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Protestant and Catholic Feminists Join Hands to Rewrite Scripture, Create ‘Women’s Bible’

Apple Discriminates Against Christian Ministry, Caves to Militant Homosexual Activists

Steven Furtick: Can’t Think of Any Evidence in the Bible Where God Had a Specific Plan for Someone’s Life That Was Followed

A Sodomite Church in Las Vegas Harbors Illegal Alien Cross-dressers

Cross-Dressing Man Sues Women’s Football Team To Join and Wins

Anglican Church Welcomes ‘Indigenous Spiritual Teacher in Residence’ Who Renounced Christianity

Joel Osteen’s Church Rejects “Jesus Was a Migrant” Message

Charismatic False Prophet Connects Abortion and Miscarriages With “Apostolic Midwives”

Baptist Megachurch Minister Embezzles Nearly a Million Dollars

Angry, Racist Westminster Theological Seminary Graduate Demands Reparations From White People

The Pastor That Told His Congregation to Take What They Need From Offering Basket Gifts His Wife $200K Lamborghini

William Lane Craig's "Limited Special Revelation" - A Rebuttal

“Gay Christianity” and the Church Growth Movement

That Time Billy Graham Preached Universalism and Became a Heretic

Controversial Anti-Church Cult Leader: “John MacArthur is a Wolf, Can’t Be Saved”

Charismatic Quack Dressed Up Like Janitor, Smears Olive Oil on Every White House Door

Gay “Pastor” Says Premarital Sex is Healthy and Moral

Popular Christian Music Artist: I Can’t Say One Way or the Other If Homosexuality Is Sin

Lecrae, Carl Lentz, Fawn Over Pro-Abortion Democrat, Stacey Abrams

Why Apologetics Method Matters

Captive Thoughts: Defense of Presuppositional Apologetics

Reflections on Scotland Mission Trip: The Land of John Knox

Pastors Who Won't Call Out False Teachers by Name are Most Likely False Teachers

The Judge Not Card

JD Greear and Beth Moore Agree: The Bible is About Tearing Down Hierarchies

The Problem With “The Problem of Evil”

Catholics Are Not Christians: Why We Draw the Line at Justification

Five Marks of a False Gospel

Stephen Hawking’s Atheistic Delusion

Video: Black Hebrew Israelites Debunked