evangelicals are Heretics That Hold to Damnable False Beliefs

Promiscuous Floozy Says Her Christian Faith Doesn't Conflict With Her Polyamory

Stacey Abrams Says the Heartbeat Sound You Hear on Ultrasounds is Fake, Designed to Control Women's Bodies

SBC Prez Who Called on Christians to Stand Up for LGBTQ Rights Now Angry that LGBTQ Activists are Mutilating Children

The Word of God Against Abortion Exceptions for Rape and Incest

When Churches Embrace Movements That Teach "Whiteness is Wickedness," This is What We Get

So There Actually Are People Who Literally Worship Trump, Who Knew?

Few Years After Church Removed From Denomination For Embracing LGBTQ Movement, Church Dies, Closes

Lecrae Compares Himself to Jesus, Says Jesus Deconstructed

The Demise of the American Church and God's Judgment on This Nation

New ERLC President Contradicts Al Mohler, Says He Won't Instruct People on Voting Biblically

Jon Harris Addresses Christopher Yuan's "God Didn't Say Be Heterosexual" Doctrines

SBC President Takes Egregious Position Against Abortion Abolitionists, Defends Not Prosecuting Aborted Mothers

Southern Baptist Megachurch Worships to Live Cover of Lenny Kravitz's "Fly Away"

Evolutionists Are Mentally Unstable if They Believe Nothing Created Everything!

SBC Leaders Push Pro-Islamic Propaganda in Interfaith Organization Led by Southern Baptist and Islamic Leaders

Southern Baptist Leftists Call for Al Mohler's Head for Taking Strong, Conservative Stances

Social Media Firebrand, Shellie Martin, aka The Joyful Patriarchy Wife, Passes Away Unexpectedly

Beth Moore Heads Preaching Conference at Gay-Affirming "Christian" University

Doug Wilson Blasts Bethel Music Leader for Painting Fingernails Like a Queer

Is Sleazeball Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz, Opening the Door for a Return to Ministry?

Christopher Yuan and the "Holy Sexuality" Movement. Is There Something Off Here?

Wake Up Church! If This Doesn't Tick You Off, Nothing Will. Youngest "Transgender" Model Ever

Circus-like Southern Baptist Church Worships to Literal Circus Performance During Worship Service

America’s War for Independence Was Not Revolution or Rebellion, But Resistance to Tyranny!

After Proven Wrong About What Bible Says, "Christian Atheist" Says She Will Continue to Preach and Pastor

Idaho Health Department Pushing "Porn Literacy" Pro-Porn Educational Materials to Elementary Students

False Prophet Tells Bizarre Story of Seeing Jesus Save People During 9/11 Because Relatives Were Praying for Them

ERLC Trustees Unanimously Elect Man Who Wants to Keep Abortion Legal for Mothers Who Seek Them

Mike Winger and Ruslan Trash John MacArthur While Defending Bethel's False Gospel

Gay-Affirming Max Lucado Now Takes Up Speaking in Tongues as Part of His Daily Prayer Time

Guess Which Foul-mouthed God-hating Secular Rapper Topped Billboard's Christian Charts. Hint, Not Lecrae

What We Are Witnessing is Sodom and Gomorrah on a Worldwide Scale

Jemar Tisby's Colleague, Ally Henny, Says She Was Reminded of How Racist White Kids Are on the Playground

Rick Warren Tells Mars Hill Church "Most of You Wouldn't Even Be Saved" Without False Teacher, Mark Driscoll

"Gay Pastor" Who Advocates for Gay Sex Pills in Baptist Newspaper Says "Jesus Sinned"

Evangelical Pastor Goes on Mormon Sports Channel to Encourage Spiritual Unity in Jesus

Charismatic "Prophetess" Desperately Trying to Hang On as Major "Prophecy" About to Be Proven Wrong

Drag Queen Puts Out Music Video Mocking Biblical Christianity and Singing About Indoctrinating Children

Children Desperately Try to Hide Faces as Parents Drag Them to Drag Queen Church Service Luncheon

Podcast: The Christian Franchise

The Big Bang is in Big Trouble: It Never Happened!

Michael Horton of White Horse Inn Tells Pastors They're Causing Homosexuals to Commit Suicide by Preaching Truth

Baptist News Global Says if You Don't Support Gay Sex Pill, You Don't Love Your Neighbor

Joe Scarborough Says "as a Backslidden Southern Baptist," Banning Abortion is "Perverting the Gospel," and "Heresy"

Is Queen Elizabeth Resting in Peace?

Former Dove Award Winner to Join Drag Queen and Lesbian Artists in New "Christian" Music Album

Southern Baptist Pastor Defends Kamala Harris Preaching Pro-Abortion Message at National Baptist Convention

Another SBC Megachurch Pastor Caught in Plagiarism Scandal, This Time He's Plagiarizing...Rank Heretics?

Check Out This Rank Heresy Study Bible that LifeWay is Releasing

Parents Beware! Peppa Pig Now Features Homosexual Couple, LGBTQ Propaganda!

NOBTS Speaker Goes Full Liberation Theology, Says the Gospel Frees Her From "White Supremacy"

JD Greear Updates His Stances on Preferred Pronouns and the Bible "Whispering" About Homosexuality

Southern Baptist's NAMB Partnering With Texas Baptists to Harbor Illegal Aliens at Southern Border

Surprise! Britney Spears Comes Out as an Atheist, Says She No Longer Believes in God

Former LifeWay CEO Opens New Bookstore Peddling Same Heresy That LifeWay Was Criticized For Years Ago

How to Deal with False Teachers

White House COVID Czar, Ashish Jha, Says God Gave Us Two Arms, One for Flu Shot, the Other for COVID Shot

Christian Teacher Jailed in Ireland After Refusing to Address Transgender Student With Preferred Pronouns. Are We Next?

Prominent Southern Baptist Pastor Accuses Accuses Al Mohler of Denying the Kingdom of God

Prominent Catholic "Bible Scholar" Argues the Bible is Pro-Homosexual

Bethel's Cory Asbury Held Drunken Worship Service at Post-Game Faith and Family Night "Bands and Brews"

Bethel's Cory Asbury Explains Why He Think's It's Okay to Paint His Fingernails Like a Queer

Drag Queen Performs at "Back to School" Extravaganza in Utah

How Are Major Drug Chains Implementing the Non-Prescription Ivermectin Law?

TGC Christmas "Transgender Art" Performer Rewrites "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land"

David Platt's Church Holds Class With Book Written By Pro-Abortion Obama Staffer

The Spiritual Consequences of Abortion

False Prophet Says God Told Him Will Smith Would Become a Filmmaker For God and Satan is Trying to Destroy Him

President Biden Echoes Sentiments of Southern Baptist Leader Who Called MAGA Republicans "Whores"

Podcast: The Doctrine of Original Sin and It's Denial

Revoice Founder Says He Knows Matt Chandler's Situation, Overblown, And Will Still Speak at Conference This Year

Pro-choice "Pastor" and Dem Senator Says Jesus Only Claimed to Forgive Sins to Play Psychological Games With Them

Conservative Christians Release Statement Opposing State-Ownership of Children and Totalitarian Authority

Jesus: Reactionary or Revolutionary? Woke, Progressive "Christianity"

After Banning Gas-Powered Cars, California Issues Statement Urging People Not to Charge Electric Cars

Timothy Keller: Human Reason vs. Biblical Authority

South Carolina House Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban With Exceptions

Praise God! Rick Warren Preaches Last Sermon, But His Replacement is Even Worse

Presbyterian PCA Pastor Says Your Marriage Should Be As Committed as Some Homosexual Marriages

Revoice Leader and SBC Seminary Grad Calls on Christians to Repent for Signing Statement on Biblical Sexual Ethics

Reminder, It's Actually Matt Chandler's Wokeness That's Disqualifying. Here are Some Examples

Pastor Tells Church "If You've Been Blessed With Student Loan Forgiveness, Don't Forget That in November

Kids Give Money, Dance With Male Drag Queens at "Family Friendly" Drag Event as ANTIFA Stands on Guard With Guns

The Omnipresence of God: Everywhere and All the Time

Matt Chandler Steps Down Due to "Inappropriate Text Messages" With Another Woman

Is the World Approaching Another Perfect Storm as in 1172 B.C.—the First Dark Age?

Southern Baptist Leaders Join Leftists Signing Pro-Vax Statement Calling Francis Collins a Faith Healing Minister

Do Not Cheapen the Cross by Comparing It to Student Loan Forgiveness, That's Blasphemous

Baby Born at 23 Weeks Survives 6 Hours in Morgue Refrigerator in Mexico

Biden Promises to Ban "Assault Weapons," Codify Roe v. Wade, if Democrats Keep Control of Congress

Mark Zuckerberg Admits They Censored Hunter Biden Story Based on Request from FBI, "Election Misinformation"

TobyMac Records New Contemporary Christian Album With Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Abortion Atheist

Why Having Pronouns in Your Bio Demonstrates Foolishness, Unbiblical Worldview

Jonah and God's Righteousness Among the Heathen

Stacey Abrams Preaches, LGBTQ Affirmation is the Epitome of What My Faith Tells Me to Be

Southern Baptists are Paying for Stupid Gimmicks and Performances at NAMB Church Plants Like This One

"Progressive Queer Believer" Begs Beth Moore to Affirm Her on Twitter, Says She Loves Beth's Bible Studies

Church That Performed Hamilton Play Without Permission to Pay Damages, Donate to LGBTQ Rights Organization

NY Gov Says People "Spouting Philosophies" on Social Media Will Be Part of Background Checks for Guns

Mennonites Go Gay, Pass Resolution Allowing LGBTQ Weddings and "Repents" for Excluding LGBTQ People

WWUTT Video Sparks Outrage From Anti-Christ Mother-Daughter Duo, Beth and Melissa Moore

Timothy Keller’s Anti-Biblical Science: Beware Of 2 More Ways He Fails

False Teacher of the Day #52: Sid Roth

While Your Church is Fighting "White Supremacy," Hospitals are Mutilating Children for Sexual Pleasure

Transgender "Pastor" Rebukes Denny Burk for His "False Teachings" on Transgenderism

Justin Peters on Shawn Bolz and Disney: Why Are Charismatics So Weird

Woman Preaching From Pulpit Says Women Having Long Hair Signals to God That She is Under His Authority

Pastor Preaches About How Successful He is, Calls People Who Criticize His Success "Losers"

The Inconvenient Holiness of God

Stace Abrams Preaches Pro-Abortion Sermon While Campaigning at Georgia Church

Pregnant Woman Set on Fire by Her Husband Because She Refused to Get an Abortion

Adults Clap and Cheer as 13YO Boy Puts on a Dress and Performs at Drag Festival

Voting for Child Killers is Not a Matter of Conscience, It's Sin That Must Be Repented of

Acts 29 Church Under Matt Chandler's Leadership Says Christians Need to Support Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

The Rebellious Woman and the Destruction of Society

Abortion is "Christian" America's Covenant With Death

Reformed Podcast Including Former Founders Co-host Blames Transgenderism on Baptist Theology

Charismatic Bimbo Says She Commanded a Tornado to Stop and it Obeyed

Michael Brown's Colleague and Serial Blasphemer, Patricia King, "Tokes the Ghost" and "Injects the Blood of Jesus"

Mask Nazis Call Police on 4YO For Not Wearing Mask at California School, Get Out of CA, Get Out of Public Schools

Many Young, Healthy Adults Falling Dead May Trigger a Black Swan Event that Collapses World Society!

Revoice Founder Suggests That if You Oppose Their "Gay Christian" Movement, You're a Pharisee

Pastor Shuts Down Worship Team Mid-song Saying "You're Boring Me to Death"

Another Church Leaves SBC, "It's Embarrassing" to Say We're Part of the Southern Baptist Convention

Alberta Church Encourages Children to Bring $5 Bills to Tip Drag Queens During Sunday Morning Drag Performance

Kansas City Pastor Screams at Congregation "Broke, Busted, Disgusted," for Not Giving Him Enough Money to Buy Watch

Texas School District Ordered to Remove Bible From Library Shelves Amid "Content Review"

Babylon Bee's Seth Dillon Schools Joe Rogan: "Calling Abortion Healthcare is Like Calling Rape Love-Making"

International Mega-Pastor Says Asking God for Forgiveness is Sin

Lutheran Pastors Meet Up at Gay Bar for Celebration After Annual Meeting

While SBC Leaders Ignore Churches Practicing Homosexuality, The Bible Has One Word for the SBC: Ichabod!

Historically Black Baptist Church to Host Charlotte Gay Pride "Interfaith Service"

SBC Leftists Up in Arms Because Al Mohler is Speaking at Conservative Conference With Ron DeSantis

Robert Jeffress Invites Trinity-Denying Heretic to Lead Sunday Worship

Charismatic False Prophets Like to Twist the "Touch Not My Anointed" Passages to Suit Their Own Passions

ERLC Joins Soros-funded Organization to Call on Congress to Allow Islamic Nationalists Permanent Residency Status

US Health Officials Answer to United Nations, Promise Swift Action to Help Black Women Get More Abortions

Woke Pastor Leads "Prayer for Repentance" For "Homophobic", God's Warning Against Tolerating Him

Historic Baptist Church in Kentucky Hires Homosexual Youth Pastor as "Co-Pastor"

SBC Mega-pastor Warns His Congregation About Wokeism, Critical Race Theory, and Marxism Invading the Church and Culture

Another Conservative Church Withdraws Support from the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program

Boston Children’s Hospital Says Transgender Kids Know Their Gender “as Early as From the Womb”

Andy Stanley Says the Apostles' Creed Was Written so Emperors Could Get Away With Sin

Episcopal Denomination Passes Resolution to Affirm Sex Change Surgeries in Children of Any Age

No Court, Legislature, or President Has a Right to Decide on Perversion—Let Alone Approve it!

2nd Largest United Methodist Church Withdraws from Denomination Over Capitulation to Sexual Immorality, Progressivism

Podcast: Is the Concept of a Southern Baptist Convention a Good Idea?

Fox News is Normalizing Aberrant Sexual Behavior, Defends Disney Using Drag Queen in Latest Movie

Megachurch Pastor Posts Cringy Video of His Wife Stripping Hair From His Body as He Objectifies Her on Social Media

Want to See What Crazy Self-Appointed NAR "Prophets" Do, Look No Further Than Hank Kunneman's Latest "Revival"

Charismatic Blasphemer and False Prophet, Jeff Jansen, Passes, Faces Judgment at 59

Pink Haired Prophetess Has Epic Meltdown During Prayer, Slips Into Verse and Begins to Make Impromptu Poem

Woke Michigan Pastor Says His Church Has "Repented" of Using the Word "Picnic" Because It's Racist

False Teacher of the Day #51: Andrew Wommack

SBC President Under Fire for Assigning Man Who Victimized Sex Abuse Survivor to the Sex Abuse Task Force

How Engaging in Polemics Demonstrates Love for the Brethren

Crisis: When did Timothy Keller actually mock authentic Christian belief?

Blasphemy: Kenneth Copeland Says Jesus' "Little Wormy Spirit" Went to Hell

Tim Keller Says the Gospel Alone Isn't Enough to Convince People to Turn to Christ, Social Justice Must Accompany

SC Megachurch Pastor and SBC ERLC Speaker Invites Beth Moore to Preach Sunday Sermon

Heresy of the Day #12: Mormon Tritheism

Stacey Abrams Says Her "Christian Faith" Caused Her to Support Abortion

Provisionism: A Summary Critique of Leighton Flowers

Call Upon the Name of the Lord and You Will Be Saved

Joel Osteen Demonstrates He Has No Idea What Repentance Is, Church Attendance Slashed Nearly in Half Since COVID

Beth Moore Preaches Sunday Morning at Baptist Megachurch in Houston, Belittles Her Husband

Adopting LGBTQ Language, The Gospel Coalition Podcast Calls Rachel Levine a "Transgender Woman"

Are You Using Your Precious Gift of Time Wisely?

The Gospel Coalition Calls on Christians to Affirm Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

3 Signs You Are Going to Hell (This May Shock You)

"Lutheran" Lady-Pastor Says The Virtues Taught in Proverbs Are Actually About Lesbians Kissing

Woman Releases Video Demonstrating How to Build an Altar to Your Abortion, Includes Remains of Fetus, Abortion Pills

"Lutheran" Denom. Will Combine Worship With Native American Mystics, Offer Prayer to Native American Gods in Week-long Event

Russell Moore Enters the Deconstruction Queue at Christianity Today as He Takes Over as Editor in Chief

Sick! Nearly Naked Man at Pennsylvania Pride Event Teaches Boy in Dress How to Pole Dance

Britain Opens Commonwealth Games With Baal-Like Worship of Raging, Fiery Bull

Jemar Tisby Equates Churches to the KKK Because They Have Bibles and American Flags

False "Faith Healer" Todd White's Latest Leg-Lengthening Parlor Trick Exposed as a Fraud

Southern Baptist Megachurch Does Live Cover of Foul-Mouthed Rapper, Kendrick Lamar's N95

Prayer Is an Act of Submission to God's Will, Not a Means to Change His Mind

Whoopi Goldberg Says God Supports Abortion, Made Us Smart Enough to Know if We Need One

Desiring God Author Favorably Promotes Pro-Abortion Activist Who Defends Legalizing Abortion

Basically, a White Person Becoming a Christian Automatically Makes One Guilty of Sin, According AND Campaign

False Teacher of the Day #50: Curry Blake

Chicago Seminary Associated With Russell Moore Partners With Garrett Seminary to Offer Master of Divinity in LGBTQ Studies

Leftist "Pastor" Sues DeSantis Over Abortion Ban Claiming it Infringes on "Religious Freedom"

Feminist "Pastor" Calls for "Truth and Reconciliation Commission," Blames Mass Incarceration on "White Supremacy"

How to Cause Racial Division in the Church: Details and Examples

Kirk Franklin Masquerades as a Man of God, But He is a Lost Cause Who Needs to Repent and Believe the Gospel

Evangelical Pastor Says He's Affirming of LGBTQ+ Because of the Bible

False Teacher of the Day #49: Becky Tirabassi

Steven Furtick's Son Releases Music Video Praising Money and Fortune "My Life is Great"

Dwight McKissic is Hopelessly Lost Apart From a Miraculous Work of the Holy Spirit

Gay CRU Leader, Revoice Speaker, Who Says Tim Keller Helped Him Shape His Views Brags About Dancing at Gay Bars

What is the Basis for Forced Sterilization, Chemtrails, Fluoridated Water, and Vaccinations?

ERLC Socialist Who Compared Abortion to Climate Change Suddenly Dies of Heart Attack

TGC Contributor Says We Should Have Allowed Hitler to Kill Millions of People Without Opposition

False Teacher of the Day #48: Daniel Kolenda

Andy Stanley Says Pagans Know When Christians Aren't Following Jesus and "Appropriately Call Them Out"

Southern Baptist Seminary President Who Supports Women Pastors Fires Conservative Distinguished Professor of Preaching

If You Support Exceptions for Anti-Abortion Laws, You Are Not a Christian

False Prophet, Lou Engle, Posessed by Kundalini Spirit Tells of Absurd Vision About Deceased Bethel Pastor's Wife

Southern Baptist Seminary Head, Adam Greenway, Continues to Argue for Women Pastors

Gay Pastor's Ridiculous Attempt to Justify Female Pronouns for God

Catholic High School Bursts Into Applause as Drag Queen Takes Stage During Chapel Worship Service

Popular Podcast by Veggie Tales Creator Says Jesus Resurrected Body is "Disabled"

Pope Francis Actively Promoting Unification of All Denominations

SBC Pastor Says The More Ethnically Diverse a Church Becomes, the More Holy and Pure it Becomes

The Moral Devolution of a Nation: Watch Youths Brawl With Cops in NYC Subway as Nobody Steps in to Help

Canadian Newspaper Publishes Letter to Editor Claiming Basic Premise of Religion is to Control Women's Bodies

Pastor Apologizes to LGBTQ Community for "Homophobia"

Watch: Brooklyn Pastor Robbed on Stage While Live-Streaming Sermon

Baptist Pastor of 7000-Member Megachurch Says Overturning Roe "All-Out Assault on Human Rights"

Cody Carnes' Firm Foundation: A Biblical Review

The Dangerous Delusion of the New Doctrine of Diversity

Queer "Christian" Says Because He Has AIDS, Entire Body of Christ Does Because We Bear Each Other's Burdens

Disqualified Alcoholic Pastor, Perry Noble, Opens Redneck-Themed Sermon With Song About Alcohol

University of Michigan Medical Students Stage Walk-Out at White Coat Ceremony Amid Pro-Life Keynote Speaker Address

Pastor Preaches Sermon Complaining That White People Are Coming After Same-Sex Marriage and Affirmative Action Next

Southern Baptist Pastor Compares Abortion to Eschatology, Says Southern Baptists Must Accept Different Views

Youth Group Does Remixed Rendition of Sexually Explicit Foul-Language Justin Timberlake Song, SexyBack

Prominent Nigerian "Apostle" Says Not Every Word in the Bible is the Word of God

Planned Parenthood Redefines Ectopic Pregnancy to Justify Abortion

2nd Grade Teacher Says Every Student in Her Class Changed Pronouns, Keeping it a Secret From Parents

Another Conservative Church Departs the SBC Citing "Doctrinal Drift"

Jen Hatmaker Says Viewing Jesus as a Male Makes it Difficult for Black, Brown, and LGBT People to Feel Safe Around Him

Russell Moore Says Trump Voters NOT Vindicated Because of Recent SCOTUS Ruling on Roe v. Wade

Kat Kerr Says She Saw Elvis in Heaven Playing Music to Jesus, And Celebrities are "Celebrated" in Heaven

More Openly Gay, Practicing Homosexuals Discovered as Members in Good Standing at First Baptist Orlando

False Prophet, Rebekah King, Says God Showed Her That He's Going to Destroy the Earth by Flood

Church of Greece Protests Baptism of Children of Gay Couple

Lady "Pastor" Uses Story of Zaccheus to "Prove" That Jesus Saves Us When We Subsidize Birth Control, Welfare Programs

SBC Pastor Says LGBTQ Organizations Are Leading the Industry in Sex Abuse, Performing Mercy, Helping

Webster's Dictionary Re-defines "Female" to Include Men

Climate Change? Judgments on the Climate for the Works of Men

Tony Evans Mangles Faith, Gives Terrible Definition

Pastor Says People Against Transgenders are Against God, and Anti-Abortion People Actually Have Abortions

Prominent Pro-Life Leader, Get This, Says an Abortion is NOT an Abortion if it is Performed on a 10-Year-Old

After Wife Dies of Cancer, Bethel Pastor Removes Article Questioning Salvation of People Who Aren't Healed

SBC Pastor-backed Health Secretary Says We Need to Empower Children to Have Access to Gender Surgery, Puberty Blockers

Charismatic "Prophetess" Says God Allowed Trump to Lose so God Could Reveal Himsel to Trump

Rosaria Butterfield Retracts Her Former Anti-Conversion Therapy Position, Now Embraces "Freedom in Health Care"

General Flynn Says Pastors Should Be Preaching the Constitution as Much as the Bible

Pastor Preaches That We Wouldn't Have Abortion if the Church Ordained Women Pastors Before the 20th Century

DC's Iconic Lutheran Church of the Reformation Hosts Drag Queen Story Hour During Sunday Worship

Episcopal Church Puts Out Resolution Condemning Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Apologizes for Supporting Them

Gun Control and the Ballistic Blame-Shifting Syndrome

CDC Directs Underage Children as Young as 13 to Online LGBTQ Chat Forum Run by Planned Parenthood

Understanding the Role and Purpose of Excommunication According to Scripture

July is Strong, Aggressive Male (SAM) Pride Month Honoring their World-Changing Contributions

Bethel Pastor's Wife, Beni Johnson, Dies of Cancer

The Most Telling Indicator of Who is a Sheep and Who is a Goat... Or at Least Who we Should Take Seriously and Who We Shouldn’t

Tim Tebow, Priscilla Shirer Team Up for "Multi-Million Dollar" Prosperity Gospel Event

The Christian View of American Racial History 001

You won't' Believe This Belly Tattoo the Pro-Abortion Death Cult is Celebrating

Megachurch Pastor, Mike Todd, Now Stepping Into Anti-Trinitarian Heresy?

Smoking Gun: FBC Orlando's Danny DeArmas Baptized Openly Gay, "Married" Man-toMan Homosexual

AME Pastor Says SCOTUS Took Away "Most Important" Right to Abortion, Congregation Must Elect Stacey Abrams 🤡🤡🤡

Bethel Church Selling a "Declaration Clicker" to Tabulate Your "Declarations" and "Increase Your Faith"

Southern Baptist Church Has Woman Preach Sunday Morning Service on 4th of July

Sick! Abortion Activists Pour Blood All Over Themselves and Protest on Steps of LA City Hall

Bethel Pastor Shares Ridiculous Testimony of Waitress Being "Activated" For Guessing What Customers Wanted

Three False Gospels That May Be Masquerading in Your Church

Beth Moore Praises Pro-Abortion Pro-Homosexual Activist for Receiving "Public Understanding of Religion" Award

What Did Jesus Say About Homosexuality?

Liberal Methodist Worship Band Rewrites Popular Hymn to Worship "Mother Earth"

Southern Baptist Seminary Professor Likes Leftist Tweet Calling for Ban on "Assault Weapons"

ERLC and TGC Contributor, Michael Wear, Proposes Federal Law Legalizing Abortion Up to 15 Weeks

Illinois Shooter's Mom an Occultist who Sells "Cultural & Religious Programming" Services

Two "Married" Dads Give Father's Day Sermon During Mass at Chicago Catholic Church

Two "Married" Dads Give Father's Day Sermon During Mass at Chicago Catholic Church

Pastor Says it Was "Racism" and "White Supremacy" That Caused People to Take Issue With His "God is Pro-Choice" Statement

The Gospel Coalition Says Abortion is Morally Acceptable in "Rare Exceptions"

Recorded Audio Reveals Planned Parenthood Earmarks Donations Specifically to Kill Black Babies

Creflo Dollar Admits He's Taught Falsely on Tithing But Says He Won't Apologize for It

SBC Pastor Blames "White Supremacy" for Shooting as Shooter Wears "Trump for Prison" T-Shirt

SBC Seminary Head Urges Churches, Christians Not to Divide Over Doctrine, Takes Swipe at "Fundamentalists"

Drag Queen Story Hours are Permissive, Perilous, and Perverted!

Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, Muse That Pastors Should Hide Their Political Ideologies From Church Members

Russell Moore's "Justice" Conference Featured Multiple Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Speakers

Kentucky Catholic Church Holds "Service of Atonement and Apology to LGBTQ People"

Awake, Shepherds of Christ

Pastor Angry About Abortion Ruling Urges Congregation "Let's All Go Get Vasectomies," "America is Going to Hell"

ERLC Leader That Called Trump Voters "Whores" Lectures Southern Baptists on "Tone"

Unelected NY Governor Says She Doesn't Need Facts to Know Restricting Law-Abiding Gun Owners Saves Lives

"Prophet" Says He Saw Michael Jackson Laying in Bed in Heaven With Pictures of Little Children All Over His Walls

Chris Rosebrough Warns About Robert Henderson's "Courts of Heaven" False Teachings - False Teacher of the Day #47

Leaked Scene From Disney's Upcoming Kid's Show, Baymax, Depicts "Transgender Man" Asking for Tampons

Pastor Gives Stupidest Reason Ever For Not Supporting Anti-Abortion Laws, Then Says "God is Pro-Choice"

Pastor Says If You Celebrate Supreme Court Roe Ruling, You're Worthy of Hellfire

Elijah List's Pink-Haired Prophetess Says Cows Drive Around on Tractors in Heaven

Amid New TV Series, Chris Pratt Now Denies Attending Hillsong, "I’m not a religious person."

The Gospel Coalition Urges Not to Celebrate, But to Empathize With Pro-Abortion Mothers Amid SCOTUS Decision

Big Eva's Shilling for Dems Crumbles as Dems Vow to Codify Abortion Into National Policy if Re-Elected

Boy Scouts March in Seattle Gay Pride Parade

Lecrae Joins Jackie Hill Perry in Watching TV Shows With Gay Sex Scenes

Number 1 Contemporary Christian Worship Artist Expresses "Rage" at Supreme Court Roe Decision

That Time When Mark Dever Argued Single-Issue Voting Was Bad Because Republicans Can't Do Anything About Abortion Anyways

Jeff Durbin Accuses ERLC of Heresy For False Teaching on Mother's Culpability in Having an Abortion

Episcopal Priestess Leads Congregation in Lament Over Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade

ERLC Socialist Hijacking of Pro-Life Movement: Watch ERLC Speaker Compare Abortion to Smoking, Climate Change

CNN Runs Story of Mother Lamenting She Has to Raise Her Son Because She Couldn't Get an Abortion in Time

Louisiana Sends Certified Letters Warning Abortionists of Hard Labor Imprisonment if They Perform Abortions

Podcast: Examining Three Supreme Court Rulings From a Biblical Perspective

Pro-Choice "Pastor" Vows to Continue to Fight for Abortion Rights

Many Evangelicals Silent Today as Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

Amid SCOTUS Decision, Russell Moore, David French, and Other Big-Eva Types Have Egg All Over Their Face

Supreme Court Rules That Unborn Life Can Never Be Constitutionally Protected

Praise God! Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

NY Governor Says Legal Concealed Carry for Self-Protection "Makes Everyone Feel Unsafe"

Newly-Elected Southern Baptist President Says Serial Homosexual Practice Won't Send You to Hell

Southern Baptists Shifting Toward "Safe, Legal, and Rare" Stance on Abortion

Evangelical Race Consultant Says Only "Redeemed" (Woke) White People Should be Hired and Promoted at Seminaries

Church Full of White People Cheer as Black Pastor Berates Black Conservatives Like Candace Owens, Mark Robinson For Not Celebrating Pride

Columbus Ohio Police Unveil "Pride Cruiser" for Family Friendly Gay Pride Month

Anti-Social Justice Pastor, Tom Buck: "No Doubt in My Mind" There Will be a Split in the Southern Baptist Convention

Southern Baptist Church Performs Cover of Run-D.M.C. "Walk This Way" During Worship Service

Homosexual "Pastor" Raps a Lecrae Song as Men Standing Around Him Engage in Risque and Sexual Dancing

Bethel Pastor Leads Congregation in Song About God Worshiping Them

Dwight McKissic Retweets Post Claiming John MacArthur is Racist and Would Have Had a "Massive Plantation"

Is Pope Francis Going to Resign?

Popular Megachurch Pastor Preaches in Shirt With Picture of His Wife in a Bikini

Occupy Democrats Praises Southern Baptist Leader For Calling Trump Supporters "Whores"

Ed Litton Still Plagiarizing: Lifts Story of Roman Boy From O.S. Hawkins's Book, Says He Made It Up

Rick Warren Claims He's Trained 1.1 Million Pastors, Let's Break This Down

Tony Evans's Daughter, Priscilla Shirer, Preaches at Joel Osteen's Church

ERLC Vice Chair Calls Trump Voters "Whores" With No Pushback From Matt Chandler, Danny Akin, Mark Dever, or Others

Prominent "Tithing Lottery" Pastor Teaches Heretical View of the Trinity

Meet The Women the ERLC Doesn't Want to Punish for Abortion: "I Would Get Pregnant Just to Kill It"

Watch How This Church Stayed Faithful During Pride Month...Actually, No, Wait...

New Southern Baptist President Joins Former President in Celebrating Pride at Disneyland After SBC Annual Meeting

In a Surprising Move, Left-Drifting Reformed Denomination Codifies Homosexuality as Sin in Revised Confession

Meet the New Southern Baptist Convention President, Bart Barber

New Jersey Catholic Church to Hold "Pride Mass" in Support of LGBTQ "Brothers and Sisters"

Exclusive Video: Tony Evans Preaches Heretical View of the Trinity

SBC Seminary Head Says Southern Baptist Churches Should NOT Have to Affirm Our Statement of Faith

Audience Applauds as ERLC President Says Mothers Shouldn't Be Punished for Killing Their Children

False Prophet, Rick Warren, Gives Himself Grand Accolades at SBC Annual Meeting

Radical Obama-supporting Dunce Elected to One of the Most Powerful Offices in the Southern Baptist Convention

TGC Author Who Spoke at ERLC Conference Says Jesus Learned Sermon on Mount From Mary

The Southern Baptist Convention is Useless and Deserves Nothing But Mockery

Ed Litton Stops Messenger From Speaking Against Plagiarism at the SBC 2022 Annual Meeting

SBC Replaces Resolution Calling for Equal Protection of Unborn Children With Watered Down Resolution Praising ERLC

Updates on the SBC Annual Meeting and Concerning Rumors We Should Be Aware Of

Matt Chandler, Lecrae, Join ERLC, Unveil New Slogan Implying That Abortion is Currently Necessary

Pastor Says Christians Are "Satanic" If They Take a Hard Stance Against Abortion

Breaking: Voddie Baucham Not Elected President of 2023 SBC Pastor's Conference

Worship Artist Who Recorded With Chris Tomlin and Matt Maher Comes Out as a "Non-Binary Lesbian"

TGC Author Says Interracially-Married Friends Were Advised to Move Out of Oklahoma Because of "Racism"

Extreme Pro-Abortion Pro-LGBTQ Child-Grooming New York Politician Claims Tim Keller is Her Pastor

Karen Swallow Prior Says She Didn't Come to the Bucks Because He's a Bully and She's Afraid of Him

Watch as Woman Forces Young Child Against His Will to Stare at Perverts Twerking at Pride Parade

Pro-Abortion Demonstrators March and Chant "We Are Not Your Incubator" Outside Supreme Court and Senate

As The SBC Pastors' Conference Kicks Off, Here's The Line-Up and What We Can Expect

North Carolina Church to Host "Pride Children's Drag Story Hour and Crafts Party"

Former SBC Prez, JD Greear, Praises False Teacher, Andy Stanley, in Stanley's New Book

The Hymn Society Releases Pro-Homosexual Hymnal Featuring Hymns Like "Queerly Beloved"

Far-Left Southern Baptist Pastor Says Trump Needs to be Tried and Convicted for Sedition

Southern Baptist Convention's Law Firm Celebrates Pride Month

Dad, a Philosopher With a Sixth-Grade Education, Was Right About the World

Christian Publishing Co That Published William Lane Craig's Books Promotes LGBTQ Reading List for Pride Month

Southern Baptist Sex Abuse Investigation Firm Comes Out in Full Support of Homosexuality and Sexual Immorality

Lutheran University Commences With Koran Reading and Prayer to Allah

Whoever Controls the Food, Controls the World

Meet Rick Warren's Replacement—He Sounds Like JD Greear and Ed Litton on Homosexuality

Al Mohler Changes His Tune on Abortion, Now Wants to Prosecute Women Who Seek Them

JD Greear Praises False Teacher, Rick Warren

Tim Keller Accuses Conservative Christians of Being "Angry" Because We're Not Actually Saved

Drag Queen "Pastor" Says the "Bible is Nothing" and Calls God by Female Pronouns in Poem

Baptist Church Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For New "LGBTQ Center" Inside Church

Prominent Catholic Priest Encourages Churches to Celebrate Gay Pride Month

Southern Baptist Megachurch Performs Cover of Pro-LGBTQ Mormon Band as Worship Song

Veggie Tales Creator Patronizes Blacks, Says He Can Handle Criticism But Black People Can't

Original DC Talk Member Who Renounced His Faith Announces Full Support For Abortion Rights

PCA Leaders Twist Scripture, Turn Jesus' Atonement Into a Call for Slave Reparations

Beth Moore Equates Fearing a Liberal Takeover With Hating Jesus and Loving Power

Champion: Another Blasphemous, Self-Idolatrous Song by Bethel Music

How Multiculturalism Exacerbates Hatred and Violence in a Nation Pitted Against Each Other

Canada's Communist Dictator, Justin Trudeau, Bans All Handguns in Canada

Southern Baptists, If You Desire the Judgment of God be Poured Out, Please Vote for Bart Barber

SBTS Grad and Revoice Leader Says Being Pro-Life Means Honoring Trans People

Podcast: School Shootings and Other Topics, Thinking Biblically

Heresy of the Day #11: Inclusivism

Drag Queen Takes Pulpit, Preaches Sermon on Noah in Genesis 9

TGC Author Says Children Keep Dying Because of Americans' "Idol" of "Freedom"

Watch as Pro-Abort Mother Tells Newborn Infant "I Could Have Killed You, But I Chose to Let You Live"

Resolution Against Abortifacient Birth Control, Including Implants and IUD Rings, to Be Introduced at SBC 2022 Annual Meeting

Watch as Cops Stand Outside and Do Nothing, Prevent Parents from Helping as Shooter Rampages Inside School in Uvalde, TX

Canon Press Takes Swipe at The Gospel Coalition Editor, Brett McCracken

"Prophetess," Kat Kerr Says Some Beings Are Co-Eternal, Always Existing Alongside God, Not Created by Him

Justin Peters Warns About Ligon Duncan at John MacArthur's Truth Matters Conference

TGC Editor Who Recommends Gay Sex TV Shows Trashes Gun Rights

The Gospel Coalition Contributor Says Southern Baptist Churches, Seminaries, "Must Pursue Reparations"

Woke Pastors Accuse Christians of Using Exodus to Prove the Great Replacement Theory

Hillsong Music is a Gateway Drug to Apostasy, Your Church is Dealing it to You

Southern Baptist Pastor Blames Mass Shootings on Conservatives, Compares Abortion to Gun Ownership

Amid Sex Abuse Scandal, Remember, Evangelical Feminists Wanted to Do Away With Billy Graham Rule

"Transqueer" "Dad" Asks for Money to Help Fund Puberty Blockers for His Son

"Lutheran" "Pastor" Says Jesus "Screwed Up" and Was "Redeemed" by the Syrophoenician Woman

Liberty U Hires Walmart, Goldman Sachs "Diversity Expert" as Executive VP of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

False Prophet Robin Bullock Says That Donald Trump Is Like David, and For a Really Stupid Reason

Self-Described "Pastor" Jory Micah Faces 10 Years in Prison on Multiple Aggravated Assault, Drug Charges

Charismatic Pastor Says He Met Jesus Face to Face, Describes Him as White Man With Chocolate Brown Beard

Former Acts 29 Director Says Most Terror in the World is Committed by Right Wing White Supremacists

Major Brawl Breaks Out at New Orleans High School Graduation

Elementary School Gives Kindergartners Written Assignment on Masturbation

The Gospel Coalition Author Defends Jackie Hill Perry For Praising Louis Farrakhan

Southern Baptist Seminary Urges "Keyboard Theologians" to Shut Up, Stop Correcting False Teachings

Ravi Zacharias Sexual Misconduct Report Released, It's Worse Than We Thought

Russell Moore Blames SBC Sex Abuse on Conservative Biblical Theology

Former SBC President Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman 20 Years Younger Than Him According to Task Force

Jackie Hill Perry Release Rap Video Saying Lake (of Fire?) Awaits White People Preaching Against CRT

Homosexual "Pastor" Says He's Both Agnostic and Christian

Bethel Music is a Stumbling Block to Biblical Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Inconsistent Bill Banning Physical Abortions After Fertilization, But Allows Chemical Abortions

Illegal Aliens Are Not "Refugees"

Queer "Christian" Artist Makes Number One Spot on Now Entertainment's 2022 New Songs

"Christian Atheist" Says She'd Rather Have an Abortion Than Allow Her Kids To Be Adopted By White Evangelicals

Lecrae Goes NAR, Joins Bethel, Elevation, and Casting Crowns for Heresy-Filled Music Festival

We Can Solve the Gun Violence Problem by Banning You Won’t Believe What!

Rep Mike Johnson Stumps Abortion Advocate on Question of Distinction Between Two-Year-Old Child and Unborn Child

Lutheran ELCA Presiding Bishop Says Her Church Teaches Abortion Must Be Legal and Accessible

Abortion is Pagan Child Sacrifice and is a Denial of the Cross of Jesus Christ

A Biblically-Informed Approach to Thinking About the Buffalo Shooting

Conservative Southern Baptist Pastor Rebukes SBC Presidents for Being Soft on Homosexuality

Bethel's Cory Asbury is a False Teacher and Should Be Avoided at All Costs

JD Hall Arrested for DUI, Here's the Truth With Context

Despite What Big Eva is Saying, The Most Guilty Party in an Abortion is the Mother

Christian Today Calls Bill Gates a Christian

TGC Contributor Blames Buffalo Shooting on White Supremacy Sympathy in the Church

Charlotte Evangelist Angers Pro-Abortion D.C. Protesters by Pointing Out Their Hypocrisy

Podcast: Evangelicalism's Compromised View on Abortion, Southeastern Seminary, and Jackie Hill Perry

Naples Church With Groomer Pastor to Host Drag Queen Conference for 12-Year-Olds

Southeastern Seminary Graduates Feminist With Pastoral Ministry Degree

Three Middle School Students Criminally Charged For Not Using Proper Pronouns

Southern Baptists: You Must be a Marxist to be Fully Pro-Life

This Sin of Abortion and the Cross of Jesus Christ

The Gospel Coalition's Resident "Ex-Lesbian" Boasts About Watching TV Show With Homosexual Sex Scenes

Southern Baptist ERLC Head Signs Letter Calling for Decriminalizing Abortion for Women, Tom Ascol Speaks Out

Canada: Disabled Woman to Get Assisted Suicide After Not Being Able to Afford Appropriate Housing

Exclusive: Pastor Leaves the Darkness of Word of Faith to the Glorious Light of the Gospel

Church Calls Single Mother to Stage During Service, Gives Her 17 Thousand Dollar Check for Being Single

Here's What Evangelical Leftists Like Karen Swallow Prior Mean When They Say That They Are "Pro-Life"

Popular Worship Band, Seventh Day Slumber, Goes Full Heresy With Faux Faith Healer Todd White

Methodist Church Sings "Good, Good Mother" to God as a Worship Song for Mother's Day

Southern Baptist Pastor Says Voting Democrat Should Be a Matter of Church Discipline

Karen Swallow Prior Says She Was In Tears After Southern Baptists "Trashed" Her "Pro-Life Creds"

Episcopal Priest Says Protestant Bible Is An Artifact of the American War, Didn't Exist until 1782

Jen Hatmaker Scolds Conservatives for Opposing Abortion

The Gospel Coalition is Now Platforming Gun Control Advocates

Russell Moore Assures Christians That Those Who Commit Suicide Are Still In God's Grace

Christian Rapper Says He Was Addicted to Drugs While Producing Music for Lecrae's Label, Reach Records

Elon Musk Says He's Okay With Going to Hell Since Most People Will Be There

The Gospel Coalition Lesbian Calls on White Evangelicals to Repent of Their Grandparents' Racism

Pope Francis Tells LGBTQ Catholics That They Are God's Children and God Will Not Disown Them

Female Pastor to Lead Worship at Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Anaheim

Conservative Podcaster, Allie Beth Stuckey Destroys Gay Pastor in Abortion Debate

Abortion Supporters Protest at Justices’ Homes, Firebomb Pro-life Centers, and Vandalize Churches

9Marks Board Member Likes Multiple Pro-Abortion Tweets

Southern Baptist Church Worships to Shirley Manson's Garbage Band "Only Happy When it Rains"

Prominent Southern Baptist Pastor Calls for Legal Abortions

Reformed Christian School, Calvin University, Professor Says Abortion is Sometimes Necessary

Biblical Complementarianism: When Can Women Teach Men?

Don't Sing "Evidence of Your Goodness" in Your Worship Service

Don't Sing "Evidence of Your Goodness" in Your Worship Service

Pro-Abortion Mob Disrupt and Attack Mother's Day Church Service and Demand They Stop Opposing Abortion

Ed Stetzer, Christine Caine, Team Up to Lead Women Down a Path of Destruction

Union Seminary Uses John 10:10 as a Proof Text for Pro-Abortion Theology

Black Lives Matter Riot in Front of Supreme Court Justices Homes for the Right to Kill Their Own Children

Andy Stanley Rebukes Conservative Pastor For Saying Women Can't Be Pastors

Louis Giglio Says If Everything Is About God, You're Not Living Within God's Will

ERLC Says Abortion is Currently Necessary and Will Fight to Make it "Unnecessary"

Kanye West Sued by Texas Pastor for Plagiarizing Sermon Clip in Latest Album

Gallery: Pro-Abortion Rebels Destroy Churches and Pregnancy Centers Amid Roe v. Wade Leak

Children, Grandchildren Sing "How Great Thou Art" as Church Murders Grandmother in Sanctuary Before Their Eyes

Another Blackmail Scandal Involving SBC Leaders and Tom Buck Emerges, Tom Explains

Modern “Miracles” vs True Miracles Recorded in Scripture

God Said... Did God Really Say?

Charismatic "Pastor" Says Jesus Took Her to Hell Where She Saw Beautiful "Cobwebs of Hatred"

TGC Author Who Hired a Lesbian Personal Assistant at His Church Complains About Overturning Roe v. Wade

Wonder Years Star, Danica McKellar, Says She's Now a Christian After Candace Cameron Sent Her a Bible

Remembering Tim Keller's Democrat-friendly Tweets About Abortion

Kat Kerr Says Christopher Reeve is in Heaven Teaching People How to Fly

Russell Moore Blames Abortion on Churches and Religious Bodies

Lutheran "Pastor" Says We Need Legislation Making it Illegal for a Man to Impregnate a Female Who Doesn't Want to be Pregnant

Ph.D. Residency Director at SBC Seminary Likes Tweet Calling for Socialized Healthcare

Matt Chandler and Others Disgraced Pastor, Mark Driscoll for "No Wishy-Washy Woke BS" Conference

ERLC Says Government Should Enact Welfare Policies for Women in Exchange for Not Aborting Their Children

Prominent Southern Baptist Pastor Likes Tweet Calling for Karen Swallow Prior's Termination from SEBTS

Video: MABTS Tries to Pull the Microphone From Trevor Loudon!

Russell Moore's 2016 Washington Post Diatribe Against Donald Trump Looks Pretty Foolish Right Now

WeChat Bans the Word "Christ" in China Amid New Social Media Regulation Outlawing the Word

Southern Baptist Progressives Attack Tom Ascol for Complementarian Views, Compare Him to Chattel Owner

Southern Baptist Seminary Professor Says Overturning Roe v. Wade Wasn't Worth Having Donald Trump as President

The Supreme Court Has Overturned Roe V. Wade According to Justice Alito's Initial Draft Opinion

Tim Keller Doubles Down on Uniting With People Who Sacrifice Children to Molech

Jesse and Frank James Were Trained in Their Home to be Rebels, Robbers, and Rascals!

Filmmaker of Enemies Within the Church Says Southern Baptist Seminary Escorted Them Off Stage After Canceling Film Showing

Kat Kerr Says There is a Special Place in Heaven for "Celibates," Called "Passionate Paradise"

Scotland's Largest Protestant Church Slated to Approve Same-Sex Marriage This Month

Self-Admitted Racist, Matthew Hall, Leaves Southern Seminary, Joins Apostate Biola University

Bethel Minister Leads Congregation in Creepy Prayer to Their Bodies for Forgiveness

Beth Moore Says She Wants to Learn How to Be "Less Stupid"

Jen Hatmaker Now Pushing "God is a Woman" Heresy, Says Earth Would Be Liberated if All People Were Valued as Divine

Podcast: Who Wrote the Bible (Part II)

Bethel Prophetess Says Jesus Walked Into Her Room With A Ring and Asked Her to Marry Him

Podcast: Who Wrote the Bible? Answering the Challenge from Atheistic Skepticism

Baptist News Global Blames COVID Deaths on John MacArthur and Other Conservative Pastors on Twitter

Tim Keller Urges Churches to Remain United With Baby Killers, Gay Activists, and Anti-Christian Marxists

Tom Ascol Answers Questions About Tom Buck Blackmail Scandal, Character Assassination on Mike Stone, and More

Homosexual "Pastor" Says the Holy Spirit Told Him the Bible is Wrong About Homosexuality

Church Does Stupid Remix of Back to the Future's "Uptown Funk" as a Worship Song

University of Mobile Invites Serial Plagiarist, Ed Litton, to Speak at Graduation Ceremony

Andy Stanley Releases Trailer for New Book Promoting Unity Between Conservatives and Godless Political Leftists

Tim Keller Promotes Gay Revoice Pastor's Book That Teaches Christianity Doesn't Change Homosexual Desires

Despite Rampant Sickness, Disease, and Death, Bethel Church Continues to Promote "Miraculous Healings"

Conservative Baptist Network Under Fire for Inviting Robert Jeffress to Speak at Bible Conference

Did Jesse James Pastor a Baptist Church While Robbing the Rich and Giving to the Poor?

SEBTS Email Confirms Karen Swallow Prior as Culprit Behind Tom Buck Blackmail Scandal

Prominent Christian-Turned-Atheist to Re-Join Christian Band to Re-Record Christian Album

Sneaky Squid Prophetess Calls All African American Women to the Altar to Praise and Speak Tongues Over Kentanji Brown Jackson

Reformed Calvin University Professor Officiates Gay Wedding in Violation of School Covenant

Megachurch Pastor Preaches Easter Sermon From "Lion King" Set, Calls it "Lion King of Judah"

Disgraced Pastor Who Threatened to Kill Himself to Build His Own Social Media Platform

South Carolina Church to Host Drag Queen "Worship" Service

Chair of SBC Executive Committee "Likes" Victim Post by Man Who Participated in Blackmail Attempt Against Pastor Tom Buck

T.D. Jakes, Priscilla Shirer, Team Up for Social Justice Easter Sermon on Mary Magdalene's "Oppression and Marginalization"

California Introduces Bill Decriminalizing Infanticide Possibly Up to One Year After Birth

The Tom Buck Blackmail Scandal Demonstrates the Dire State of the Southern Baptist Convention and its Wicked Leaders

Charismatic "Prophet" Says Southern Baptist Pastor From 60s Responsible for "Illegal Votes," But Don't Worry, He Fixed It

Former Anglican Archbishop Says Becoming Transgender is "Sacred," Calls for Legislative Ban on Biblical Beliefs

Podcast: Democratic Liberalism, A Promise That Isn’t Very Promising

John MacArthur Rebukes Woke Evangelicals for Perverting the Gospel

Bethel Pastor Says He Came to Faith Before Ever Hearing the Gospel

Charismatic Pastor Leads Church in "Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey" Song That Supposedly Healed People

Lutheran "Pastor" Says Daniel's Friends Wore Fancy Robes Because They Were Transgender

Pastor Who Backs Down From LGBTQ Mafia Starts a "Man Camp"

Another Hillsong Pastor Resigns Amid Church's Growing List of Scandals

False Teacher, Sid Roth, Starting Cartoon Series for Kids

Polemics Terms: Website Orthodoxy

Chuck Schumer Preaches "The Stone Has Been Rolled Away" About Ketanji Brown Jackson on Easter Sunday at NYC Megachurch

Southern Baptist Mega-Pastor Berates Christians Who Desire Good, Deep Theological Teaching at Church

Revoice Founder Now Promotes Heretical View of Hell as an "Orthodox" View Held by "Bible Believing Christians"

RNS Promotes "Transqueer Latinx Theologian" and Uses Genderless Pronouns

Jesse James Was Not a Robin Hood Bandit, But He Was a Baptist Bandit

TGC Platforms Marxist to Legitimize the Marxist Term "Whiteness," Quotes Queer-Affirming Theologian

Montage of Churches Entertaining Lost People With Easter Bunnies, Eggs, Etc.

Steven Furtick Says Jesus' Death on the Cross Was Basically a Gimmick Because He is "Sneaky"

CNN's Keith Olbermann Attacks GTY's Darrell Harrison, Calls Him "Self-Hating Idiot"

Virtue-Signaling Cultural Leftist, Russell Moore, Demands Christians Stop Fighting Culture Wars

Woke Pastor Compares Ketanji Brown Jackson to Jesus and the Prophets Who Were "Rejected by Men"

Lady on Fox News Says Smoking Toads Made Her Realize She Is God, Creator of All Things

SBC's Resident Race Baiter Once Again Defending Black Man Who Tried to Kill Police Officer

Kat Kerr Says She Tells God Who Not to Hold Accountable and That "He Will Comply"

Podcast: How Social Justice Inevitably Surrenders the Doctrine of Inerrancy of Scripture

Black Pastor Says "Negroes" That Can't Celebrate KJB In Church Have "Lost Their Ever-loving Mind"

Ray Comfort on Hillsong: Hillsong Has a Major Problem

Gallery of Woke Pastors Preaching About Ketanji Brown Jackson on Palm Sunday

Southern Baptist Megachurch Pastor Attacks Justin Peters, Accuses Him of Ungodliness, Lying

Tom Buck Promises to "Shed Light on the Darkness" in the SBC's Political Hit Job Against Him and His Wife

Gay Pastor Speaks at Baptist University, Calls for LGBTQ Inclusion

The Children of Men: Understanding the Human Origins of Heresy

Baptist Lady Preacher Says Ketanji Brown Jackson is an Example of Jesus' Triumphal Entry

Former Hillsong NYC Pastor, Carl Lentz's Wife Speaks Out About the "Relentless Lies" About Their Family

Southern Baptist Pastor Doubles Down on Support for Pro-Abortion, Pro-Sodomy Politicians Because of Skin Color

Latest Brush-Up in SBC Exposes the Wickedness of the Current SBC Leadership

Americans Don’t Need to be Passionate Apologists, Just Simply Refuse to Support Any Untruth

SBC Presidential Nominee, Bart Barber, Once Called for a Catholic Priest for a Dying Woman at Hospital?

Jemar Tisby, Dwight McKissic, Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBTQ Ketanji Brown Jackson Represents Us

False Prophet, Jackie Hill Perry, Bashes "Discernment Bloggers" for Contending for the Faith

Arizona Mega-Church to Give Away Hot Air Balloon Rides and Have Easter Egg Hunts for Easter Service

Apostate False Teacher Rick Warren Praises and Endorses SBC Candidate, Bart Barber

Woke Anglican Church Does "Transgender" Remix of "Be Thou My Vision" Hymn

SBC Pastor Tries to Argue That Ketanji Brown Jackson Might Not Be Pro-Abortion

The SBC Establishment Has Spoken, Bart Barber is Their Candidate for President

ERLC Head Says Even Though She is Pro-Abortion, We Should Appreciate Ketanji Brown Jackson Because She's Black

Woke Pastor Compares Dem Senator, Cory Booker, To Jesus "Speaking Life" Into Ketanji Brown Jackson

Boot-Licking Plagiarism Apologist Announces Bid For SBC Presidency

Tim Keller Wrongly Portrays Pharisees as "Bible-believing Religious People"

A Partial-Birth Abortion Is Not Worse Than an Early Stage Abortion

Veggie Tales Podcaster Says Left Has "Admirable Reasons" For Opposing Florida Anti-Grooming Bill

Southern Baptist Leader Compares Race-baiting Woke False Teacher to R.C. Sproul

Woke White Church Says It Will "Fast From Whiteness" During Lent, White Guilt on Full Display

Globalists Are Dangerous, Deceitful, and Despicable People

Could Elevation Church Replace the Scandal-Plagued Hillsong on the World Stage?

Podcast: Black Lives Matter: Godly Movement or Demonic Organization

Election Watchdog Finds 137,500 Ballots Unlawfully Trafficked in Wisconsin, 4.8M Nationwide At Least

"Pastor" Brandan Robertson Says the Story of Lazarus is Actually About Coming Out of the Closet

Francis Chan Attempts to Portray Communion as "Intercourse" With God

Former SBC Black Pastor Laments "Hillsong-ish" Music, Says It's The Music of Slave Captors

Sixteen-Year-Old Girl Performs At-Home Abortion on 21-Week Baby Who is Then Born Alive

SBC Cabal Member Mocks Southern Baptists Who Want to Avoid Disney Over Child-Grooming Agenda

NC Lieutenant Governor Unleashes on Transgender Movement During Recently Surfaced Sermon

Lesbian Featured in Anti-Prosperity "American Gospel" Film Goes Full Prosperity Gospel

Conservative Southern Baptist Calls for Boycott of Disney In Wake of Child-Grooming Revelations

Pastor Says Holy Spirit "Descended" Upon Cory Booker During Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearing

TGC Quotes Gay-Affirming Author to Say That Pro-Sodomy Disney Movie "Whispers Jesus's Name"

Southern Baptist Convention Promotes Disney as Disney Increases LGBTQ Child Grooming

The Conclusion of Compromise in the Church

Round-up of Stupid Tim Keller Tweets

Russell Moore Visits Apostate Union Seminary to be Lectured on Christian Homophobia

Revoice Promotes "Queer Oriented Marriage" Where Husband and Wife Reverse Gender Roles

Voddie Baucham Says He Was Blacklisted by LifeWay for Defending Beth Moore

Christianity Today Blasts Creationists, Says They Are Divisive "Drawing Needless Lines in Sand"

The Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston, Goes Full NAR With False Prophets, Todd White and Lou Engle

Have the Internationalists Maneuvered Russia and Ukraine Into a Plot to Produce a Globalist Regime?

The Gospel Coalition Author Implies Jesus Knows What It's Like to Be a Homosexual

Woke Lady-Pastor, Lisa Sharon Harper, Blames Will Smith's Attack on Chris Rock on Southern Baptists

Hillsong Phoenix Disassociates With Hillsong, Pastor Calls For Internal Investigation

Pro-Life Group Finds Largest Known Stockpile of Aborted Fetuses Funded by Russell Moore's Ally

Corrupt NAMB Uses Tithe Dollars to Turn Out Voters at SBC Annual Meeting to Vote For Woke Candidates

Podcast: Answering Modern Atheism (Agnosticism?)

Paul Washer Mocks Self-Described "Reformers" as Men Who Sit in Starbucks Wearing "Skinny Jeans"

Lesbians and Homosexuals to Train Leaders at AWANA "Child Discipleship" Conference

Why are Evangelical Leaders Acting Surprised That Hillsong is Littered With Debauchary and Scandals?

Gay "Pastor" Says Jesus is Not the Only Way to Heaven, And Jesus Never Said He Was

Russia and Ukraine: Trying to Understand Both Sides Does Not Minimize Truth and Freedom

Pastor Says He Could Feel George Floyd's Pain in His Own Neck, Says It Was God

Aging John MacArthur Explains on Laura Ingraham What's Behind the Teen Crime Explosion

Lesbian Passion Conference Speaker Praises Ketanji "I Can't Define Woman" Brown Jackson

Gay CRU Leader-Turned-Catholic Explains How Tim Keller Helped Him Shape His Pro-LGBTQ Views

Third SBC Presidential Nominee, Robin Hadaway, Now Thrown Into the Mix, Who Is He?

What's So Good About Good Friday?

Australian Prime Minister Says Brian Houston's Resignation from Hillsong "Entirely Appropriate"

Another Hillsong Pastor Resigns in Wake of Hillsong's Multiple Sex Scandals

ERLC Article Tries to Convince Christians that Voting Democrat May Be Valid and Biblical

Hillsong Music is for the Spiritually Shallow

Founder, Brian Houston, Completely Resigns as "Global Pastor" of Hillsong

Dave Ramsey Tells Elevation Church Leaving Waitress $400 Tip is More Effective Than the Gospel

Voddie Baucham, Tom Ascol, Nominated for Top Presidential Spots in Southern Baptist Convention

SEBTS Professor Praises Judge Who Lets Pedophiles Out to Prey on More Children

False Teacher of the Day #46: Karen Wheaton

Austin Public Elementary School Hosts Student Gay Pride March in Hallways

Podcast: Evangelicalism's Idolatrous Obsession With Image

Brian Houston's Episodes Removed From Hillsong Channel's TV Website

Speculative SBC Presidential Candidate to Host Helicopter Easter Egg Drop on Easter Sunday

Surprise! Popular Christian Worship Band Comes Out in Support of Transgenderism

Sick: Planned Parenthood Unveils Pro-Abortion Condom Ice Cream Truck

The New Evangelical Latitudinarians, Emptying Christianity of All Meaning

Thoughts on Steven Curtis Chapman and the Idolization of His Accomplishments

Hillsong's Dead: Hillsong Founder and CEO Now Caught in His Own Sex Scandal After Firing Lentz

TGC's Sam Allberry Calls Conservatives Who Oppose Gay Marriage "Cranky" But Gay Rights Activists "Lovely"

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David Platt, Tim Keller, Join WEF Proponents to Advance a Christianized Version of "Great Reset"

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Provisionism: Rational or Irrational Representation of Christianity

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Southern Baptist Convention Hires Nashville Gay Pride Sponsor as New Legal Counsel

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Michigan "Community of Christ" "Church" to Hold Drag Queen Story Hour For Children

“Then You Will Know That I am the Lord.” (Lessons From Ezekiel.)

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SBC's North American Mission Board Partners With Gay-Affirming Church for Caregiver Ministry

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Jude 3 Project, Platformed by NOBTS, Praises James Cone Theology for "Adding to the Canon"

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Krazy Kat Kerr Says Mickey Mouse is in Heaven

Pastors Wife Compares Breonna Taylor to Woman Who Anointed Jesus' Feet With Perfume

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Parents Willingly Hand Children to Sex Perverts at "Church" for Drag Queen Dance Party

Ed Litton Chooses Boot-Licking Plagiarism Defender to Chair 2022 Resolutions Committee

Baptist Pastor Says Those Who Don't Wear Masks Are Violating the Commandments of God

The Milky Way: What You Win Them To, You Must Keep Them With

Author That Beth Moore Praises and David Platt Platforms Comes Out in Support of "Queer Theology"

SBC Mega-Pastor Doubles Down on Lost People Joining and Serving in His Church

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9,000-Member Southern Baptist Church is Co-Pastored by a Woman

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Kenneth Copeland Denies Scripture, Affirms Kat Kerr's Bizarre "Re-Creation" in Six Days Fairy Tale

False Prophet Who Says Michael Jackson Dances and Sings for God Says He's His Attorney in Heaven

Surprise! Gay-Affirming Southern Baptist Megachurch Also Has Sunday Morning Lady Preacher

Prominent SBC Mega-Pastor Brags Transgender and Pro-Abortion People Serve in His Church

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Far-Left Baby-Murdering Democrat Senator Twists Scripture to Call on Churches to Push Vaccines

Beth Moore Complains That John MacArthur and Others Didn't Apologize for Telling Her to "Go Home"

False Prophet, Timothy Dixon, Says God Told Him Donald Trump Is On The Way Back to the White House Now

Prominent Southern Baptist Institutions Still Embracing and Platforming Serial Plagiarist, Ed Litton

Nod Daily: Progressive Evangelicals Wonder Why all the Unvaccinated Evangelicals Disappeared From Earth

Introducing a New and Exciting Bible Translation. The Critical Race Translation (CRT)

Christian Rapper Associated With Lecrae's Reach Records Dropped for "Sexual Misconduct"

Another SBC Church Leaves Denomination Over Failed Leadership, No Accountability

John Piper Using Marxist Feminist Arguments to Claim that David Raped Bathsheba

Pastor Tells Congregation He is the "Facilitator of the Holy Spirit" to Move in Their Lives

SBTS to Teach a "Biblical Exegesis for Women" Course That Teaches Them to be Teachers

Amid Multiple Scandals, Hillsong's CEO, Brian Houston, Resigns as He Awaits Trial

NIH Funds Gay Sex App for Underage Boys, Pays Hundreds of Dollars to Report Their Sexual Activity

U.S. Universities Are a Joke, But You Are Funding Them

Lady Preacher Invites Evangelicals to Consider That The Church Got it Wrong in Acts 15

The Gospel Coalition Author Employs Gay Rights Activist as Personal Pastoral Assistant at Church

Baptist Pastors Say Because God is Creator of the World, He Himself is "In the Vaccine"

SBC Enlists Asian Man to Rebuke Pastors With Southern Accent for Sounding Dumb

France Passes Law Banning Prayer, Counseling for Homosexuals, Including From Parents; Hefty Fines and Prison

We Have a Pandemic of the Vaccinated!

125 Gay Roman Catholic Priests Stage Mass Coming-Out Event in Germany

JD Greear Lashes Out at Conservatives Who Left His Church After He Embraced Liberalism

Guy Crashes "Drag Church," Shows Us Blasphemous Translation of Lord's Prayer and Other Literature

Greg Locke Attacks Autistic Children, Calls Them Demon-Possessed

U.S. Senator Warnock Claims to be a "Pro-Choice Pastor," Demands Government Stay Out of Abortion

Nurse Sues Mental Health Clinic After Training Course Teaches Bible is "Racist"

Church Puts On Ridiculous "Strong Man" Show to Tune of "Break Every Chain"

DC Elementary School Forces Kids to Celebrate Abortion, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, for MLK Day

Op-Ed: Is Everyone Wrong About Racism Except Me?

Charismatic Pastor Says He Didn't Know Jesus, But Jesus Walked Into Hell and Saved Him Car After Accident

Prominent Southern Baptist Pastor Affirms Women Pastors While Denouncing "White Supremacists"

"Baptist" Pastor Says Jesus "Transgendered Himself" When Washing Disciples' Feet

Andy Stanley's Church Opens With Cover of Occultist Band, Led Zeppelin

YouTube Labels John MacArthur's Homosexuality Sermon as "Hate Speech" and Removes It

Pastor Tells His Church That Emphasizing Gathering for Worship Might Be Idolatry

Newsflash: Bob Saget is in Hell

Heresy of the Day #10: Multiculturalism

Heresy of the Day #9: Egalitarianism

SBC Messenger Publicly Repents For Voting for Serial Plagiarist, Ed Litton, at Annual Meeting

Prominent Christian Rapper Associated With Lecrae Renounces Christianity Today

Mother Brings Little Boy to Church and Forces Him to Come Out as "Transgender"

Very Slowly, Informed People, Even Leftists, Admit the Shameful Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Voddie Baucham Reminds us How Wrong Martin Luther King Was on the Gospel and His Neo-Marxist Worldview

Facebook Marks Christian Theology as "False Information" in Post Published by Prominent Theologian

Baptist Publication Calls on Male Clergy to Stand Up For Abortion Rights

Lecrae, Smoking a Cigar, Rebukes Street Preacher for Preaching the Gospel at Gangsta Rap Concert

David Platt is Setting His Church Up for a Huge Fall, Get Out While You Can

David Platt Joins Notorious Heretic, Todd White, and Azusa Now Leaders for Conference in 2022

Montage of Evangelicals Teaching Unbiblically About Homosexuality and Transgenderism

LifeWay Still Peddling False Teachers Including "Gay Christianity" Revoice Resources

Steven Furtick Compares Jesus to Gay Rapper, Lil Nas X

Evangelical Leaders Who Denounced COVID "Conspiracy Theorists" Look Really Stupid Today

Steven Furtick's False Gospel That Leads People to a False Jesus

Southern Baptist Pastor Says He Won't Vote For Any Republican Who Isn't a Leftist Propagandist

Fraud Faith-Healer, Todd White, on Three Month Bedrest for Serious Heart Condition

Pope Praises and Re-instates Previously Barred Nun For Pro-LGBTQ Ministry

Pro-Abortion Protestors Chant and Sing Over Woman’s Heartbreaking Abortion Survival Testimony

Southern Baptist SEND Leader Says We Need to Abandon Doctrinal Precision and Objective Truth

Russell Moore's Article Was Pure Trash, But He Was Right About One Thing

Evangelical Leftists Look to Money and Pagans to Determine There is no "Liberal Drift" in SBC

Boston Church to Host Gay Men's Chorus For Vaccinated Attendees Only

Andy Stanley Tells Congregation "We're All Probably Racists," Must Embrace Marxist "Anti-Racism"

Will God Forgive Me For My Abortion?

Faithful Prayer in a Sinful World

Ex-Southern Baptist Leftists Mock Josh Buice For Pulling His Church From Southern Baptist Convention

David Platt Co-Pastor Says Jesus Participates in Our Sexual Sin With Us

Prominent Anti-Social Justice Voice Leaves the Southern Baptist Convention

David Platt's McLean Bible Church Teaches "Jesus Had Body Dysphoria" Revoice Nonsense

David Platt's Secret Church 2022 to go Completely Woke on Race, Gender, and Other Pet Social Issues?

Southern Baptist ERLC Affirms Biden's Islamic "Religious Freedom" Ambassador

New Orleans SBC Seminary Platforms Woman Who Says We Should Embrace Gays Because They Write Good Gospel Music

Southeastern Seminary Now Requiring Faculty to be Vaccinated or Submit to Regular Testing/Masking

Andy Stanley Says White Men Fear Black Men