Podcast: Homosexuality Comes to The SBC - Part II

Oct 11, 2022
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In this episode, I continue to deal with the invasion of homosexuality into the evangelical churches, especially, the SBC. The "Same-Sex-Attraction" strategy that I am dealing with in this episode is employed by Christopher Yuan under the guise of "feelings" and the equivocation of calling it "temptation."

According to Yuan, homosexual feelings are simply temptations and not sinful unless they are acted upon. What Yuan fails to acknowledge, whether deliberately or not, is that sexual feelings do not come without sexual thoughts. Therefore, when Mr. Yuan uses the expression "feelings" you should understand that he means thoughts. After all, a sexual feeling or desire is impossible without a thought to go with it.

As a man, how does Yuan explain that he has sexual feelings for other men without also having sexual thoughts about them? This being the case, Yuan is actually arguing that you can have homosexual thoughts so long as you do NOT act on them.

Sorry, but homosexual thoughts are sinful in and of themselves. Pedophilic thoughts are sinful in and of themselves. Sexual thoughts about dogs or sheep are sinful in and of themselves. And contrary to Mr. Yuan, gender is not subjective. It is as objective as it was the day God created man and woman in his image according to his likeness. To abandon this idea is to abandon basic Christian Theology on creation. This may win your church points in our modern culture but it won't win you points on judgment day.

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